Martial Law Declared in the UK: 4 Theories…

Dear All,

Well, it’s happened.

For the first time in our lifetimes, Martial Law has been declared in the UK.

Of course the Government aren’t calling it that, but that’s essentially what it is. If many people ignore the order to stay at home then we will see the Military on the streets. I have no doubt about that!

First off, I really want to tell you:

I don’t know what the truth is, and I *genuinely* don’t have a strong opinion on whether the simultaneous Government lockdowns are a “necessary evil”, or something more sinister.

But I *am* open to both – and all other – ideas and I hope you are as well..?

Historically Governments from all parts of the World have proven themselves time and again to lie when it suits them. But of course that doesn’t mean that they always lie…

When they do lie, is it because they (arrogantly) think it’s in the “public interest”, or do they do it for more sinister reasons? …Or a combination of both?

I don’t have the answer, but I’m open to listening to people who think they may do!

With that in mind, I urge you not to be offended or to pooh-pooh any of these ideas because they clash with your current beliefs. If you think that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid, or not worthy of a voice then I’d urge you to reconsider that viewpoint.

I can tell you that teaching myself to have an open mind is the most liberating thing I ever did, and I’d highly recommend it :-)

So with that said…here are the theories:

Theory #1: The Official Narrative is 100% True

The official narrative is 100% true. Covid-19 was transmitted from a Bat to a Human in a food market in Wuhan, China. It then spread around the World – as viruses do – rapidly, due to the proliferation of air travel.

Governments around the World have reluctantly acted to exert their power – which they claim to have been given by people – to avoid terrible hardship and misery for many.

Theory #2: The Official Narrative is Almost True

Exactly as above, except that the virus leaked accidentally from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab.

I checked with one of our contacts in China and he confirmed that the lab does exist. It also has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it, and a website (http://english.whiov.cas.cn/), so I think it’s very likely to exist.

If the virus didn’t leak from this lab, then it seems like quite a coincidence it’s there, wouldn’t you agree?

Theory #3: A Convenient “Scapegoat”

The virus did occur ‘naturally’ – either from a Bat, or by being accidentally released from a lab – and Governments and Central Banks jumped at the chance to use it as the excuse for the upcoming financial collapse, which was — and is — inevitable.

If you’ve read the Member Bitcoin Report, you’ll understand why the global economy is due to enter a terrible recession, and quite probably a full on depression.

It’s way too much to explain why this is going to happen in this blog post, but it would be an incredibly convenient “excuse” for the economy to collapse and it not be considered the “fault” of Central Banks and Governments, which it absolutely is.

There will be a “currency reset”, which will almost certainly ban the use of cash and track all our purchases. It will probably be under the guise of “anti money laundering” to protect us from those “dangerous criminals” but in reality is a mechanism of control. I wrote about my prediction for this last week on the BTST blog.

This theory acknowledges that the virus is real, but it’s not really that unusual or serious enough to order people to stay in their homes. It suggests that it is deadly for certain groups, but not significantly more deadly in comparison to other viruses such as Influenza, which is estimated to infect around 1bn people, and kill ~500,000 people each “flu season”.

Proponents of this theory agree that Covid-19 can be quite deadly to vulnerable groups – just like Influenza – but ask why Governments do not simply isolate the vulnerable groups (with their concent) rather than the entire population. They also ask why there is such panic being created around Covid-19, but not around other diseases such as Influenza…

Theory #4: Part of The Worlds’ “Elite” Plan

The virus was created and released on purpose from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab or by some other mechanism by the “Elite” who control the World.

Some refer to this tiny group of people as a “Cabal”. Others say its a network of secret societies, while many believe it to be a “permanent” or “shadow”, government, most likely based in the US.

People who believe this theory believe that there is a global agenda to enslave “the masses” under a communist style One World Government.

If you’ve never heard of theories like this, they sound completely crazy…until you start looking in to them!

There were at least two US Presidents who warned of the “Military Industrial Complex”. The first – Dwight D. Eisenhower – didn’t mince his words at all as he delivered his presidential “farewell” speech in 1961.

The second – John F. Keneddy – used more coded language. I listened to a lecture he gave before he was killed a few weeks ago where he seemed to allude to what Eisenhower was talking about — a “secret society” or “shadow government”.

Proponents of this theory say that the agenda is to:

  1. Crash the global economy;
  2. Acquire all the assets;
  3. Have the “masses” on UBI (Universal Basic Income), which is just enough for them to exist, like a basic pension in the UK;
  4. The dependence on this UBI will force compliance from most;
  5. Those who don’t tow the line will be cut off financially;
  6. China (a totalitarian dictatorship) will be praised for it’s “swift and decisive action” on Coronavirus, while democratic countries will be criticised for not doing enough;
  7. This — amongst other strategies — will be used to convince people of the need to “join together” under a One World Government when the next “panic” is created.

I find this a fascinating theory and of course I HOPE it’s not true!

However, if a powerful globalist agenda does exist, and is trying to gain more power over the World’s population, the easiest way for them to do it would be to have people living in a state of fear.

It’s a well known concept that people are much easier to control when they are fearful.

My Opinion…

Like I said, I don’t really have an opinion as such, because we simply don’t have the information on which to base one!

However, based on the information that is out there, if I had to place a bet, this is what I think the truth most likely is:

The virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab by accident.

China panicked and – as a totalitarian dictatorship – had no qualms about jumping on it…hard, with draconian measures.

I think the virus likely then spread ‘naturally’ around the World.

Here I become torn…

It seems like this is the perfect setup *if* a globalist “one world government” agenda does exist…

People have been ordered not to leave their homes and most are supportive of this incarceration. Can you imagine any other circumstance in which people would not only accept it, but in many cases be cheering for it?

I don’t think for a moment that if a “one world government” globalist agenda does exist, they control all the politicians in each country directly like puppets. That would just be “too public” and the information would surely leak because there would be far too many people involved.

So I suspect that most countries — including the UK — have probably acted independently, albeit with pressure and influence from outside interested parties.

Do I think when Boris Johnson effectively announced Martial Law (without saying it) on Monday that he was reading a script written by the World’s “elite”? Probably not.

Do I think we was genuinely worried about this virus, and it’s potential to kill quite a lot of people? Unless he is a psychopath, probably, yes.

Do I think that a “globalist agenda” really exists? If you look at the actions of the biggest bully in the World — the USA — I think it probably does. How much influence does this agenda have? I have absolutely no idea. But I believe – just as Dwight Eisenhower warned – we should be extremely vigilant.

Do I think that “Covid-19” will be the excuse for the crash of the US Dollar backed global credit based ponzi scheme (also called the global economy)? I have almost no doubt about it!

There are a lot of variables to consider here rather than brashly stating “I know THIS is what is happening!”.

In my opinion it’s incredibly dangerous to blindly follow what Governments tell us to do, and believe everything they say. You only need to look at history to see the *horrific* consequences of outsourcing thinking to Governments.

I also think the virus is 100% real and it’s likely to be pretty dangerous.

Bottom line: I think we should all be cautious and follow the advice, for now. But I think we should do so with a critical and open mind. I think we must embrace every persons viewpoint and really consider for ourselves if they have any merit.

Most importantly, if a Government is making totalitarian style demands – as is happening now all around the World, including in the UK – we must hold them to much higher account than usual, rather than blindly assuming everything they do is in our best interests.

Whats Your View?

I wanted to open this dialogue with Members to really encourage us all think and share different ideas!

