Mandatory Black Boxes Coming To UK?

Dear All,

EU busybodies (more commonly referred to as “regulators”) have passed a law that from last week makes black boxes — which track Drivers in real time — mandatory for all new cars.

Black boxes have until recently been used primarily by logistics companies and other businesses with large fleets to monitor their vehicles.

More recently, Driver Behavior’ black boxes have been very popular with these types of companies…

They want to know that that their drivers are “behaving themselves” – not giving the company a bad name, not wasting fuel by driving flat out everywhere, and so on.

Personally, I don’t really have an issue with this type of tracking, *so long as* the Driver is aware they are being tracked, and consents to it as part of the terms of their employment.

However, more recently still, black boxes have been used by insurance companies to monitor the driving of their Customers

A few years ago, I took the Mrs’ Mini out for a little drive. The next day she got a call from the insurance company… Of course the black box had notified the insurer that the car was suddenly being driven differently to how it usually was, and they wanted to know why!

Now imagine for a moment that information was going to a government agency rather than an insurance company…

The problem with insurance tracking is that it’s surely a step down a very slippery slope — wouldn’t you agree?

For new drivers, often the only way that they can afford insurance is to have a black box tracking device fitted. And it gets them used to being tracked …as if its a normal thing.

What I absolutely DO have a big problem with is the news that from 6th July 2022, all new cars sold in the EU *must* have a black box fitted!

And there are rumors – from the RAC among others – that the law will follow in the UK.

Just what could the governments agenda be here, I wonder 🤔…

Of course, the UK is not part of the EU anymore.

I think most Members will have an opinion on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m staying out of that one because, frankly, I view all governments as at best insufferable busybodies and at worst outright criminal enterprises.

Anyway, the EU bureaucrats have said that for the time being the driver can override the system, which warns them and automatically slows the car down.

I think the key phrase there is “for the time being”.

Of course, this is part of their longer term agenda for ever tighter control over the population.

We see time and time again how all governments continually creep forward with their efforts to control people.

Sometimes they even take a token step backwards in an effort to appease the masses — remember “ending the war on the Motorist” anyone? — before taking even bigger steps forwards towards their totalitarian goals.

I hear on the grapevine that the government is on the back foot at the moment. Despite not watching the “news” (and that’s very deliberate by the way!), I’ve heard that the prime minister is in hot water over some news that was leaked and has been forced to resign.

So I guess this legislation might not follow immediately in the UK.

But *surely* it’s just a matter of time before it does?

…and then trackers will have to be retro-fitted to all used cars.

…and then you’ll only be able to buy electric cars (this is already decided as I understand).

…and then you’ll only be able to use electric cars?

…and then perhaps people who don’t agree with the government will have their electric cars disabled?

And then… well you can draw your own conclusions about where the road we are currently on could take us, but I think you get my point — it’s a road that most people who consider themselves free DO NOT want to be on!

Anyhow, I’ll make this pledge now:

No matter the so-called “laws” these control freaks want to throw down our throats, I for one will NEVER have a government black box in my car.

And I’d like BTST Members to hold me to that promise.

Who’s with me?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below :-)

All the best,


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  1. I totally agree with you – this country is rapidly turning into a state where they use technology to catch you more and more if you even accidently transgress any law, and it is badly affecting how I feel about the UK

  2. on the plus side this will need several thousand people to monitor it — bit extreme way of reducing unemployment and who is paying the wages/salaries ??

    • No, it will all be monitored by computers, just like hate speech, inappropriate ads etc in Facebook and Twitter etc.

      • An invasion of privacy and freedom of movement, I would imagine there will be a big market for people to override such devices if I forced.
        Personally if I had to havre one it would be ripped out in no time.

    • It’s a terrible idea. It will just be used to look for a fault to fine you for any accident. Plus the in future they will send automatic fines the monent you break the speed limit!!
      Hopefully these black boxes can be coded out like speed limiter will hopefully be too.

  3. As we are not in the EU the government should get a backbone and refuse to have cars with these black boxes. I definitely will not be buying a car with such a gadget. As for electric cars when there is a vehicle that can tow 3.5tonne for 200 miles without needing to be charged then I might just consider one.

  4. I guess if a company is supplying the vehicle and fuel they have a right to know how it’s being driven, but for private vehicles they have no such right and as these Black Boxes will only be fitted to new cars this means EV’s, but the secondhand car market for diesels and petrol vehicles will be in circulation for some time to come, so only those stupid enough to purchase an EV will be monitored.

    We must stop this nation becoming a Nanny state where big brother tactics are not wanted or required.

