Happy 2020! …Time To Take Our Freedom Back?

Dear All,

Happy 2020…!

We’ve got some real challenges ahead in the coming years in my opinion…

Oppression from Government agencies on our roads (yes, I said *OUR* roads – we’ve paid for them many times over after all, haven’t we?) seems to be going forward in an inexorable march to steal the money out of our pockets, and to subtly control us into a state of compliance.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it seems to be precisely what’s happening!

A Vision of The Future?

Did you know that in China, they’ve been busy rolling out a “Social Credit Score” system?

It ranks a persons “social score” based on their behaviour according to the Government!

Some examples of what can affect your “Social Credit Score” are:

  • “Bad driving”;
  • “Buying too many video games”;
  • “Loitering”;
  • Posting “fake news” (i.e. something the Government disagrees with) online.

(that last one is particularly hilarious given that all Governments are masters at spewing propaganda…)

So essentially, the Government are saying that if you do something that’s not in line with what they want you to say or do, there will be serious consequences – even for the slightest infraction.

Some of the consequences of a low social score are: your Internet speed will be crippled; you won’t be allowed to buy plane tickets; your kids will be banned from attending the ‘best’ schools; you won’t be allowed to get a “good job”.

Your pet dog could even be seized by the Government!

The list goes on…

And the even scarier thing is that this is all enforced by a vast network of CCTV with advanced face recognition.

The cameras can identify a “Citizen” (Subject) in a crowd of thousands of people and apply a social score penalty using AI.

Even if the target is walking away from an “enforcement” camera, the Chinese have developed “gait recognition technology” to identify people by the way they walk!

Now — be honest — you think I’ve either lost the plot or that I’m exaggerating, don’t you?!

If you do, check out this article from The Independent here

But you’re probably thinking “but Adam, China has a Communist Dictatorship and we have a Democracy”.

Well, I agree. Shades of grey apply here, and I’m sure that the oppression from the Government in China is much worse than from the Government in the UK…

But the question is how much worse is it?

And *crucially* are we wandering towards this sort of totalitarianism — and eventually even worse? — or away from it?

I’ll leave you to ponder the answer for yourself…

The point is – and correct me if you disagree – we don’t want ANY Government oppression. We don’t want to be controlled, manipulated or extorted at all …do we?

I think those of us over the age of 40 or so can see with our own eyes that we are moving more and more towards the Government exerting control over us, because we can remember when it was nowhere near as bad.

My personal opinion is that we must fight against attempts by the Government to control us whenever we see it, because the next generations will not know any different if we allow it to continue.

I’m starting to believe more and more that Speed Cameras are a significant part of subtly controlling the population.

Sure, they are definitely there to extort money from us, but — intentionally or not — aren’t they gradually increasing our tolerance to being controlled?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Highways England Don’t Need Excuses Anymore?

I was driving down to my parents on Saturday and there was the standard congestion on the M25 that’s *caused* by the “smart motorway” speed cameras.

I noticed that they didn’t even bother with one of their fake excuses (“pedestrians in the road”, “obstruction ahead”, “low flying pig” etc).

Now, they seem to be content with just displaying the word “CAUTION” next to a “50mph” symbol…

Have they normalised the 50mph speed limits (and the dangers they cause which we’ve talked about before) so much that they no longer feel the need to give one of their fake excuses?

With all that said…

We don’t have to be at the mercy of this. The power really does lie with us and we are – at least for now – the masters of our own destiny.

I know that the above might sound a little depressing but I’m anything but!

When you get it straight in your head what’s happening and decide to fight it, it actually feels extremely liberating!

I’ve got a lot more to say on this but I understand it might not be for all Members.

So I’ll shut up for now and tell you some very good news…

TALEX 3 is Due to Launch in 2020!

We’re just ironing out some final tweaks – it can take a while going back and forth with the factory – and then we’ll be ready to launch!

The plan is to do a pre-order Deal to BTST and DriveProtect Members with a big discount on the RRP :-)

I’d also like to present more TALEX and BTST services to Members in 2020.

I don’t really know what they’ll be yet, although I do have a few ideas.