Whether Governments are acting in their best interests or our best interests, or both, I’d like to hear what you think about these previously unthinkable times we’re living in?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below :-)

Stay safe,




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    1. There is no way I am staying home. I happen to tick FOUR boxes in the “at risk” group, my Son lives with me, and is in and out of London hospitals all day long. So I am going to get it, and expect the outcome to be terminal. :-( For that reason, I will NOT be placed under house arrest for the last few weeks of my life, especially since I am not guilty of anything. I will use a mask (N95) outdoors, and will sanitise/wash frequently.

      Boris and co can go to hell. If they had done their job properly, way back in January when it was clear what was happening, all incom8ing people should have had a two week quarantine. As it is, flights from Iran (a badly affected country) are STILL arriving. And have you seen the state of overcrowding on London transport as a result of that Monkey called a mayor, who reduced services. It will be too late for me, but I really hope there is a major uprising against these clowns.

      1. This pandemic is a farce, 20 000 deaths, joke, this is nothing in the whole scheme of things, 0.0002% death rate is a lucky escape, even if the number went up 10 times to 0.002%, it is still miniscule in comparison to seasonal flu, something else going on here, maybe not what is above but something bad, like a comet, a discharge of nast nuclear shit into the atmosphere, just something somewhere.

    2. Hi guts yea I think the virus was let out off the bio lab why there could be a number off reasons, trump put a levvy on chinese products last year so China will punish the Western economies, if China can do that then they might ve able to do much more or there really is a secret society ie the aluminati that control everything and yes I do agree that to control people you put the fear off God into them just look at 9/11, those atrocities did happen but we have all saw what happened after weapons off mass destruction which didn’t exist, the government scientist who was in charge off it apparently commuted suicide.
      Last off all we all know the world is over populated, makes you wonder.

    3. Yes your right it was deliberate to bring down trump and crash the economy but he knew they would and has a plan the bring the cabal down and arrest the elite peados including the clintons and obama and the pope check out on youtube the fall of the cabal and join x22report on you tube or twitter for daily updates

      1. Hi John,
        Your spot on and l cant believe how many people are listening to the lying bias main stream media they are all altering facts to cover themselves as they know what’s coming
        The Dems in USA arranged this to take down Potus but he knew what they were planning.
        Trust the plan.
        Also check out Q posts to follow the plan it wont be long.

      1. If the people done there home work by researching things they would know it’s all lies . And hopefully it will open there eyes. This virus was made up to cause panic and what dose panic cause fear it’s something else going on they are trying to steal our souls by brining in all these new law. You can’t go and see your family you can’t leave you own town that’s not just becuase of a virus that has a 99.99% survival.rate The mortality is only 1% so why shut the countrys down I have told family and friends and diffrent people long before the lockdowns the army would be on the street and look that is happing .The truth will come out it always dose and the coggs are already turning. I am with you 99.9%

  1. The globalist cabal certainly exists. About a dozen people effectively control what goes on behind the scenes. I became aware of this about 17 years ago. I do suspect this would be an opportunistic time to grab more power, but it wasn’t necessarily the plan. The takeover was to be more prolonged and subtle. If they jump on this now, it will be obvious, and the populace will be more aware. It’s like boiling a frog, and the water wasn’t quite warm enough yet.
    It’s certainly time to be aware of what is happening, Our armed forces are insufficient in number to hold the entire country down, and it is fortunate that we escaped the clutches of Brussels, but we need to ensure that freedom doe snot get compromised. Stay alert, it ain’t over yet.

    1. Sorry this has happened. Today we read about the death of 2 nurses. They did not die of the illness they committed suicide. There is a lot of hard working people out there fighting to protect us, whether it is through research or hands on care. Adam let’s leave the theory how can we help these hard working professionals. With your skills are you helping to make ventilators.?

    2. Kindly stick to the day job flogging ear phones etc, Adam – you’re starting to turn into David Icke and it’s not a good look.

      1. David Icke spoke a lot of sense and an orchestrated MSM campaign against him was started in order to discredit him. This should have made us all look and listen more closely to what he had to say… we all need to be more open minded, question more and look at all the evidence.

  2. It’s long been a widely held belief that a small cabal of Jews control the world. If you look at all mainstream media company’s, (Film and TV), Banks and other financial institutions all over the world, they are all ultimately under control and ownership of the aforementioned.
    I don’t give a tinkers cuss who this statement offends – the facts speak for themselves, and the more you look deeper into it, the more corruption you will uncover!

    1. Adam
      Is that the type of the “speech freedom” you are promoting here? Last time I have checked Antisemitism was illegal…

      1. Post

        Free speech means just that Serge. No exceptions. You clearly have no faith in people to be capable of making up their own mind based on a) other opinions and b) thinking about things for themselves. Put another way, you seem to think that people are stupid and must be TOLD what to think. You seem to believe that those with a different opinion to you should be silenced. I’m sorry you cant get your head around this concept, but there it is…

        1. You say “No exceptions”.
          So, are you also saying that: breaking/ignoring the law, bullying, harassment, threats, racism, discrimination, promoting violence, disinformation, manipulation with intent to harm, etc. all is justified for the sake of “free speech”?

          1. Post

            That’s a very good question Serge and one worthy of its own debate. Honestly, I don’t know what the laws are around these issues. In general, if someone says something that you don’t like or think is wrong, I believe you cannot take that right away from them but you can and *SHOULD* voice your opposition.

          2. Well, I don’t know for sure either (wouldn’t be difficult to check though), but I can say with most certainty that laws against antisemitism and promoting (or even creating an environment for) disobedience to government orders that could result in harm to someone’s health and potentially even have fatal outcome exist and such actions are punishable with fines and prison.

  3. The Army is ALREADY on the streets. Who is delivering ‘vital supplies’ to hospitals? Who is preparing the field hospital at the Excel?

    Supermarket this morning: “please pay by card only”. Unstated: to avoid contamination.

    Global Elite in control: Dunno, like you.

    Excuse for a global crash: you are not alone is suggesting the virus would be very convenient. Bonner of The Agora holds to the same view. As for it being deliberately engineered, unlikely.

  4. I believe it is an early step in totalitarian government … the stage 1 to world government but there are big problems eg where does China fit?
    It may be economic totalitarianism that comes first – the political will take longer.
    As to the virus itself – something unknown is happening – the most sensible plan would have been to isolate the at risk groups and enforce it in a draconian but agreed limited period but that chance has gone.
    I am a fan of the Rumsfeld tenet- “it’s what we don’t know we don’t know” that is the issue- certainly I believe we are not being told the truth

  5. My opinion is that this virus was released from the Chinese lab by accident, but it got out of control then they panicked. I also think this is a air bourne virus hence the reason it spread so fast. My other thought is that all goverenments know more than they are letting on.

    1. totally agree with gd, also borders should of been shit straight away thoses who were away can only come back once tested, simple, we are surrounded by water the best defence, all the poor that has died would still be here

    2. I also think it escaped from the lab, just like the foot and mouth virus did in 2001. Then it was blamed on ill farmers, now on bats and pangolins – they can’t fight back. I’m more inclined to believe the cock-up theory than conspiracies, but who know?

  6. Hi there,

    Maybe it was made in the lab. (Even though I believe that they already proved that DNA structure of the virus was mutated naturally?)
    But the theory that it was released on purpose is a bit crazy.

