Speed Cameras *Conditioning* Drivers?

Hi All,

I was driving down the M1 on Sunday evening after racing at Donington Park.

If you are interested in racing, you can see the pole position lap we did here (opens in new window).

I haven’t done an awful lot of motorway driving in the last year in the UK, but when I have, I’ve noticed that I’m usually overtaking most other cars, despite driving at speeds that 10 years ago were considered completely normal for most drivers…

Of course, never exceeding 70mph you understand :-)

But what really struck me on Sunday evening was that I was still passing almost all — I’m talking 99% or so — other cars despite the fact that I was towing our race car back!

I found that after the tax collection camera zone stopped, the vast majority of drivers didn’t speed up again…

If I had to guess, I would say the average speed of drivers was 55 – 59 mph.

On the M1.

At night.

So is there anything wrong with this? Not at all! If people want to drive at that speed (as I – more or less – did whilst towing) then what’s the issue? After all we’re free …right?

But it just seemed bizarre to me that almost all Drivers were driving at 55-60mph on a clear motorway, with a 70mph speed limit…

I had nothing else to think about in particular, so I started to ponder why there has been such a change in driving behaviours over the last decade.

The only conclusion I could come up with was that the sheer volume of speed cameras must have collectively *conditioned* us to just not bother thinking about what speed we drive at anymore.

Perhaps its been drummed in to us for so long that the next 50mph speed limit scam for “pedestrians in the road” or “low flying pigs ahead” is just around the corner that we’ve just decided it’s easier to drive everywhere at around that speed.

In other words, are we subconsciously letting the government do the thinking for us?…

So do the government want to slow us down on motorways?

That seems illogical to me. If they succeed in doing that, they *significantly* reduce the revenue that’s needed to pay off their wasteful spending and repayment of the so called “national debt”.

So why have they indulged in this kind of mass brow beating of the Motorist over the last 10+ years?

In my opinion — and let me know if you agree or disagree? — its one of many steps towards almost total control over the population.

I won’t go in to why I believe they want such total control just now, but I’d be interested to know:

a) do you agree (or not) that there is some insidious long term agenda playing out, and that the persecution of the Motorist is a part of that plan?;

b) if you do agree, what do you believe the reason might be?

I’m very interested to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

All the best,


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  1. absolutely spot-on! this is all about control, just like the fake climate change and deadly disease scams that the masses have fallen for. When we are in a total dictatorship a la china, it will be too late to wake up. The great reset is well under way and it’s out in the open, for people who can be bothered to do a bit of research.

    1. “fake climate change” “deadly disease scams” :-D
      Just because it might be about control doesn’t mean that the reasons given aren’t true.

    2. Also, as a by-the-by – It’s funny how in the 70’s we were due another ice-age. A few years later (just after the ozone problem disappeared) it was Beware! Global Warming! Now it is just the safe ‘middle ground’ of Climate Change. I wish they would make up their minds before the plebs/numptys get carried away with it and totally ruin the future and set us back to Victorian days of horse and carriage. But people believe what they are told so good luck to them. It’s their grandchildren that will suffer the cost. We think today everything is unjustly expensive? Think what they are due. But at least they will be able to point a finger- if brainwashed idiots in the future have the power to think at that point in time.

  2. Ah so your the guy towing a car I overtook LOL. I agree as an advanced motorist I was taught to drive to the conditions and speed limits and the roads are full of people dawdling along, coming back from Wales the other night I was behind a car doing 35 in a 50 in perfect conditions.
    I think that is just part of a bigger picture to condition people to comply.
    BTW loving my Talex3 :-)

    1. I agree, more MPG at a slightly lower speed. Driving from Birmingham to New Milton at about 10 to 20 mph slower than I could have done actually did not add that much time to my trip.