Over the last couple of years I’ve discovered through deep research many truths about life that most people have probably never thought about.

It’s been quite mentally exhausting, but just recently I feel like I’ve come out the other side of this learning experience with my mind well and truly opened!

And do you know what? I’ve never been more motivated with BTST (by which I mean TALEX and DriveProtect as well) in my life!

Our Members are often some of the smartest and open minded people you’ll ever come across.

So, I’d like to thank you for being a Member.

Without you, there would be no BTST, TALEX, or DriveProtect.

I don’t forget that.

Here’s to a great 2020, where we are all the masters of our own destiny!

All the best,


P.S. I’m genuinely interested to hear what you think about what I’ve talked about above — let me know in the comments!

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    1. How about another sad message from you if and when you are one of the first to suffer!

      1. I have heard these sort of answers for years.Nobody will stand up and start a fight with the various organisations.I think Adam should stand up and be counted,Unfortunately Adam has to make a living about these driving money making organisations. It is not only the Highways it is the local councils NHS Parking companys and many more etc. etc.All the various Top Dogs are taking us for a ride booking expenses, chauffeured vehicles not being worried about parking,free meals etc etc..Taking our hard earned money in taxes has been there but they have gone over the top now, PLEASE STOP THEM.I am an uneducated Plant mechanic who has worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week.I am now 82 years old and still go out man cave and work 7 days a week.Because I saved my money and made a better live for my children I cannot claim anything.If I had been a waster and spent al my money I could now be claimin alsorts.

    2. Totally agree Carol. Isn’t it funny how people get up in arms about being “controlled, manipulated or extorted” by the Government, but they are quite happy to put up with exactly the same treatment from big brand advertisng from all directions on a daily basis, plodding like sheep into the nearest shopping mall or ‘outlet village’ to buy some tat that they don’t need just because some advertising campaign or (even worse) online “influencer” tells them that’s what they should do? And they’re happy to pay through the nose for the privilege. As for the boring cr@p about road users being “extorted” … I give up. Why don’t these people stop and think “you know, if I didn’t break the speed limit set in lawa then maybe I wouldn’t be ‘extorted’ such a regular basis”? Has it ever occurred to them that the 50 mph smart motorway limit mentioned may be necessary because of things like (a) driving standards are so bad these days; (b) there are just too many vehicles on the roads? But it’s far easier to fall back on the millennial disease of blaming it on somebody else rather than stopping to think whether they might be able to take some personal responsibility, grow up and adjust their own behaviour. Pathetic.

      1. @ Pete I. The 50mph variable speed limit is 9 times out of 10 too low / unnecessary. That’s why people don’t won’t to stick to it!

        1. S Peat. How do you know. Are you looking from an overview point of view. Usually speed restrictions of this nature are to allow steady traffic flow further up the road. If everyone did 70 then you’d all hit a bottleneck but sticking to 50 allows this to clear before you arrive. Some people have to make these decisions and may not be spot on but it’s usually for a sensible reason.

      2. Post

        Hi Pete, While I respect your (any anybody else’s) opinion, I can’t understand the logic of your argument. I don’t think that most people wish to “adjust their own behaviour”. If I demanded that you adjust your behaviour, you would probably be highly offended, and rightly so? The point is that its wrong to try to control people, unless they are causing harm to others. Can you see where I am coming from here or not?

      3. I have say that when driving through miles and miles of 50mph restrictions, like the M4 just now, where ‘Smart’ motorway is being installed, I actually feel safer than driving where those restrictions are lifted. The usual mob of ‘getting to the court via the hospital’ seem to feel justified in frenzied driving. I would also like to know how those who claim 50mph is too low a limit arrive at their assessment. Personally my concern about ‘Smart’ motorways is the loss of the hard shoulder and its relative safety for broken down vehicles.

      4. Agree with Pete. Said it before. Best way to stop them charging For speeding is not to speed. If you don’t they can’t make any money from it. Then they would not be able to or need to have all the cameras. Simples.