  5. Not quite the same, but they are already here!
    Every modern car or motorcycle is fitted with an ECU or CCU which when the vehicle is involved in a serious accident is interrogated by the police.
    This can show the speeds the vehicle has been travelling before the accident and is often used in court against the driver.
    The ‘black box’ is one step further as I presume it will even show where the vehicle has been as it will be tracked by GPS.
    I am a retired policeman and now act as a Forensic Accident Investigator looking at the police evidence when drivers are charged with Causing Death by Dangerous Driving, and advise insurance companies accordingly as to whether the driver should plead guilty or not.
    I WILL NOT buy a new car if one is fitted.
    They will be one dimensional, and what they cannot do is know what the traffic conditions are like. They will just be used for showing the speed you are travelling.

  6. I don’t want any sort of tracking device. What business is it of the state to know where I drive? I don’t have a Sat Nav because I don’t like the idea of anyone or anything knowing where I am. Thankfully we’re outside of the EU and there is no reason for us to follow suit, but for all Boris’s bluster, we still seem too keen to align ourselves with some of its dotty rules instead of making the most of our independence

  7. Whilst I agree with the principle “if you are not breaking the law you have nothing you fear” I cannot agree with this in practice.

    As a so called democratic society, politicians are there at our behest and are not there to dictate to us. If we are abiding by the law, they and other agencies have no right to know what we do in a minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day and year by year basis.

    This with the face recognition is the thin edge of the wedge. It will only be a matter of time before our “elected dictators” have us chipped at birth to monitor all of our moves!!!!

  8. Research by Martin Baekgaard and Julian Christensen shows that politicians are the least able of people to make decisions. I am now leaning towards keeping my hybrid car, but should I buy a new one, I would remove any coding that would restrict speed or communicate with a data logger. I have GPS jammers for the basic big brother junk

  9. Im all for something like this as it will control the idiots and get them off the roads, just last week a young driver in his dads audi tried to run me off the motorway, he started giving me the wanker and other signs, the lights we were aproaching changed to red i got out of my car and asked what he was playing at and he said i should of given way to him coming on the motorway, i told him that as i was all ready on he should give way to me and told him that IF HE WAS GROWING ON MY ASS I WOULD NOT OF LET HIM ON, he looked at his steering wheel and nothing else was said i asked if he wanted to get out of the car and take things further as the guestures he made were aggressive i would be glad to teach him manners he said no, i said think on next time he could get his f—— head caved in got back in my car and went on our ways. Since when do we give way to on comming traffic on motorways, ive had a full license since 16 bike 17 car 21hgv / psv 40 years the highway code says the same now as did then give way to motorway traffic already on.

    • Quite agree. There are FAR too many complete tossers on the road who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a vehicle. If this helps get rid of them, so much the better. As for ‘war on the motorist ‘, what are these wingeing prats planning on being if and when they grow up?

    • You point to a trend observed by me too, that there is an assumption that, once on a slip road, the traffic on the motorway is somehow obliged to make space. That is not what the rules say; slip road traffic must find a space to slip into, preferably without causing other traffic to need to adjust. In practice we have busy motorways and one has learned to move out of the lefthand lane when an ‘on’ slip road occurs; sometimes we call this considerate driving.
      Giving another driver the finger (or two) is considered Disorderly Conduct and is prosecutable. Frustrating.
      Driving used to be pleasant, even fun.

  10. And how long before the black box can disable your car at the roadside, because it doesn’t like you?
    No, No and NO!

    By the time this is implemented on used cars, it will be like Smart Meters. Incompatible and useless with far too much resistance from drivers.
    Compliance will come after I will be pushing up daisies anyway. Time EU laws were all repealed in the UK. They do not apply here.

  11. We are heading down the road of big brother is watching us constantly. This is absolutely appalling and there is no way I’d use a black box. I’d get it ripped off the car as it’s an invasion of privacy. How does this not contravene human rights law? Everyone is always banging on about human rights. Surely we have a right not to be tracked and this contravenes that?

  12. What possible reason is there to force this on us?
    No logic.
    And doubtless, if the thing stops working, it’s going to turn on the engine management light, put you in limp mode and fail you on the mot.
    It’s time to get revolting!

  13. How in there right mind though of this one, would like to check back in depth to see the origin of this legislation. Bet a pound to a pinch of sh_t it come from a lobbying group selling a product like a lot of money making rules. Maggie’s tax was one of them and that coursed riot’s back in the nineties. Hate to thing a black box coupled to law enforcement agency could just automaticly pump out speeding fines the limited companies could make a fortune then with little effort

  14. I cannot see myself ever buying a car with such a box.

    I lived in the UK until 2013 when I moved to Spain, but left there a few months ago to settle with my family in Tangier. Hopefully Morocco will not follow this lead.

    I currently have a Golf R but the engine audio has failed – amazing the difference without it :-) But not a bad car to keep for years to come.