    The other theories cant be true. It affects almost everyone.
    This recession has everything to do with ‘Kung Flu’! ha

  7. We think this is a Chinese f’up where a germ warfare component escaped. It’s Chernobyl for viruses rather than nuclear.

    I think it’s more destructive than the public are being told – as has been published in several sources 19 million Chinese mobile phone users have dropped off the network in the last 2 months – and governments are themselves scared because they have intelligence of the real level of destruction.

    In reacting other opportunities may well arise and further control may result for the 1% – as they did after 9/11 – but I don’t think this was the original purpose.

  8. Well said Adam.glad I’m not the only one with suspicions that all is not as the government would have us believe.
    Keep up the good work n stay safe.M

  9. I believe the virus is real but leaked on purpose by the Chinese government as it is so uncanny that after not being able to agree a trade deal with the U.S, this happens!
    It’s very sad that innocents are losing their lives through no fault of their own….this is normal in times of conflict between governments where the politicians argue and the people suffer!

  10. Sounds like a few conspiracy theorists amongst your subscribers.

    It is what it is so let’s just hunker down & get on with it.

    This inflammatory debate is a far cry from a rant about speed cameras.

    Life will be back to normal in 15 months, economy possibly a decade, so we just have to wait and see. If not, no doubt there’ll be anti-martial law marches arranged & Government will listen, a bit like the Poll Tax demos. THEN normal service will be resumed.

    The current situation reminds me that my generation has had it better than any before us and possibly better than it will ever be in the future.

    Just saying.

    Keep your distance as the more sensible amongst us would in varying traffic conditions, adverse or otherwise.

  11. Hate to say it but a massive drain on our society are the frail and elderly. My parents are 76 and 2 months ago my mother was diagnosed with clots on her lungs and my dad had a stroke. They will die if they catch it but I have locked them in their house. If 20,000 die as predicted in Wales then it’s 20,000 less pensions to pay out.

    1. What a pleasant take on it, 20,000 less pensions to pay out that they have paid into all their lives to be able to receive at this time of their life.

      What a nice chap

  12. Conspiracy theories are very James Bondish,Spectre to take over the world.But whatever peoples thoughts,we must take this seriously and follow guidelines.Whatever the cause of this pandemic,we the public will never learn the true facts.That said,keep smiling and catch up on that decorating you have been putting off.Take care everyone,signing off 006.5.

  13. Some reports suggest a small explosion at the Chinese lab followed 3 days later by the virus. However it began is of little consequence, and adding to the fear factor isn’t helpful either. What is without dispute is the fact that many have died and the health departments in every country can’t cope with the numbers falling ill. The way to fight it is to delay catching the virus by keeping away from others who may have it….At present this is all we can do.

  14. Growing evidence that this is was an engineered BioWeapon. Possibly ‘taken’ from Canadian labs to Wuhan and released by accident or ahead of time.

    The Wet Market is a convenient hoax.

    Interesting that Bill Gates owns the Patent for COVID and that He and Malinda ran “Event 201” with John Hopkins University to simulate a mass pandemic scenario in Nov ’19 – quite detailed and describes the financial, political and social approaches followed to date.

    Strange that some areas of the globe are not decimated – Africa? Eastern Europe?

    Next comes the max vaccinations and shaming/restricting for those that decline to take the drugs.

    PS – anyone noticed how *blue* the sky is in the last week?
    PPS – Try Alistair Williams Comedian on YouTube

  15. The virus is natural occurring (not modified) but this does NOR mean that it may either have been intentionally or accidentally released by a laboratory. Either way the rick will be cashing in on the stock market when the time is right whilst the poor suffer.

  16. Incredible how some people manage to blame the Jews for anything they can’t understand.

    A new virus has mutated to attack humans but there are many such viruses. Slowly we have managed to control
    them and we will do so with the current one.

    As a Jew myself I do not control any one or thing and having lived for nearly 90 years I am at risk as much as anyone.

  17. Stick to traffic issues, Adam, instead of all this political bollocks. Otherwise I’ll be subscribing….

  18. Cock-ups are orders of magnitude more common than conspiracies so I will assume the former.

    There is a growing fashion for the new Chinese middle class to flaunt their wealth by eating exotic wild meats just as in the UK they go to posh restaurants and eat stuff that I can’t even pronounce.

    If you see the truly filthy Chinese domestic hygiene and the appalling conditions at wet markets you won’t be surprised by any public health disaster. SARS, MERS, Hong Kong Flu, Bird Flu, Swine Flu etc all came from there. This one is just more contagious.

    Remember that Ebola came from the bush meat industry.

    China hushed it up, jailed concerned doctors who called out the COVID19 and generally denied it all before they had to act.

    Like I say, chances are 99.99999% cock-up and a tiny chance that it’s a conspiracy

    IMHO this lockdown should have happened weeks ago, should happen totally now and both testing and contact tracing should be prioritised

  19. I was inclined to think that the Covid-19 outbreak was more to do with an attack on globalisation (led and possibly with covert action by the US Government) but having read your message, I am having to review my opinion. The existing economic structure is evidently unsustainable, and so theory #4 seems much more credible. The problem is that right now we don’t really have enough evidence to work with. But one day there will. Will we be ready to deal with it? Bitcoin seems to be a solution to individual financial independence, but Big Brother knows all about it, and is very likely to have the weapons to neutralise any threat it may pose to them.

  20. By the way I wonder if the rabid anti-vaccination loonies who refuse MMR for their children will decline a COVID19 vaccine. Just asking….

  21. I had a similar thought a few years ago at the time of HIV spreading quickly. |An escape from a secret laboratory in Africa, never minding the possibility of some pervert having sex with a monkey!

  22. Now here is an interesting conspiracy theory if you want:
    Impact of coronavirus on stock exchanges worldwide, within 1 month:

    – 17%

    Now, look at this:

    (China) + 0,3%

    China, creator of the pandemic, has miraculously “recovered”, has almost no more cases of coronavirus. The world is now beginning to feel the effects and panic about the disease. Who recovered first ?? China itself! It seems to be that this virus was a move by the Chinese government in response to the loss of the trade war with the United States. The goal: to throw the world into recession !!!
    Is the scenario not clear? They are already growing! China bought almost everything it devalued on the stock exchanges around the world … with that the Chinese became owners of the global companies that are in China and without the money leaving China.

    Additionally, and in light of the horrific repression the Chinese are currently engaged in reference the Uighers and other ethnic groups in North West China ( human body parts to order for money and total incarceration—veering on total genocide), it is logical to think that the Chinese government may well have an agenda for world domination. They have always been a very cruel race and if you have a population of 1.4 billion, who cares about the loss of a few million ?!

  23. Governments have been deliberately dumbing the masses for whatever path they take and so meet least resistance from the populace.

  24. There is plenty of evidence to support the idea of a world cabal.
    There is no evidence to support the conspiracy theories of negating democratic systems.
    BUT if it were true the people would rise against it and overcome.
    And I will be there at the front leading the fight.
    For now, stay indoors, keep safe, keep well. Recover to fight for freedom if it is necessary.

  25. We are where we are, and blindly try to identify the original source is a total waste of time. Concentrate in keeping well and following the guidance from our governments. Monday’s figures looked good for many of our neighbouring countries but unfortunately it did not continue into Tuesday. Remember Spain has been in lockdown for some weeks and it has been extended again, and there have been over 1500 deaths since Sunday and over 16000 new cases in the same time.

    Sorry folks, it’s time to wake and realise unless we follow the guidelines NOW, we will be in the same state as Italy and Spain within weeks.