    3. https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2020/01/dominic-cummings-number-10-is-hiring/

      Well we just don’t know as no country in the world has ever done what we are doing. Cut themselves off from their biggest trading bloc partners with no plan whatsoever as to how they will replace that and then elected a self centred Etonian serial liar to execute it all and given him a huge majority and power to do what he likes.

      It would be funny and exciting if it was all some kind of elaborate computer game. I used to play one years ago called “Dictator”, it was great. Johnson would have been a brilliant character in it. This is real though, its real people lives, livelihoods, businesses, health and security we are playing with for real. Maybe I sound all doom and gloom and a bit Hollywood but you might have said that if I had said five years ago we would be leaving the EU in 2020 with no plan whatsoever and Boris Johnson would be in charge. I would have probably been carted off to the funny farm.


      1. Wow, some of these comments are completely off the subject. Self-centred dictators who obviously don’t agree with democracy.
        We joined the common market in 1973, that is all we voted for and all we signed up for. We definitely didn’t sign up to all the other *rap that came with it that came at us through the backdoor. So we are getting what we voted for in 1973. Did our ancestors die in vein? Did they not fight for freedom?

        Speed does kill and there have to be some rules, however leaving the speed at 50, 4 hours after an accident is cleared is a disgraceful money making exercise, that is only done to generate revenue. It also in my opinion, makes some road users drive quicker outside of these restrictions, causing more mayhem and greater catastrophe.
        Adam your doing a great job, keep up the good work…

  1. I think you are 100% correct, there is no way they are spending billions on these so called smart motorways just for congestion. The entire network is or will be covered in cameras then they will move on to smaller roads. Then they will have total control.

  2. My BTST has more than paid for itself, thank you very much.
    May I wish you all the very best for all your endeavors in the coming year and for keeping us informed.

  3. Totally in agreement with you Adam. I call it creeping totalitarianism or totalitarianism by stealth.

    1. One of the biggest problems with our roads is the continual restrictions on width within our cities, I remember when I was a lot younger before we had bus lanes everywhere! The traffic flowed a lot better and the buses still got to where they were going on time! There is also the problem of too many cars on the road nowdays but that is the population explosion we have seen and the cheap cars! The thousands of cameras we have watching our every move is down to terrorist activity over many years with the side effect of catching every move in our vehicles and every discrepancy we make resulting in a faceless fine! Wonderful world of tech we live in,! It won’t get any better because we are used to it now and younger generation people know no better! Let’s be careful out there!

  4. Can’t wait to replace mine. Louise promised a new version would be out soon. Please let me know ASAP

  5. I thought we are a nanny state and have to lower ourselves to the level of the most stupid uneducated individuals that are on our roads or we will risk being subject to the government tax on enjoying motoring I for one have actually got so fed up with the poor driving standards that I’ve given up going out for a blast because it’s too much stress to enjoy these days I’m also being accused of a traffic accident that had been witnessed and an incorrect licence number recorded so I’m guilty until proved innocent‍♂️For a claim worth £300 for a bent traffic sign??? It wasn’t my car that bent it although they sent an engineers report to prove that!! Phew I give up

  6. Hi Adam, I was subjected to one of these private parking company fines a few years ago and challenged the whole process, I established they were paying the DVLA a fee for my personal information (address linked to car reg)
    I then rang the DVLA to instruct them to stop selling my personal information only to be told they weren’t by the call centre person. I responded by informing her that the parking company paid them a fee and by definition they were selling the information. She responded by saying they were acting within the Road traffic Act rules to which I responded they totally ignore my rights under the then Data protection Act (which has now been superseded by GDPR). She would not comment on Data protection.
    My point is that, the government is selling personal information in ever increasing amounts to private companies and not one politician is prepared to challenge this whole charade. If you and your members were prepared to go and see their own MP’s and instruct them to write to the DVLA and inform them to stop this practice then it would start the revolution against this nanny state and mass surveillance of the population. It might seem a little focussed but will let the authorities know that we have had enough of this practice.

    1. Post

      Hi Kevin, we had a lengthy back and forth series of emails with the DVLA about GDPR laws after we submitted a Freedom of Information request when the laws were introduced. It was like talking to a brick wall! In essence the underlining sentiment was “we are the Government and so the rules don’t apply to us”…

  7. This is nothing new, new world order, which is all about control of the people, cashless society is coming and they can cut you off in future if we allow it, from money and most of all water !. The two most needed things we need to survive, hence why so many cameras, wake up people.