  3. I agree Adam, it’s all part of a nanny state that we have almost slept walked in to.
    A way of controlling the masses by slow gentle manipulation of day to day behaviours. If we continue along the so well trodden path we are on, we will become living breathing copy’s of one another and indipendant thinking coupled with ingenuity, which made Britain Great, will be a distant memory….
    Sad really
    Just my humble view

  4. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks most drivers are definitely slower than before.
    Could this be people driving more economically given the high fuel prices?

  5. Totally correct, speed cameras, covid 19, mass vaccination! Home abortions, Bill Gates and false tetanus vaccines in Africa. Population control

  6. It’s more complex than you describe.

    Fuel prices have gone up a lot, so driving slower brings the fuel bill down to closer to what it was before.

    EVs are driven slower to ensure the required range for the trip is achieved. Lower speeds = quicker arrival at destination.

    So many less drive to work, between meetings etc so the trips today are a lot less time sensitive. Why rush?

    We all have dashcams and those who report every infringement. Who can afford those fine?

    Life has changed, the pace has slowed, maybe you are right to some degree but that’s not all of what has happened.

    1. Fuel economy and realisation that higher speeds give a diminishing return in time saving.

  7. Well there is another possible reason for this phenomenon, which is that people are now trying to cruise at a more economical speed, given the extremely high fuel costs at the moment. I have, for some time now tried to drive more economically, but that simply means taking a bit longer to arrive at the national speed limit for the road type and, of course, the safe speed for the conditions. i.e. a bit less of a heavy right foot.
    I watched your qually lap for Donnington, (where a light right footed approach would definitely not be appropriate) and was most impressed! Are we able to watch the racing on TV?

  8. Even worse in London. I realise I have been conditioned to watch for speed cameras or looking at my speedo. Not got time to look at the road I am driving on

  9. Because I’m bored. Or maybe feeling a bit nerdy. I looked it up.
    It says fuel economy will decrease about 14% (average family car) between 70 mph. And 60 mph. So guessing people are trying to optimise best mpg.
    I just want to get there and accept the extra cost in fuel sadly.

  10. It’s more to do with the false assumption that we are all criminals and must be monitored and fined to pay for yet more cameras. We know speed on it’s own is not the killer. Design of roads, road surfaces and signage are a bigger safety issue than pure speed. The German autobahn is a prime example. One of the safest road networks in the world. When I use to commute up the A3 into London, you were a danger if you weren’t doing 80 mph. Far better for people to concentrate on their driving rather than worry what speed they are doing or looking for cameras. Kahn in London is typical of the ignorance surrounding speed policies. Driving at 20 mph is very inefficient and causes far more pollution that 30/40 mph in higher gears. It’s pathetic and ignorant. But, we are stuck with these people.

  11. Do you not think the price of fuell could be the reason why people are not driving so fast

  12. Hi, yes you are correct, they want a nation who will give up without a fight, you wont see the french people taking the rogering we are getting without a fight ( the only time they do fight ! )
    So, yes spot on mate !!

  13. My thoughts repeat those above. Drivers are trying to save fuel and bring the fuel cost of any journey down to what it would have been before the massive rise in fuel prices! If fuel price rises by 25%, in order to ensure that your fuel costs for any journey undertaken remains the same at the higher fuel cost, you need to drive at a speed where you are using 25% less fuel. this equates roughly to 50 – 55 mph, depending on the type of vehicle you drive!

  14. We live in a nanny state where they want to control everything we do behind the wheel, there are cameras and CCTV’s all over the place and new cars have speed limiting devices.

    The new average speed cameras are annoying as are mobile police cameras and the police assume that nobody can drive as well as they can, so we shouldn’t speed, when in actual fact I’m an Advanced motorist and a qualified Rally Car Driver and know my limitations.

    I drive a fairly big fast Audi and will happily cruise at 85, hoping that my Talex 3 informs me of all speed traps ahead

      1. Hi Raymond, Talex won’t unless someone else in the community has already added it, then it will alert you to its presence, however a decent Radar detector will spot mobile cameras

  15. All about control.Has been since the B’liar years. The State will own everything, and you will own nothing and be subservient to them. It’s not just here either…it’s a Global agenda in my humble opinion!