    1. I think we all know that there is a lot that we are not being told about this virus.
      What temperatures can it survive at?
      Is it airborne and does not need to be in a body secretion?
      If it mutated from an animal virus, what is to stop it mutating again and infecting domestic pets, birds and farm animals?
      We are being told lockdown will be re-evaluated in three weeks but at the same time maximum infections are predicted to be in 3 weeks and therefore that will be when the NHS is under the greatest pressure.
      I predict 3 months lockdown at least. God knows how many of us will be jobless and in mortgage/rent arrears by then.

  26. i think its irrespective where the virus came from the big thing for me is the fact that this government has delayed action at every step. why did they not shut us off immediately word got out about it. we are an island nation and as such its comparatively easy to shut ourselves off from the rest of the world but even today we are allowing planes to land here from italy, china, tehran all hotspots of the virus and on landing there is nobody testing these passengers. they are given a leaflet with advice to self isolate for 14 days. this government wants the old, the infirm, the sick to die to ease pressures on the underfunded nhs this is an ideal solution for them. note they havent done anything to help renters, funny that isnt it as apparently 2 thirds of mps are landlords

  27. As is the case all theories need to be taken on board on their individual merits..but for me the UBI (universal basic credit) for the masses is very concerning !
    But let’s think of this…can you imagine somebody or anybody who has a good job with a really good income of £50000-£70000 suddenly being told…”that’s your lot” now your gonna have to live off just enough to exist… that alone would cause anarchy if it was to become real.

  28. As is the case all theories need to be taken on board on their individual merits..but for me the UBI (universal basic credit) for the masses is very concerning !
    But let’s think of this…can you imagine somebody or anybody who has a good job with a really good income of £50000-£70000 suddenly being told…”that’s your lot” now your gonna have to live off just enough to exist… that alone would cause anarchy if it was to become real.

    1. Post

      Hi Frank

      I spent around 6 hours writing and researching this specific blog post, plus many, many more hours on generally related research beforehand.

      Have you got any specific reason(s) to claim this is “disgraceful scaremongering” other than that it doesn’t correspond to your world view?

      Should I tell you to “stop leaving narrow minded comments” on well researched blog posts? Of course I shouldn’t! You are free to convey whatever view you want, as am I.


  29. I share your view and this is most likely to be the opinion of many. As you state if this is China why did they not have an antidote, or a possible virus killer. What still remains unclear is North Korea !!!.

  30. I don’t think it’s a virus at all, i think it’s a chemical weapon that been let out, by mistake (?). As Adam has said flu kills many people and nothing like these precautions are taken which flu is on the go. I also believe hand washing is a waste of time, the only people making large amounts of money are the people producing hand sanitizers. I believe its airborne, and even staying indoors isn’t really productive, as still you must go out to buy food etc. And you must have fresh air in your home so opening windows would let the “virus” in. The government has successfully controlled the population into thinking its spread by human contact, what utter rubbish.

  31. What’s next, Earth is flat?
    Go sit on your toilet paper throne and count the number of rice grains per pack if got nothing better to do, instead of spreading disinformation and promoting non compliance to necessary life saving measures (which I can guarantee some will interpret it exactly this way and potentially endanger themselves and those around them)!
    Otherwise make yourself useful and sign up to volunteer at the local hospital to help cope with current and, most important, upcoming mass mortality.
    I cannot believe I have invested into this business (regardless of the amount). Total waste and ethical degradation. How can I sell my shares and donate the money to fight the pandemic as a small token to repay for that naive decision?

    1. Post

      Hi Serge,

      Couple of things…

      1) We have never accepted investment in BTST, TALEX or DP from anyone?

      2) Have you actually READ what I wrote? I’m guessing not?


      1. Adam
        I have invested into Pump Audio and you own both. The fact that I am reading it from the business owner disgusts me. And it doesn’t matter whether you (or any of those theories) are right or wrong. It’s the inappropriateness that shocks me. You must be clever enough to do what you do as an entrepreneur. But you are obviously incapable to distinguish the impact of public posts and harm it can do. Everyone can have their opinion, but it’s not always should be spoken out loud.

        1. Post

          Hi Serge,

          Have you actually read what I wrote, or just assumed the contents?

          It’s quite important if you’re going to make statements like this, don’t you think?

          Further, you have *literally* just said that you don’t agree with free speech by saying “Everyone can have their opinion, but it’s not always should be spoken out loud”. This is something that I think is a massive mistake.

          Of course, we can agree to disagree (or perhaps you are saying that we can/should not be able to)?


          1. Adam
            Are you exercising your “free speech” as an impartial individual here, or as a business representative? If first, it’s a wrong channel; if second, then it’s wrong topic. And in both cases inappropriate in relation the use of contact list this was sent out to, as well as, from ethical and human wellbeing perspective, since you are preaching to a wide audience, far beyond “free speech” merits here, who very much might misinterpret your message with life threatening consequences to themselves and others.

          2. Post

            Hi Serge, appreciate your comments but I think we are too far apart to even have a coherent discourse to be honest. I assume that you didnt read what I wrote from what you’ve said and I’d suggest we simply agree to disagree regarding the right to free speech.


          3. Adam
            Yes, I did read it all.
            You can think whatever you want, I can think whatever I want. At the end of the day none of it matters. What does matter is that you better focus on the business instead of wasting your time on this crap.
            People trusted you and invested thousands into your business. But it seems you have “better” things to do than take good care about the shareholder funds you got hold of.
            And when it comes to “freedom of speech” please exercise it on personal social media and not via business mailing list when it has nothing to do with business. In fact, I wonder how such distribution stands with GDPR rules…

          4. Post

            Hi again Serge,

            It seems we’ve found common ground!

            “You can think whatever you want, I can think whatever I want.”

            I couldn’t agree with you more :-)

            All the best and stay safe,


          5. Useless… And disappointing…
            As I said, selling Pump Audio shares. Let me know if anyone interested to buy.
            All money will be donated to support fighting COVID-19 pandemic.

          6. Post

            Morning Serge,

            That’s an incredibly kind offer.

            I’ll take you up on that. Can you email us and let me know where you would donate the money to help fight Covid-19? So long as it’s a legitimate charity, I’d be happy to donate directly if you would then transfer the shares over?

            I’d suggest moving this over to email as it’s really not relevant to this thread.


          7. Neither this thread is relevant to the BTST…
            Nor I trust you with my money anymore…
            Will contact you over the email Adam, to make relevant arrangements.

  32. Your barking up the wrong tree it’s not to create globalism it’s to take it down.
    You obviously do not follow Q.
    Check out you tube sites like X22 report or try and access Q posts.

  33. Truly bizarre. Considering the piss poor testing facilities, the total number of worldwide cases ( ~ 422,527 of which ~100,000 have recovered ) suggests that the numbers are more likely to be in the millions, and yet the accurately recorded number of deaths (~19,000) implies that this virus (SARS-CoV-2) is not as bad as the flu.
    I can’t figure out why they didn’t do this during the SARS outbreak (SARS-CoV).



    But I quite like working at home, I feel a bit guilty about that.

  34. Check out Barry Smith Preacher……………he had much the same ideas about a one world government years ago.

  35. I think no matter what happens life will go on, Boris Johnson, will lead us out of the EU, we will all end-up driving-
    electric cars and towing the line, one thing is for sure all of us workers will be hit with hire taxes to pay for this cover-up
    or, we will die!.