    1. Mike, that is why I only pay cash and only get my cash from one hole in the wall so they cannot ‘spy’ on me.

  8. I think you absolutely right. The more the government can control us AND extort more money from us to purchase more speed & surveillance cameras the more they will unless we take back control. Come on people wake up we arent sheep

  9. Hi,

    The government has stolen my money without giving me any say in how it is spent, it tried to kill my healthy animals in 2001, it stole more money in Council Tax (tax on taxed income) because it wouldn’t believe I was a student, and now it wants to steal my organs after death. My kidneys DO NOT belong to the government. So far, I have escaped speeding fines. Why do we put up with this? The French don’t.

  10. The Magna Carta, 1215 and later the English Bill of rights 1689 give us a constitutional right to ‘fair and equitable treatment’. We have a right to see proof of the injury we have caused before a proportional civil or criminal claim against us becomes lawful. We have a right to deal with people whose behaviours towards us can be deemed fair and equitable, without duress and in full recognition of our inalienable common law rights. All fines and forfeitures before court are illegal and void. And courts must provide habeus corpus and a right to a jury of one’s peers. ‘Nemo judex in sua causa’ tells us one cannot be a judge in their own cause. But magistrates are partners in ‘safety’ camera partnerships, as are police. All are acting in defence of a shared vested interest. All are inadequate human beings given the authority to bypass the rule of law in the interests of expediency and corporate efficiency.

    Let’s have a substantial movement, with well prepared members who are able to accompany victims of the system into ‘court’, and who are able and willing to place magistrates under arrest for aiding and abetting a criminal policy.

    1. Adam is correct. Although this organisation isn’t a vehicle for a lots of the ills imposed upon us, we do have a right to speak out for ourselves as an organisation of motorists.
      David Lucas is also correct, one of the best comments I’ve read. Thank you David, and Adam.

      So many positive comments on here, what a pleasure and encouragement it is to read them all.
      Let’s begin…

  11. The dangers of moving towards an all controlling totalitarian state are very real. However, we can take some comfort in that we are exiting from the federal state of the EU. So, maybe the great British people are more ready to fight for a less invasive control over their lives.
    Even if leaving the EU incurs financial penalties then, I firmly believe that, any such loss would be a small sacrifice to pay in return for our civil rights and freedoms. May we be always prepared to fight for our freedom of thought and speech and never ever take these liberties for granted.

    1. Perhaps, you might explain how an assertion concerning ‘a less invasive control over their lives’, a sentiment that many would aspire to, rests with the well-publicised fact that our illustrious Prime Minister wishes to reform the Human Rights Act?

      It is not generally well known that the Human Rights Act (1998) was said to ‘mirror’ the Council of Europe’s European Convention on Human Rights by the then Home Secretary, Jack Straw, M.P. How is it then that Article 13 of the Convention has been omitted from the Act in the most blatant and arrogant of fashions? See and contrast for yourselves here:



      Did the Home Office employ a secretary in the 1990s, a product of the UK education system, who couldn’t count or was it just unlucky to include the number 13 in the text?

      The missing Article 13 from the Act is arguably the most important of them all since it gives us, the public, the right to a remedy in the courts or any other tribunal, in the event that our rights are violated by those acting in an official capacity. Without this simple Article we are well and truly f*&%£*d !! And people voted for such tyrannical measures, knowing full well that the only enforceable law that might ensure that the government cannot urinate on us, is in the firing line for ‘reform’ – you couldn’t make it up – talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.

    2. I did append a comment at this point in the thread but it seems not to have passed the censor.

      All I did was to highlight the indisputable fact that the Human Rights Act in 1998 was introduced in a blaze of publicity in which it was made abundantly clear that the Act ‘mirrored’ the Council of Europe’s (nothing whatsoever to do with the EU) European Convention on Human Rights. However, it soon became abundantly clear that the government had deliberately omitted Article 13 of the Convention from the Act and had lied to us, a lie which continues to be perpetrated today.

