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The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in Human History?

A BTST Member Report by Adam Blair

Dear BTST Member,

I discovered Bitcoin in early 2017.

Since then I’ve become fascinated with how it’s changing the World right under our noses.

Bitcoin allows users to have complete financial sovereignty, free from any government or bank control.

It’s also very likely to see the greatest transfer of wealth in human history…

I intend to take part in this, and I’d like to alert BTST Members to what I think is going to happen as well.

You’ve probably *heard* about Bitcoin, but do you really know what it is and how it works?

Is it a Ponzi scheme? A fraud? A currency for “criminals”?

Or is it the future of Money?

Overwhelmingly, the “Millennial” generation seem to get Bitcoin — at least on the most basic of levels — whereas “Generation X” and the “Baby Boomer” generations do not…

This report aims to level the playing field.

It explains what Bitcoin is and more importantly why it is needed, and what it is likely to do.

It explains what “Stock to flow ratio” is, and why many experts predict this and other factors will see Bitcoin reaching $1M per Bitcoin and beyond before too long…

Don’t worry if you don’t yet understand the above — it’s explained in plain English in the report…

Lack of Understanding and Mis-Information

I know highly intelligent baby boomers who’ve had — or have — extremely high level jobs in the “old economy” who’ve been fed a pack of lies about Bitcoin being a scam, a fad, or a currency for “criminals”.

My sister actually works in a high level position for one of the largest investment banks in the World, but still doesn’t understand Bitcoin and why it has such intrinsic value…

People entrenched in the “traditional” financial system have largely got their heads buried in the sand, although those at the very top of the banking industry have been silently moving in while the value of Bitcoin isn’t understood by the masses.

This report is an introduction to Bitcoin in plain English:

It explains to those who don’t “get it” yet why it will – in my sincere conviction – prove to be one of the most important inventions in history.

I also believe Bitcoin will create wealth and prosperity far beyond the imagination of most people, while leaving those that don’t get their allocation behind, and cursing that they didn’t take the time to learn about it sooner.

I don’t say this lightly. If I were to be wrong then how would I ever have credibility with BTST Members again?

It’s taken more than 3 years of learning about Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies for me to have the conviction to make statements like this.

It’s my belief that Bitcoin (and potentially a few other Cryptocurrencies) will see the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

It will also help free humanity from the grip of Government control and give individuals true financial sovereignty.

Guarantee to Members

After realising how many BTST Members share my views on government oppression, I would feel very guilty not telling you about what I’ve learned about Bitcoin.

This is by far the most comprehensive thing (and I think the best) I have ever written. It’s taken 3+ years of learning and a month and a half to write.

When you’ve read it, you will be in the top 0.1% of the Worlds’ population in terms of your understanding about money and Bitcoin (as well as Gold, which I go in to in some detail)!

I say that not to be arrogant (I’ve learned this by persistence rather than talent!) but to offer a guarantee:

If you don’t think this report is as valuable as I’m suggesting, we’ll send you a refund.

I have no interest whatsoever in taking your money if you don’t get the value I think you will out of this!

If in doubt, I implore you to read it.

If you read it and get *immense* value from it, you’ll have more than 3 years of cumulative learning on the subject of Bitcoin and how it will very likely be the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.

Get the BTST Member Report Here:

All the best,


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by Andrew Davies on Bitcoin Report
Bitcoin report review

Read this through a few times, Like most new things it will take time to become mainstream, but in my opinion it will probably dominate within the next 20 years or so. That may seem a long time, but the reason I say this is because Quantum Computing is just starting to get a foothold.

In 1994 Peter Shor published an algorithm capable of solving cryptography problems that are hard for classical computers (today's computers to solve). To achieve quantum supremacy, a quantum computer has to be able to do what a normal classical computer cannot. A classical computer trying to solve a widely used RSA 2048- bit encryption with 1 trillion operations per second, would need 300 trillion years to crack it. Yes you read that right 300,000,000,000,000 years!

A quantum computer using Shor's algorithm could achieve the same feat, with a modest 1 million operations per second in just 10 SECONDS! The point to all of this is that crypto- currencies are created by "mining". With the advancement of Quantum Computing within the next 20 years or so, this task will invariably become a lot quicker and more available. Ergo - this will in all likelihood go hand in hand with the mainstream acceptance of crypto-currencies.

Well written, well researched, my own feeling is that if you have a spare £200 that you don't mind gambling, do a lot of RESEARCH and and buy £20 of each, 10 new crypto-currencies that look promising and are in the I.P.O or I.C.O stages, and just sit on them for a few years. If only one of them comes good, it should repay your investment many times over. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE GETTING INTO! At the moment it's a long term investment.

by Dave H on Bitcoin Report

I have to say that I was slightly sceptical about both crypto currencies and about some of the claims about the report. However I've always been a supporter of Adams in the past so I thought what the hell and ordered the report. I have to say, I am seriously impressed with the information in it! As always, its written in a very digestible and entertaining way and what I have learned has really opened my eyes! I've fact checked some of the claims in the report and they seem to be correct. I SERIOUSLY encourage other members to get a copy of this report. I'm now in the process of acquiring my first bitcoin and I think most who read it will likely do the same. Thanks so much for this Adam, EXTREMELY valuable information! D

by Martin Still on Bitcoin Report

A great insight into the world of Crypto Currencies, I would have given 5 stars but it left me wanting to know more and better understand how actually using/trading the currency works.
I will be in touch.
Thanks for the great work.

by Colin Webb on Bitcoin Report
This report has opened my eyes

Adam’s report has opened my eyes to Bitcoin. I like the fact that ‘governments’ cannot freeze someone’s wealth and in consequence, users of Bitcoins will have complete freedom to do anything they want with their hard-earned money and without interference.

by Tony Evans on Bitcoin Report

I have already emailed this in but have had no reply:
I bought the report at the half price offer and found the initial narrative about Paper money very interesting. However, the Bitcoin explanation left me clueless I’m afraid. Undoubtedly the explanation was correct but it was way over my head. What I was looking for was things like: What do they cost to buy; How do you pay; If my holding increases in value how do I get to spend the money; If they can be converted to back to spending money. Questions like that. From what I read it was just virtual money – bit like being a Facebook millionaire with lots of followers but no real financial value. Having Bitcoins that have doubled in value is all very well but can I improve my lifestyle with holidays or cars or houses? I Googled the net to help but found nothing different to your report – as I say, correct explanation yes, but not in plain English or layman’s language. I’ve had my business for over 38 years so know a thing or two about finance, but I was flummoxed I’m afraid.

Hi Tony, I'd encourage you to read it again. If you have been in the world of traditional finance for 38 years then definitely not surprised that it's not "computing". I'd urge you to read it again with a completely open mind, forgetting everything you know (or think you know!). Adam

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