    Happy Days.

  36. Read what 12 experts have to say about Cov-19:


  37. agree or disagree about the virus, and how to stay safe, i know what i am doing. i think Boris has played this like a true politician. He didn’t want to be the one to say “you must isolate”, he knows how independent the British public when given such an ultimatum. he waited till the public were naughty, and then introduced measures to counter that naughtiness. at the next election, he will be able to say he didnt want to do it, we forced his hand.

  38. I have believed from the start that this was biological weapon that was being produced that was leaked by accident or otherwise and if so there is already a cure yet if you didn’t want this to become instantly apparent you would have to hold back on revealing it for a while and let people die in the meantime.
    In some dark place there is always someone or some organisation making and doing unspeakable banned and illegal things that they would like to keep on the hush hush, and thus not be in a rush to be caught or seen to be doing such.
    I may be completely wrong yet the thought of it being transferred from bats or such is just too much of a jump as the Chinese have been eating bats for millennia and fruit bats especially have always carried a virus of this type so would it not have happened a long time ago if this were true.

    Will the truth ever come out I doubt it you have the Chinese blaming the Americans the Russians blaming the UK its all propaganda of one sort or another, one hand blaming the other.

    Just stay safe and look after each other and hopefully at the end we will still be here.

  39. NEW WORLD ORDER, I believe what we are seeing happening globally as a result of the spread of COVID-19 is just a “fire drill” laying the foundation for a one world power, one world currency, one world politics, one world trade agreements and last but not least one world religion. This is not some coincidence this is a reality in preparation for what will eventually happen.

    Revelation 13: 16-17

    Read the whole chapter, these are not just words in some book but a revelation of what is about to happen whether we believe it or not….its upto you what you believe, do your research and you will find the answers, but in the mean time follow the advice of the goverments health advisors and stay safe.

    And most inportantly, don’t panic…

    1. Well said Mark, it’s good to see a comment from someone who really knows what’s going on. What is happening right
      now is a wake up call for all of us.

  40. Thank you for your view points, certainly an economy crash was on the cards and yes this virus is real, accident or not, Politicians will always use events like this to their own ends and yes the “Basic wage” was always on the cards and paper money was going to de taken of the shelf in the near future, so this crisis will facilitate this.
    Personally I believe this virus “Covid 19” is just a dry run for the real virus to come.
    In the mean time we have to hope that the “Bully” countries USA, Russia, China etc do not use this time of “Crisis” to start the third world war which has always been on the cards with all the flexing of muscles within recent years.
    We as free thinking people will just have to hope that we come through these times as peacefully as possible however the world is now on the brink of change, I wish you all to be safe and please also be watchful and careful

  41. Hi Adam, I totally agree with your comments. The fact is there is a laboratory just outside of Wuhan which according
    to an American Bio Weapons expert is the only one in China capable of manufacturing Biological weapons. That is
    just too much of a coincidence for me. The idea that this virus came from bats is ludicrous. It’s strange that that there have been quite a few viruses that have come out of the blue in the last 20 years like SARS and Swine Flu etc. There
    is something very fishy about this.

  42. What about Russia?

    We had Novichok in Salisbury a couple of years ago, proven to have been Russians that planted it & as a result incurring worldwide sanctions, & the difficulties that come with it.

    China was fast catching up with the rest of the world on an economic front & starting to gain a form of respect in the process. Russia on the other hand was going backwards.

    Now ask yourselves why Russia, a country with a population of around 150million, has under 400 reported cases to date.

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories, & may well have my maths wrong, wouldn’t be the 1st time! but I can’t actually see why the virus couldn’t have been planted by Russia somewhere in Wuhan & be timed to release so it would cause maximum damage around the time of Chinese New Year, when the whole world knows the whole country closes down for a period for families to travel for a get together countrywide.

  43. I have my doubts that we are being told the whole truth. I don’t know whether this virus occurred naturally or was manufactured, if it was made then by whom? As for a new world order and the cabal, John Pilger wrote in detail about this some twenty years ago and predicted then that something was afoot globally. Maybe ‘big brother’ is closer than we think. I sincerely hope that I have got this totally wrong and that in a few months time we will look back and joke about it but I have my serious doubts.

    1. Post
  44. Firstly, I have to say anyone who isn’t aware of undoing by current and previous Governments and is quite happy to believe the official stories that are told, has to have had their heads in the sand or they’re just plain stupid..!

    The internet is full of knowledge if people can be bothered to research, you just have to do it with an open mind and apply some intelligence to sniff out the lies from the truth and in doing so a puzzle will start to form.

    As I write this there is a massive underground war going on between Good & Evil and current ruling bodies are being arrested and taken down. Research Cabal, Deep State etc…

    Oh and for anyone who shouts “Conspiracy Theory”, go back and stick your heads in the sand, as you are part of the problem..! Quote: ‘Popper and Soros launched the term “conspiracy theory” to discredit those who speak the truth..

    It looks like the Coronavirus was created, though not sure how it got out into the general populous, though I’m sure it will come to light very soon.’ All I know is a lot of shit is going down under the cover of it..

    Regarding this underground war, please check this series of videos (link below), that brings to light the people who have been running our world and I need to warn you that what you’re about to see will (for some), be hard to accept, though the more research you do the more of the puzzle comes together..

    Some of the things that tie in with what is explained in the videos (regards the arrests), are the current movements of the military, one that hasn’t seen such a mass deployment into Europe in over 25yrs, in an exercise called Defender 2020, coincidence? I think not..!

    Also the resignation of Bill Gates and others who have been mentioned, go check their Tweeter profiles for interesting threads..

    Then we have the strange death of convicted sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein who had many high end and elite friends/clients, one of them being Prince Andrew.. Epstein death is seen as a cover-up and that he is not dead..!

    So Adam, to your concerns, yes there is way more going on than most people realise..

    1. Thanks for your fascinating comments, I think I’m more scared of the vaccine when it comes than I am of the virus, especially if they force everyone to have it. God knows what they will put in it.

    2. I have been aware for some years of the existence of “The Cabal”.
      So why shouldn’t the rest of the story be true?
      To me, paedophilia is abhorrent and merits the death penalty

  45. Try doing a Google search for the 7th Military games in Wuhan China which took place in October 19. The US team of Military “athletes ” (spies) did useless; just happened to stay in a hotel next to Wuhan market.

    The virus was engineered in the US in Fort Detrick and the patent expired in beginning of 2020.

  46. Well let us look at recent events in just the UK:-

    1. Boris suspends all juries (end of Hapeus Corpus?).
    2. Boris instructs the courts to only deal with ‘overnight arrests’ (what does that mean?)
    3. All Barristers are stood down (no defences).
    4. All public galleries are stopped (no reporters).
    5. Boris allows single judges to sit (Star Chambers?).
    6. Boris presents what is effectively a Martial Law Bill to the Commons on Monday.
    7. Boris announces the Commons will be shut tonight (Weds 25th March)
    8. Martial Law Bill is passed in the Commons AND in the Lords (when has that EVER happened?)
    9. Queens ascent prior to the closure of Parliament today (boy that was fast!).
    10. The military are now going to assist the ’emergency services’ (that means the police – to do what?).
    11. Boris announces that minor offenders will be released from prison (to make room for whom?).
    12. Gove announces that much stronger enforcement of the isolation rules are coming (why?).