      You can check the ECHR here:


      You can see the blatant omission of Article 13 from the HR Act here:


      As I remarked in my original post, was this omission due to the fact that the administrator who drafted the Act couldn’t count? Or was it because the number 13 is unlucky?

      Well, the explanation is simple in my view. Article 13 is probably the most important part of the Act as it provides us, the people, with a remedy should our rights be violated by those acting in an official capacity. Without such a provision, we, the people, are truly stuffed and that is, no doubt, why it was deliberately left out as the powers that be become increasingly less accountable and more tyrannical in nature.

      I made this point in regard to several posters who have expressed their support of ‘less invasive control over their lives’, a point which I support unreservedly. However, it is hard to see how we, the people, can achieve such an aim when a significant mechanism (i.e. the Human Rights Act) to protect our human rights (i.e. to stop government running rough-shod over such things as our rights to privacy and family life, free from interference) is already deficient and looks increasingly likely to be ‘reformed’ (not in our favour, of course) by one, Boris Alexander de Pfeffel Johnson, M.P. in the months to come.

      I take issue, therefore, with those who wish to leave the EU who seem oblivious to the fact that in so doing we relinquish some of our most fundamental rights and freedoms enshrined in EU law (in addition to those of the Council of Europe), leaving us significantly at the whim of uncontrolled Westminster power and its lackeys in the judiciary. It’s no use bleating about taking back control if we don’t understand the nature of human rights in this country in the first place.

      Indeed, it would appear that, in so far as this matter is concerned, a considerable number of turkeys have recently voted for Christmas! If we are to force a change on the authorities, it becomes much more difficult without the protection afforded by the ECHR and we become effectively rendered to the level of a one legged man in an arse kicking contest!

      What are we to do? The bleats that, ‘if you behave yourself, you have nothing to fear’ are complete red herrings and miss the point widely. If surveillance continues to increase at the rate it is currently doing, then what can we do to prevent it from spreading, or falling into the hands of less scrupulous officials, especially with decreasing attention being paid to our fundamental rights and freedoms. I can almost hear the sheep as I write!

  12. Uhm, it’s an interesting thought Adam but I think your being a bit extreme, like DNA CC tv cameras are on the whole a good thing, DNA proves innocence thousands of more times than it proves guilt, like the camera if your not doing anything wrong don’t be afraid of them.
    It’s an interesting comparison you make , the Chinese government and ours !! I’m no Johnson fan but I’m not sure he’s a Xi Jinping ( or whoever is leader ) .
    Anyway interesting thoughts .
    Keep up the good work

    1. Very true Mark, the cameras are no problem if we are not doing any wrong. However, when all this Surveillance system is fully integrated and even now we are the most spied on citizens in the world and if we have possibly in the future a draconian government in power under a declared state of emergency suspending elections etc. Who can do anything about them?

  13. The next step is controlling our speed through GPS limiters which is coming in the next few years.

    They won’t need smart motorways because they’ll be able to control your car automatically by changing the broadcast speed limit.

    1. They won’t do that they will lose too much revenue they are raking it in with fines and awareness course I think they should be taxed on it

  14. Refernce to the DVLA selling your personal information, which is your property, then write to them at Vehicle Enquiry section, Morriston, Swansea SA991AJ. Provide vehicle regs and instruct them that the assumed permission for them to sell your data linked to the reg numbers must cease. They may not impart, sell, give, lend or transmit in any way to any organisation or individual or group any personal data linked to the reg numbers under the GDPR.
    IF you change the car, then the details need to be updated.
    As a matter of interest, I believe we are only major country that sell such sensitive and personal data

  15. Adam,

    Yes, you’re dead right.

    Anyone with at least one eye open and one or two working brain cells can see this – equally concerning is the number of people who can’t or don’t want to see it.

    It is all leading up to what the psychopaths (as John Lennon correctly called them – those who control the world), along with the collusion of pretty much all national governments plus all the likely big name billionaires have agreed between themselves – a (communist!) World Government. This has been the long-term plan for many decades and it is now just around the corner.