    The biggest problem we have is reversing this trend of Government grabbing more and more power. I guess that is why we see revolutions throughout history.

    I think the next big test to democracy will be whether the Democratic party in the US will allow a free/valid election. There remain some doubts that that the last US election met those conditions.

  15. I work for a company that supplies vehicle tracking units, cctv etc to customers all around the world but that is done by the companies freedom of choice to purchase this service, I will NEVER be dictated too as to what I have to have in my car, I am bloody sick and tired of the government thinking they can bully people into submission with their controlling laws

  16. Think you are right about having these fitted ,just a pure invasion on the poor motorist yet again. What I would like to know is why are our motor organisations not taking any issues with it .

  17. Totally against further watching, monitoring & control by Govt. I’ll never buy an electric car anyway. Give me a 4.2Ltr Supercharged V8 any day!

  18. It’s just another nail in the coffin of our freedoms. Little by little they’re nibbbling away at them. And we’re doing noting about it cos we can’t! Soon we won’t be able to fart without the powers that be knowing about it and charging us a fine for adding to global warming! Big Brother is here!

  19. No, No, No !!!
    Whatever Next ?
    Certainly wouldn’t want this, what I do with my car is my business as long as I’m not breaking the law.

  20. I’m with you all the way Adam!!!!
    It’s all about control – none of it to catch people making the odd speeding misdemeanour.
    Ultimately, they are bringing in Agenda 21 and it IS a part of all of that.
    A cashless society of people not owning cars, because why would we when we all be working in city centres, and will have to get permission to travel outside of where we live? Even to visit the beach or the countryside. We will be told what jobs we can do. We will own nothing and we will be happy.
    This is the new world order.
    We have been on the slippery slope since before covid hit – that was all a part of the big reset too – and doing away with diesel and petrol-run vehicles for the battery operated, is also part of it.
    Stand up to these elitists twats running our country, who are still taking direction from the cleverly disguised EU, or we WILL lose it.
    Live standing or die kneeling.
    I know which camp I’m in.

  21. !984 is with us. Ask yourself “What does Democracy” mean then ask your MP if he or she knows. I too will never have a black box fitted whether Gov’ or insurance nor will I give my Driving Licence number to an Insurance company – too many people want to know too much. Even ToolStation and Halfrauds as for one’s email address – I usually say can I have your email address? They try to get away with “it’s on the web site” I say not not Halfords email your personal email….. silence and puzzlement look gradually appears on their face.

  22. Outrageous. (Apologies I will rant and go off subject slightly further down.)
    People need to rise up. The majority motorist has been hounded by the woke minority. Us drivers are the life blood of the economy . We don’t have the time to ponse around on cycles, or walk to our business/ work commitments. If these arses want to live in caves and grow their own vegetables they need to fuck off somewhere. There must be many places around the world where they won’t see cars etc.
    People who agree with this infringement of our freedoms are probably the same as the covid woke’s who still wear masks in the open country side. The fact that mask wearing has been proven to have no effect in stopping covid is ignored. I bet these same people are also staying off work now because if 2 days of warmer weather. How did we get here??? Revolution of some sort surely.?

  23. Agree with you Adam there will be no point in anyone getting out of bed soon as everything is becoming more regulated and we are now taxed to the hilt every time we spend what money we have left.

  24. They will introduce this anyway, they don’t care about the population and what we think. Look at the new road laws regarding bikes where bike can ride two abreast, and pedestrian have the right to cross at junction what fool came up with that idea? The government are making it hard to drive now specially the mayor of London closing the side roads forcing driver to use the main roads so that the drivers get fed up with driving in London, so they go on public transport which is struggling at best of times and we all know that if everyone stopped using there cars and use public transport it would collapse within days. So NO to black boxes in cars.

  25. I imagine there would be a huge market for anyone clever enough to create a “white box” that could monitor and modify the signals being sent from the black box.

    Just suppose it created a 5 second delay to the signal and, for example deducted 20% from the speed the vehicle was travelling at – so, for example if the car was being driven at 50mph – the signal the black box would report would be 40mph.

    It could do the same for other metrics to work in favour of the driver – not advocating creating a device to help people break the law, but just putting it out there

  26. These black box surveillance units will be read in real time by the new 5g network as will many other types of surveillance that are in the pipeline.
    As for electric cars, we are not getting electric cars, it’s a red herring, we will not be allowed to have private transport!
    Getting rid of private transport , gas central heating boilers etc is the only way the UK can attempt to hit the net zero bullsh!t. If we don’t hit the target we have promised to pay Klaus Schwab and his pals many billions in fines! The future is not bright it’s cold and motionless!