    We all find ourselves in a very vulnerable position don’t we? We are all sat at home exactly where government knows where to find us all. A few weeks of this and people will start getting desperate, we will readily accept their free money (There’s no such thing as a free lunch) and we will even plead for their vaccine as most of us are utterly terrified.
    Ask yourself this…what if the hospitals are full of people who contracted flu from the jab they had before Christmas, a virus that’s been sitting in their system gestating for a few months.
    What if that virus once active spreads into the unvaccinated population?
    Most folk who get the Flu shot tend to be either old or frail – EXACTLY the ones who are dying in hospital of C19!
    What if you are 70 or have long term illness and ship up at A&E with what you think is C19 – do you ever walk out?
    What if C19 is a hoax, just a fear porn propaganda campaign carried out by western governments to not only cover up a population cull but to act as cover for the financial crash that should have happened in 2008 had they not started the printing presses (that can has been kicked so far down the road that the road ran out)?
    What if they want us so desperate that we will plead for their cashless, Universal Basic Income and their compulsory vaccination program – and even some sort of embedded chip?
    What if there’s a new fiat currency in the making, a crypto one that is collateralised by our sweat equity, one that makes us abject debt slaves?
    What if all this terror is a cover for a ‘Reset’? They usually happen inside a global war like WW1 & WW2. They cant fight big wars anymore as we all have nukes. Wars cull the population too – don’t they?
    Wars usually beget periods of strong economic growth afterwards as everything is rubble and needs rebuilding (Marx described war as part of the ‘capitalist cycle’). Could that be why we are all being forced into electric cars and green energy? How about the fight against ‘Climate Change’ – wont that create a huge new economic boom?
    Back to ‘The Virus’…
    What if they seeded C19 in Wutan knowing the bio-lab there would be good cover if they were caught?
    What if it was seeded in China deliberately as shutting their economy down would destroy what’s left of the West’s service and consumer based economy being as how everything is now made in China?
    What if they were shocked by how fast a totalitarian state like China managed to contain the spread (or their spring temperature rise killed off the virus?) before it caused serious damage to us – so ‘they’ instructed the Wests leaders to commit economic suicide by shutting their respective countries down (C19 is a 10th as destructive as common flu and we don’t panic like this every time flu season arrives do we?).
    What if they needed to kill off our economies and terrify us prior to offering us salvation by way of a new cashless currency (they are already saying C19 is spread via paper money) and a vaccine that had to be taken by 100% of the herd to make it effective?
    What if that vaccine was deadly?
    Ever googled ‘The Georgia Guide Stones?

    1. I am reading all those posts as an entertainment now, to switch off from work tasks once in a while. Just to amaze myself… But damn, your response Mark has blown my mind…
      This is exactly why such topics are dangerous Adam. People have vivid imagination, to the point of self destruction (e.g. anti vaxxers, on par with those licking random things to show they are not afraid of the virus).

  47. Dreams do sometimes happen. So do nightmares.
    Info about closed Wal-mart stores in the USA seem to have disappeared of late. WHY?

    World Order could still happen. It’s when, that is frightening.

  48. It’s strange how Trump is making light of all this virus stuff. Either he’s an idiot or he knows something about this virus
    that we don’t, which is that it will burn out and disappear as mysteriously as it appeared. According to a reliable source
    he’s on a mission to smash the globalists but how that ties in to current events I don’t know.

    1. Trump is a Globalist and supposedly his favourite book is `Mein Kampf`. he is said to read from it every night.

      Apparently the book was a present from one of his wives.

      Always remember that Trump is exactly everything he says he`s not.

  49. Thought Adolf Hitler was dead, seems like he has been reincarnated in various forms by some of the comments made, wonder if they will let a 94year old ex sailor rejoin.

    1. Post

      Hi Afty, no I haven’t – have you, and if so what conclusions can we draw?

      Regarding my analysis, I’d put it to you that I’m really putting potential scenarios to Members and asking if we can come to a conclusion together. I haven’t really specified a viewpoint other than that we should hold Government accountable, have I?

      Cheers (and off to bed!),


  50. Adam really is “delving into the realms of fantasy” now.

    Please stick to flogging your Talex & ear buds, promoting Bitcoin (although these “theories” look like a badly disguised promtotion for Bitcoin.

    Makes a change for having a laugh at your speed camera rants.

    Really don’t expect this to be published.

  51. I have been aware for some years of the existence of “The Cabal”.
    So why shouldn’t the rest of the story be true?
    To me, paedophilia is abhorrent and merits the death penalty

  52. Adam,

    Use you contacts in London to find out just how many are actually dying…….and more importantly, what`s happening to the bodies. Are they being buried intact, or are they being cremated…….and most importantly, where are the bodies going to?

    Forget the noise, follow the bodies!

  53. Adam have a look at a tv show on Netflix called My Secret Terrius. Go to episode 10 and forward to around 53 mins. They speak of the Coronavirus and the effects it has etc. The thing is the show was made 2 years ago.

    1. Wow, incredible, they must have predicted the future… Oh, no, wait… Coronavirus is actually know to science since 1965 and there are over 40 mutations, of which most known are SARS and MERS. Not so much of the future prediction then. Isn’t it?

  54. If you go with the conspiracy theory or not , the virus appeared when all the Chinese went home for Chinese new year.
    They then could have been the carriers that spread it when they returned to the countries they are now living in.
    My personal opinion was that we should have closed the borders as soon as the virus became known and refused entry to anyone from China , regardless of their UK status

  55. I’ve no idea whether the virus arose spontaneously from bat soup or is a deliberately released bio weapon (or something in between) but feel sure this has not taken world powers by surprise.
    Listening out for current possible agendas building on decades of slow perception management I am expecting on the back of this crisis, over a period of time :
    Digital currency, first national then global, with all becoming dependent on official channels. Digital $ already announced. Time to rein in the self-employed and black economy.
    Mandatory vaccinations. Possibly linked to digital identity. All vaccinations are not equal.
    Enforced economic rest days and periods to ‘save the planet’. Climate change enforcement will be strongly back on the agenda soon.
    Quick roll out of the smart grid.
    Not going back to ‘normal’ with societal pressures to conform, backed by force when required. This is well worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrKzCQdgixs&feature=em-uploademail
    I don’t think this is a China vs West conflict as many speak of. China is fully onside with the globalist agenda, as is Iran etc. China has long been the testing ground for New World Order initiatives. Big corporations back by authoritarian govt coming to a country near you soon.
    On the other hand, maybe this is just an isolated quirk of history that we are all trying to get through.

  56. This is classic Problem – Reaction – Solution. Firstly the elite create the problem, in this case corona virus.With the help of the globalised media, massively exaggerate the danger, Then comes the reaction – Fear among the population who demand something be done. Solution, draconian measures from governments dressed up as protecting citizens but actually taking away civil liberties and giving the elites total control over peoples lives. For those who are sceptical of David Icke, just check out his videos, he has been warning of this for years.

    1. Lets see how “draconian” and “exaggerated” those measures are going to sound once coffins start piling up next door. Ever heard of ice rink in shopping mall turned into a morgue? Must be a new attraction opening soon, time to pre-book, so your “civil liberties” remain intact. I have heard ignoring quarantine puts you in a fast lane… give it a try and you might be the “lucky” one.