    Take a look at U.N. Agenda 21, it’s all in there.

    Reduction of world population by 95%.
    Abolition of private property.
    Housing in vertical concentration camps.
    Etc… etc… all in the name of supposedly “saving” the planet.

    So, what do you have in mind ?

  16. I think there is real opportunity with our new government and Boris to lobby Highways England so that motorists in the UK start taking back control.

    I have been driving for nearly 40 years and one of the most worrying aspect of driving is the belief that smart motorways are safe. I have driven a lot in my time and I’m sure some aspects are worthy, but the way in which they are managed are dangerous. We are leaving the left wing liberal elites of Brussels and I truly believe that a lot of there bullshit will be redacted by Boris. 2020 looks good! Regards Geoff

  17. I was on a smart motorway last year the sign said 50 when I got up to it, suddenly changed to 30 when I went passed it. There was nothing on the road ahead it was clear for another 70 miles.
    Just a money making scheme.

  18. Hi Adam

    Yes i agree totally. As others have said, all linked to UN agenda 21-30, 5G global roll out, cashless society, the man made climate change agenda (closely linked to the agenda 21-30 and the euphemistically titled sustainable development) . Increasing censorship, deplatforming and many other things besides. All linked.

    A lot of the 80’s sci-fi films now look like a script.

    Thank you for all your work
    Best wishes

  19. Totally agree, seen it happening for quite some time now. not just on the roads, taking your possessions when you die as well as all the taxes you pay during your life, I am 75 and definitely wouldn’t want to be just joining this world. Problem is how do we fight back? Brexit was proof of Government doing what they wanted and not what we wanted, regardless of whether you voted leave or remain. We all comply because of “Fear” of everything they throw at us. I once had a speeding ticket from a lazer gun, there were three of us in the car and we did the same trip every day for 6 weeks, we all took turns at driving so we genuinely had no idea who was driving when the lazer caught us doing 45 in a 40 limit. we asked for pictures which only showed the boot of the car so still couldn’t tell who was driving. At court the magistrate said well someone has to take the blame! I said well if I said it was me I could be telling an untruth and could be committing an offence of taking the blame for someone else, They said it doesn’t matter as long as someone owns up , so I took the fine and points. Other people have been sent to jail for this! legal system is a sham, as long as it suits the government its ok. Big brother is watching and controlling you. Saving the planet? so when we had the ice age, was that aerosols and diesel fumes. They told us all to buy diesels so we did. now they are worthless because now its don’t buy diesels ( the most efficient engine ever invented by the way)

  20. Carol Bristow
    RINGS A BELL ???? must be a copper the very words she used and the way she used them single her out to be a copper the spy in the wood work who pays her membership to read and see what is written here to pass up the ladder far fetched you think well some of us have seen more than you may think in this world some things you would not credit as being real but they happened my motto for living Trust No One never say more than you have to till you yourself can believe or prove it. never ever slag any one else off it all ways comes back when you really don’t need it.


  21. About TALEX 3 . . . . .I have asked before about it. I have either the first or second version and would be keen to buy TALEX 3 if the price is ok. My computer operating system is LINUX, on this I use Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thundebird. The question is will TALEX 3 work ok on my system ?

    1. Post
  22. This is what “Common Purpose” is all about. Why “common”? Because it is common to ALL governments world-wide. China is merely road-testing the next stage which, when they have perfected it, will be rolled out across other countries.

  23. The state is deliberately and surreptitiously increasing our tolerance to being controlled. A fundamental law of human behaviour is: “POWER IS TAKEN, – NOT GIVEN.”

    We have to be prepared to fight to maintain what little freedom is left. Freedom is never cheap, but the cost of losing it is immense.

  24. feel like im being watched as soon as i get in the van or on my bike just waiting for me to slip up and the the insurance companys will rip me off on all my policys

    1. Post

      Hi Matt, love that turn of phrase! :-) Totally respect your opinion but would be interested in an ellaboration of why you think this?

      1. hogwash, silliness, bunk, bull, hooey, foolishness, drivel, poppycock, rubbish, baloney, balderdash, prattle, gibberish, trash, palaver and jive are alternatives.