  27. An absolutely terrible, criminal idea – yet given the state of the way the world is heading *(coincidentally since around March 2020), not totally surprisingly! We really are going to hell in a turbo-charged, jet propelled handcart!


  28. So depressing ! Actually great because when we are convicted of speeding offences we will learn what it feels like to be fitted with electronic tags as criminals who are out on bail or on probation as convicted sex offenders, burglars, drug dealers, child molesters etc. The criminal community will expand enormously through strict liability and robotic conviction by default and we will all be criminals together. The police will become a hated force and anarchy will ensue.

  29. Cyber attacks by our Russian/Chinese and North Korean friends will be able to immobilise the whole nation all at once.

  30. I agree with you! BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!!!

    There was talk a while ago about number plates having built in chips that could be read by roadside beacons. I said that if these ever came in my number palted would accidentally fall into the microwave and fry the chips entirely.
    If they do bring this in we will have to find a way to accidentally disable it!!!

    You do realise that if ever we do become carbon neutral then a few years later everybody will be lalking about global cooling and how we need to put more Co2 into the atmosphere to warn the planet up!!!

  31. Of course you don’t follow the news. Much better to live your life based on the diktats of some completely unqualified brainless nonce with a website and an opinion based on completely unsupportable evidence eh? Grow up and take some responsibility fgs!

  32. I agree with you!

    I came across these devices about 5 years ago when I rented a small GM car in Florida sitting behind the rear view mirror, so from the inside you couldn’t see it.
    Only discovered it when cleaning the windscreen at the gas (petrol) station as you do in USA !
    On checking the manual it explained it was a tracker and a camera, nice !

    May I suggest that anyone who hates this idea, as I do, stops buying new cars.
    Buy a classic and it will have the added benefit of appreciating with time :-)

    Happy motoring as they are also talking about trackers for EV to charge their usage per mile to compensate for the petrol loss of revenue.

    As always the governments go head first on a new solution without bothering to look at the consequences; remember the Diesel fiasco :-)

  33. I think high time we had a proposal in view of the current poor state of the economy to scrap all legislation which adds cost to the economy. Especially legislation which clearly like this attacks peoples rights

  34. Going against your rights to privacy and civil liability to move freely without obstruction. I for one will find a way to damage it if I ever get a car with one in or just keep my car on the road. I am not allowing any one to track my movements in a car or follow what I am doing or use the data they gather to increase my insurance or road tax

  35. Hi, going against the flow here, but I bought a new car in March and it comes with a tracker fitted, subscription included in the 1st year for free. I don’t see it as a problem for me. It will help if my motor is ever nicked and it’s quite cool to have a record of past journeys, mileage etc at your fingertips.

    • Definitely going against the flow. I don’t know what you are doing here. It’s people like you that let governments (public servants) get away with shit like this, the reason we can’t drive safely anymore and why we can’t use side-roads anymore! You could put your own tracker on there for next to nothing, and then they might start to think that maybe we’re not going to just roll over.

  36. I think they will find that any shit like that they want me to have on any vehicle I own (they can supply a vehicle for free if they want to keep track of me and monitor my driving) will be removed/disabled as quick as they can put it on. However, my (and most other people’s) movements, including driving speeds, are ‘known’ due to GPS on any smart phone. If I really don’t want ‘them’ to know what I am saying and where I am going, I turn my phone off.

  37. Doesn’t bother me one jot.
    Why am I not surprised at comments? Statistically, men account for 74% of road traffic deaths, 70% serious injuries & 60% of slight injuries on the roads. men are more likely to cause drink-driving offences and speeding as well as aggressive behaviour (sharp breaking etc) Men are more likely to be associated with angry, risky and disassociated styles of driving. (all taking into account more male drivers than female)
    Is it any wonder they are against it!

  38. A good opportunity to design the first generation Talex Black Box “Eliminator”. I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that my generation will be the last to have enjoyed the priceless freedom to do whatever we wanted and go wherever we liked.. signed. A Baby Boomer.

    • I couldn’t agree more Charles! I am also a Baby Boomer and am glad I’m the age I am, having enjoyed a much better world.
      The only benefit I can see of trackers is to catch criminals, dangerous drivers with no licence or insurance, and general law breaking scumbags.
      I for another will not be buying a new car, for all the other technology they are fitting now, as well as mandatory trackers. I shall stick to my 09 plate Focus, thank you!

  39. I agree with Jan, Charles and GMC, I am a baby boomer also and I am glad I am the age I am as GMC said having enjoyed a much better world. I passed my driving test in 1965 and have always driven since, and had many driving jobs. I am sad to see what is happening to this world now, and I for one will never buy an EV as probably will not be driving long enough anyway so will never have to worry about having a black box. I am sorry for the rest of you young people!


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