  57. Wow Adam you really have opened Pandora’s box of conspiracies and associated theorists!
    Could you really believe that the World elite could agree on something like this? Take the Forbes 100 list of the richest people and read their views. They agree on not much.
    When the stock markets went into a massive dive over the last week or two, the dash was for the dollar rather than the usual harbour in Gold. If the dollar is going to melt down, why did the wealthiest, best advised people in the world cash in shares for dollars not gold?
    I don’t like martial law either. Agree we need to be very vigilant but it’s here to slow down the speed of spread and buy time for anti dotes and enables health workers and morticians to cope with massive spikes.
    If there’s a conspiracy then the South Koreans, Singapore, China, Germany, Australia and New Zealand are unlikely co- conspirators. I believe that those countries just happened to come up with better preparations or answers than the rest. And both Iran and soon to realise it, the USA, with the worst!

  58. I heard the virus has affected Snow White. She now has six dwarfs as Sneezy has gone into quarantine.
    Keep smiling folks.
    Just remember- It is worth listening to most theories and either dismissing them as daft or thinking about them and wondering if they are a possibility. Mr Icke has some great points to make, some of the other stuff (like a giant hologram of a new God being projected at the sky, globally- to make only one religion) is totally out of the cuckoo’s nest. But I think this type of thing encourages healthy discussion. Look at it this way. The theories from other people, if expanded would make great reading as a thriller story. Alternately there could be some truth in the rambles. Either way there is nothing you can do to change things. I’m not a defeatist but the system always seems to win unless Hollywood wrote the story. Not only that, if you stick your neck out to far there will be someone there waiting with the hatchet to bring you in line or shut you up. But until that happens to Mr Icke and several others of the same ilk we are all safe. Hmm. I’m rambling on a bit here, but… I think JFK was murdered, 911 was an inside job and so on. But I’ll go now as people like Serge (his comments are higher up the page) concern me by being so narrow minded that it may lead to some kind of Brain aneurysm caused by his apparent worry for anyone’s mental well-being after reading someone’s abstract thoughts on a global talking piece. (I only read the ones about selling the earphones etc etc)
    Freedom of speech is important! I need that freedom to say the people who are hoarding food and emptying shop shelves are like diseased rats on a sinking ship. They scurry and fight through other diseased little rats to make sure they are ok and the people in need can go screw themselves and die alone in isolation. (which will be convenient for the clean-up crews who will shovel the bodies out – like the government films they had in the 80’s about nuclear war). But because I call these people filthy scuzzy low-life who deserve to be confined to their houses 24 hours a day with a police guard to make sure they cannot leave- does not mean you have to agree. It just sparks lively debate. Like Adam has done (much to his credit I must say) by openly talking about something that is in the news just lately. Just to add a bit of oil to the fire……………..Just maybe, the hoarding, scuzzy little rat-people will be in the supermarkets often enough to catch the virus and take it home to their children and elderly parents. Then we will hear them blaming everyone and anything else for not giving enough advice. The predictability of the human race eh? Did you know that for GCHQ to get as much info about a person as that same person will put on facebook would take weeks through official channels. Now they don’t need the channels anymore. Give a monkey a bit of technology and look at the results.

    Must dash. I think I may have upset enough people so I’m back to my unemployed exile.

  59. Hi Adam
    So many branches to this debate,however, the world all wanted a piece of China (businesses etc.)
    Well now all trading countries have received their bonuses.

  60. As I see It this Virus came about in two ways either naturally or manufactured but it is here, I also find it a little suspect that in China it is now possibly receding, while the rest of the world is now on the so called brink of devastation, is there something China knows that we do not, does it have a vaccine and was available from the word go, as some other people have remarked it came to light at the right time on the largest of China’s holidays and people in China were due back to other countries thus ensuring that it was transported all over the world. As has already been said that there is possibly an ulterior motive or motives behind this virus, which you have read before this message in the above text, from wrecking the world economy to God forbid killing off the oldies ( which I am one) and infirm and turning us into obedient low payed serfs to getting rid of paper money and coinage, there one certainty there will be global recession and many companies I suspect will be lost worldwide, as we have led to believe that this lock down could be extend for as long as is necessary from 3 months to a possible 18 months, I therefore fear that our lives as we have known them will be drastically altered in the future and I fear that more than this virus Whatever happens in the future I do hop it is nowhere as bad as some of have depicted in your replies to Adams Blog

  61. When do we get to the bit about JFK being shot by Little Green Men in the pay of the FBI, or have I missed that? Judging by what has crawled out that was a big one you kicked over. Even the Icke-sters have reappeared from under whichever rock they’ve been hiding for the past few years (I wonder if they know shell suits went out years ago?). The World’s PCs didn’t stop working in 2000, everything kept spinning in 2012. The X-Files was just a (rather good) TV drama; Agent Mulder was Paul’s idea, or haven’t you seen the film yet?

    We’ve got a bit of a problem on our hands so grow up and stick to selling headphones.

  62. Please read Dr Vernon Colemans latest post – we have been had!!!!!
    Here’s what he wrote:

    Regular readers will know that right from the start I have reported on http://www.vernoncoleman.com that I do not believe that the coronavirus seemed to me to be more threatening than a nasty type of flu.

    It was just a point of view, based on many decades of investigating and writing about medical matters. And I gave my reasoning, based on solid, factual evidence available to everyone.

    I also expressed some views on why I thought that the coronavirus problem was being exaggerated.

    These views attracted a good deal of criticism.

    Yesterday, I decided (again) that I wanted to step back from writing about the coronavirus.

    But things happened that really made that impossible.

    As I pointed out yesterday, on March 19th, the public health bodies in the UK and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens all decided that the coronavirus should no longer be classified as a `high consequence infectious disease’.

    And the Government stated that `Cases of COVID-19 are no longer managed by HICD treatment centres only’.

    (A high consequence infectious disease is defined as an acute infectious disease which typically has a high case-fatality rate and which requires an enhanced individual, population and system response to ensure it is managed effectively, efficiently and safely. There are a few other requirements but those will do for here. Coronavirus was one of those. Now it is not.)

    The Government rather buried this information on their website. Go onto gov.uk and look for `High consequence infectious diseases (HCID)’ for the evidence. The statement is under the heading `Status of Covid-19’.

    You have to hunt around, but it’s there.

    Now, the decision to downgrade the coronavirus was made on 19th March but it doesn’t seem to have been published until 21st March.

    Why the delay, I wonder? Were there discussions with the committees about their decisions? Your guess is as good as mine.

    A few days later (after the coronavirus had been downgraded) the country was put into lockdown. The key word there is `after’.

    The coronavirus has been rightly downgraded to an infectious disease – like the flu. (Though remember that the flu can, in a bad year, kill 600,000 people. It needs to be taken seriously. That was my point all along. And, despite the figures being wrong in Italy for example, the coronavirus has never looked like killing 600,000 people)

    But the Government had put us all in lockdown. And told the police to make sure we obeyed.

    This morning I rather expected that the world would be cheering. I thought the lockdown would be lifted, share prices would soar and people would going back to their lives.

    I thought maybe the Government would like to explain how they got it so wrong, what the hidden agenda was and why they put the country into lockdown days after they knew that the coronavirus was not the big killer they had been claiming it to be.

    But no one else seems to have reported this news.

    And then I found out what was going on.

    Today, the Government published an `Emergency bill to strengthen coronavirus (covid19) response plans’.

    The new Bill, gives the Government tremendous powers including `easing legislative and regulatory requirements’.

    The bill is 358 pages long and, for a start, lasts two years. (They didn’t write a 358 page Bill in a week, did they? How long have they been working on this?)

    The police and immigration officers will have new powers.