        But indeed piffle is an excellent term.

        Adam – we are in the midst of the 6th mass extinction. Human animals along with the vast majority of other species on *Earth* are in serious trouble over the coming years.

        Exponential climate feedback loops have been triggered and are irreversible.

        A few traffic infringement notices for the privileged drivers on this planet are quite inconsequential in the great scheme of things.

        Perhaps your time would be better spent living life with love and urgency in mind.

        We are all in hospice with death over our shoulder.

        Happy new year mate.
        I hope 2020 brings all the happiness and wealth you and the *Adam Blair Group* are striving for.

        At the edge of extinction……only love remains.

  25. Its interesting that if CCTV is now that good when there is a crime committed which is filmed by CCTV the police then say that there is insufficient evidence for prosecution and don’t pursue the case.

  26. Speed limits in and around schools, housing estates, hospitals and other urban areas have speed limits set for a reason. I know some of you will not believe this is for safety purposes, but it is much easier to stop at 30mph than 40 mph, but a lot of them are there to reduce speed and increase safety.
    I have cruise control fitted to my vehicle, and drive within those speed limits wherever possible. You cannot be caught speeding if you obey the limits. I regularly see drivers speeding until they get near a camera, and then speeding once past causing a hazard to other road users, including pedestrians.
    If you stay within the speed limits you will not get fined, receive penalty points and a record for motoring offences.
    Like most others I get very frustrated by speed limit changes, called SMART motorways, especially when there is no apparent cause. I do however take notice of them unlike a large percentage of the other motorists who think they are for other users and not for them.
    On average they make such minimal changes to arrival times it is pointless ignoring them and the inherent risk of people driving beyond their capabilities.

    1. If the speed limits are for a reason, then why it’s same limit e.g. 30mph for a big truck or a bus and also a modern car with ABS, automatic emergency braking etc?
      How can this be reasonable?
      And why speed limits have not increased over the years as cars have become so more capable? They were set in the 1950s when cars were awful and couldn’t even reach 70mph!

  27. When I read Adams post regarding the control of our freedoms etc, it was something that is close to my heart. But I am in a dilemma, and here is why;- I am in the CCTV Industry installing, servicing, specifying systems etc, and am in the front line of technology, especially from China with all the new innovations with AI Technology. Adam is spot on in that they already have this facial recognition software and other innovations like gait technology in full use in China and a few of its provinces which they consider a threat to their way of life and keeping the population under control. Now it is being used in the UK right under our noses like in shopping arcades, football matches and anywhere where the foot traffic is extremely busy. Now am supposed to specify to my customers that their is now an option for them to look at a crowd and pick out undesirables or known criminals. My dilemma is that this can be used to the enth degree and used in a negative way against us. Even myself (who installs this equipment) can be subject to the scrutiny of prying eyes and all the implications that come with it. I am not happy with the way our society is now becoming a big brother society, but its the way I make my living. So Im like the proverbial Turkey voting for Christmas or find another trade. If find another trade then my conscience is eased, but does not change the fact that someone else with no concience will step into my shoes and I am back the square one. What to do!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Ron, the good thing is that you are honest about your dilemma rather than burying your head in the sand! Perhaps you could be the Ed Snowden of this industry!

  28. Speed Humps now there’s a subject
    pollution at its best
    there all poorly maintained
    so they knock the hell out of our suspension
    i have to slow right down due to an ongoing spine injury and people just overtake me beeping their hooter

  29. The NIP would have been illegal under Common Law

    Your comments regarding control, zero tolerance and getting society used to the idea of suppression through such as Speeding tickets couldn’t be more accurate but it is what so many older people appreciate even if they don’t understand why.