    Any dissent will see you “cancelled” on the spot. The hysterical reactions of our “wonderful” NHS whenever they are challenged is all the proof that you need.

  16. Totally agree no matter what time of day or night you can guarantee soon as out of the 60/50 road works near Luton up will pop their sign that there is “an incident” and 50/40 yet again, then get to the end and sweet FA there they just keep changing the limits and people keep compiling… Never yet seen an accident on the M1 that justifies the low speed limits….

  17. I believe that engines are designed to work most efficiently at a fixed speed – ie rpm. Not much you can do about that having chosen a car for other reasons. But if it is an “automatic gear box” you may also find that it changes down at a particular road speed to maintain a reasonable level of torque – ie making sure it is able to respond without “bogging down”. Changing down means engine speed increasing and, in general, increasing fuel consumption.
    But the general level of driving skill and experience has undoubtedly decreased and many, having only used the car “around town”, don’t really feel fully competent at motorway speeds. The issue is particularly evident at weekends when, sorry to say, “the wife” is driving (outside her comfort zone).

  18. I find my Talex3 is showing I’m travelling at a lower speed than my speedometer is saying. I’ve always thought that lorries that pass me in a 50 or 60 mph. zone on Motorways are speeding or are they?
    One now must travel at a lower speed to get more miles to the gallon and save the planet so we are told.
    But this does not apply to Government MP’s who are carried around in their gas guzzling jaguars etc.
    The fact they can grant themselves large rises while people on a low incomes struggle to pay for their fuel and food.
    If speed cameras were not the cash cow that they are now where would the government and councils get all this extra cash I wonder.
    Will we all go over to electric cars I think not, as soon as they start to sell in numbers the government reduces the subsidy. Most people now can’t afford an electric cycle let alone a car. The government wants us all to be subservient and believe black is white and helps us with a 5p saving on fuel not.

  19. totally agree with you ,government control everywhere we look now, do as I say not as I do ! the biggest camera scam has to be on the M1 near Meadow hall Sheffield, 60mph limit (two cameras) for 2 miles with a sign . Speed limit to lower air pollution. What the f…. love to hear the rational explanation of that one

  20. Hi Adam,
    On most motoring issues I wholly agree with you but not this one. The one thing you didn’t discuss in your blog post is the fact that fuel has just gone up substantially, along with lots of other expenses that folks just can’t avoid. Generally, the only thing that hasn’t gone up, or if it has, not by enough, is people’s income/wages. People are driving at 55-60 MPH to drive at the most economical speed as far as fuel consumption is concerned. Personally, I am happy most of the time to set my cruise control at 56 MPH sit in lane one, and poodle to my destination. I do a great deal of motorway driving, it seems from what you say, more than you. Until very recently I would see cars overtaking me all the time and some still do. However, now, as you found, many are happy to follow my lead and drive 15 MPH slower and save fuel and money. IMHO it will probably change back soon as people get used to the new normal.

    1. A combination of many of the comments. A driving licence has become a human right like the USA,so the standard hasdropped. Few drivers know how to reduce fuel consumption, but so many now are no good at 30 let alone 70.If they kept left it wouldn’t matter so much but on a 4 lane they count from the right, so are now the third lane owners club.Speed cameras are still simply cash raisers unless they are clearly visible and so do act as a reminder. As for the French,Talexes are banned, and the plod check time stamps on Toll tickets and send a Fine and they live with that.

  21. while I agree with what you said, that we are now almost so conditioned to think about what cameras are around and reduce our speed. unfortunately, we still get caught by mobile units etc.. I think I am a reasonable driver and have slowed down a lot in recent years, I still like to drive to the road legal speed limit or slightly under where possible….Despite that, I just received a notice of intended prosecution for driving on the M42 Southbound, M42 Gantry 6500B, doing 66 MPH in a 50 MPH stretch which I really can’t remember seen the signs for it. I am not sure if I should just pay it or go to court.

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