    There’s a ton of stuff in it. You can read it on gov.uk

    There is a `temporary modification of mental health and mental capacity legislation’.

    That’s a corker.

    Confirmatory certificates are no longer required for cremation.

    Hospitals get all sorts of powers.

    Public meetings and demonstrations are banned, of course. (No wonder they were so quick to cancel the May elections. They knew this was coming. They could have held purely postal vote elections but they chose not to. Will there be any elections next year?)

    There are powers relating to `restrictions on use and disclosure of information’.

    And, lo and behold, there is a note about `arrangements for the vaccination or immunisation of persons against any disease’.

    That probably won’t come as much of a surprise to readers of this website. (That prediction was the main source of the criticism poured down upon my ancient head.)

    And, remember, this new Bill came in AFTER the Government knew that the coronavirus had been downgraded and was no longer considered to be an HICD. I’d love to have been in the room when the experts told Boris that they were downgrading the coronavirus.

    Now, I am signing off again.

    Oh, and by the way, Parliament is now closed a week early because of the coronavirus – even though it is no longer considered to be a `high consequence infectious disease’.

    And so Boris is in charge of the country. Stalin would be green with envy.

    I suspect we might have to kiss goodbye to Brexit. It will be claimed that we all have to work together with other countries and that there isn’t time to fix a Brexit deal. The ecstatic banks will all be bailed out (again) and the coronavirus will be blamed. The EU’s long-term plan to get rid of small businesses will be successful at last. When will cash be banned so that they can keep an eye on all our spending and whereabouts? Travel will be controlled and limited.

    I’m not going to speculate any more on what is going on.

    You can do that for yourselves.

    It’s not difficult.

    Please tell everyone you know to visit this website and read this article. No fees, no ads. Or send them a screenshot of this page. And send a copy to your MP, to newspapers, to radio stations and to TV stations.

    Copyright Vernon Coleman 26th March 2020


    Very worrying!!!

    1. Don’t know who penned this, but it is nothing to do with me, or my original post of March 28, 2020 at 4:50 pm.


  63. In other news, this government wishes to introduce sweeping measures, martial measures no less, to try to get everyone safely through this current crisis. Nowt wrong with that.

    The problem, for me, lies in the fact that they want to introduce these measures for a period of two years. Without any review in the meantime.

    Just to crystallise that – sweeping, martial measures, WITHOUT ANY REVIEW WHATSOEVER FOR TWO YEARS.

    Call me a cynicat, but I believe that this has feck all to do with the current coronacrisis.

    Days ago, they were happy for us to be fodder, lined up for ‘herd immunity’, and the criminal negligence implied. Maybe it’s that criminal negligence, and the legal cases that would Shirley ensue, and counsel received along those lines, that helped them to change their minds.

    Stock. That’s us. Innit.


    These measures ostensibly have their grounding in, and in reaction to, the current crisis.

    They have though, in my humble opinion, a great deal more to do with having those measures in place for when ‘no deal’ hits, and the shelves are once again bare, and this country sees civil unrest, the like of which none of us has seen before, including the poll tax riots.

    Cynicat I may be, but I am an honest one too. This pernicious angle only came to me on overhearing a conversation between CB and his much smarter best mate, Rich.


    Sorry for shouting. This is worth shouting about though, and creating a jolly big fuss about.

    Our dear leaders are not just reacting to what’s happening now, but preparing for what’s coming next.

    Trust them at your peril.

  64. The fact that the MSM all instantly agree on this should tell us all we need to know – there is trickery here for sure!!

    Death rates are just wrong:
    – China is lying (for sure)
    – UK classify any death ‘with’ COVID19 as a COVID death.
    – Germany do the opposite and take the other preexisting condition.

    All countries have different tests for different strains.

    No one I know knows anyone who has had “it” let alone died.

    Level 4 Bio Testing lab in Wuhan is 10km from Wet Market – not a coincidence

    West Stocks are down 20-30%
    China’s stock market is up!

    Why are less developed countries not DESTROYED by this – no isolation, no mature medical care – weird!

    Why is no one giving real facts and why are the MSM just parroting the same narrative from day one?

    Very strange!!

  65. Scientists Globally do not believe this was a man made virus grown in some lab and they can actually tell the difference between a naturally occurring organic virus and some weaponised bugs …….

    What I really would like to know is why are people bulk buying and hoarding when there is not the slightest hint that are food supplies are at risk, from what I see the only risk of disruption to our food chain will be caused by the greedy bastards that are hoarding ….Give the Army some purpose SHOOT THE FOOKERS !!

  66. you are all guilty of giving china the power it now has by buying there tat . china has been targeting our factories and manufacturing base for years the answer is SIMPLE STOP BUYING ANYTHING MADE IN CHINA

  67. Well I said from the start. Someone has decided to press the reset button on the world economy.

    First release a virus, that will kill off MOSTLY old and week.

    We know it takes 12-15 years to develop a vaccine but they already climbing they are close. This adds to the theory it is lab produced.

    Get BoJo the least trusted man in the UK to go on TV and say don’t panic buy….so everyone does.

    Create Al food shortage land introduce rationing, this sorts out the obesity problem.

    Suddenly when a vaccine is found we will have loads of space in care homes and the housing issue is half way to being sorted.

    We are all used to towing the line and doing as we are told, our money to live on comes electronically from government, so cash can be done away with and all purchases tracked.

    We are left with a young fit healthy workforce of key workers all paying higher taxes.

  68. I believe the British know exactly what they are doing, by bringing these restrictive measures in, in an effort to to control an decimate the countries, with various means at their disposal.All under the guise of covid.
    People have died from various diseases for years.Now all the deaths are being linked to Covid ,as it suits their purpose.
    Now they can bring in, an suggest all sorts of ideas plans, demands, schemes, without a murmour from the elect!
    As far as the government are concerned, its working beautifully for them.This is ultimately the biggest social experiment in control, this world has ever seen!

    All achieved in the country, without wars an rumours of wars…..

  69. The British Government started this. They knew their GBP would be worth shit paper after Brexit. Why not collapse all currensies and start from scratch right? An uprising will come in Feb 2021. God help them.

  70. Yep. It’s all bullshit. There’s a virus probably man made. Or at least played with by human intervention and let go.. The vaccine is killing people. Make s your immune system over react to then attack you’re own body after it’s attacked by the infection. So it kill s you. It’s said that Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world. And using vaccine s is the way to do it. Legal murder. And I believe it’s all about an Up coming One World Order. Kill off the old. Over 60s. Sterilise the midd 30s plus. No pensions to pay . Take their property and assets. Money every thing. So no one owns anything except for the Global Elite. Enslave the ones who are useful. Kill the rest. Look up FEMACamps. There are loads in the USA.

  71. I think we need to unite as Humans, and if your not already aware, find a place and stay safe. It’s not about all of that it’s about finding your peace within yourself, so you don’t create such a wreckless society. Do your part, help each other, These IT scumbags, think they can control human choice, and thats not possible, because we will always accept reason, and emotional over logical. We have a passion for it in this Rhelm of Social Media and blogs, and podcasts, now. Now is the time to embrace your brother in arms, and understand Cyberwarefare, is just another branch of the Military Industrial complex, that has given “royalty” the authority to look down upon us in our glass ceiling of a VR Rhelm. But while we are down here, we should do good. NOT BAD! KNOW your allies and friends and keep a distance from those trying to do evil …not Revil…haha. Q-to the light and truth, WWGOWGA.

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