    In 1993 our laws were changed in a most fundamental way and in fact is the reason the NIP can be legally served. It wasn’t, however, done primarily to serve a NIP on the public, it has much more serious implications. For centuries under the system of Common Law we had the presumption of Innocence and as a consequence the right to remain silent under caution. The change is subtle and confusing because of course you can opt to remain silence but now it is no longer an inalienable right, for to do so, since 1993, it is an inference of guilt known as “an Adversarial Inference” and can be used in court against you. Those of the judiciary and the politicians who opposed this ruling, because it would change our system of Accusatorial law (common law) Into what can only be described as Inquisitorial and takes back to the Middle Ages. The NIP has been talked down by the police in the past by assuring us that speeding is not a crime but in fact a traffic violation and so we shouldn’t be troubled by incriminating ourselves in these circumstances by filling in their documentation. You only have to read the NIP and any associated documentation to realise that it is indeed a crime and appears to have far reaching implications, if you don’t do as they ask you could wind up with a custodial sentence – I would say that was rather serious for a few miles above the limit. Of course for those with a critical eye who bother to read the news these days will see many reports of celebrities and ordinary people who are hounded with accusations of crime that turned out to be baseless and their complaint often is that they weren’t given full details of their supposed transgressions or that crucial evidence was withheld. Sir John Major was the PM at the time of these changes and as far as I understand was the main instigator and the reason given was to tackle Terrorism (that’s not a good reason when you consider that terrorism is a crime the same as any other) and you will know him these days as an ex PM strongly in favour of the EU and the man who who claims Leavers did not what they were voting for and yet at the same time had imposed Maastricht upon on as and we certainly did not get the opportunity to vote on this fundamental change to our constitution. There is the chance that some of these seemingly oppressive laws, rules etc may be reversed just as soon as we are out of the EU, I believe it is the only chance we have to tackle the authorities in Britain – we’d have no chance with Brussels when “perception” is such significant of EU law.

  30. I have been using Talex since it inseption, It’s a great product but as it’s GPS based you are trackable should the government decide to do so, it won’t stop me using Talex. Your mobile phone can be tracked if required but how many people will give up their phone? We are so deeply imbedded with surveillance technology I don’t see a way out, I don’t like it but I just don’t see how to avoid it. Keep up the good work Adam.

  31. All these so called smart systems and cameras really do is replace the lack of real police enforcement. More police on the beat locally and nationally will remind road users to obey the current laws. You can see this in real life every time a lawbreaker catches up with a rarely seen police patrol car or camera van. Watch them slow down and carefully pass the police patrol or camera van whilst driving in a careful and considerate manner….

  32. In the not-to-distant future the only roads will be “smart motorways” and slip roads into gated housing estates. Everything else will have been privatised, having first been turned into “local” / “resident” roads and cul de sacs. Once a road is no longer open to the public in general, it is on the way to being privatelised. This is why it’s important to keep claiming rights of way.

  33. We all know that Big brother is getting bigger and bigger government will be using in the very near future a program that unless you never spk or use your smart device or any device come to that.will know what your life style is about in all forms.
    But unless you have anything to hide to be honest is that real problem.
    Don’t think it will ever get as far as the communist way of keeping tabs on people but know it’s not the answer to big brother but always been a big a supporter of I’d cards
    But like most things.the people who live in the country will never run it or decide how it’s run.
    So we can stamp our feet shout and do what we like it’s going to happen anyway

  34. Well done Adam, me I do seminars on natural health a personal growth all over the world, I was talking about all this stuff in the 90,s people said I was mad, now people ask me about it in question times, many folk are scared now about all this, it seems to me we are blindly staggering into a total police state, and a change of government will not change that, take care folks wake up. get up stand up stand up for your rights, IE freedom from oppression

  35. Can anyone inform me of the position of travelling on a smart motorway when there is no speed limit restrictions being displayed , will you still be clocked if you are travelling over 70MPH. Through frustration I was in a traffic jam for 40 minutes and very late for a meeting ,the smart motorway was clear and there were no speed restrictions ,, hence my question.

  36. About China and surveillance, others have commented very well already. Adam I don’t think you mentioned their crazy motorway cameras, did you see that episode of Grand Tour with Clarkson getting blinded by the Chinese motorway cameras, with super bright flash take photo of everyone driving, day/night, nothing to do with speed limits!

    About speed limits, here are the thoughts of an intelligent German man, living in UK:

    It’s so unfair all cars, vans, etc, to have the same limit. In all weathers. If a builder’s truck with ladders, etc can legally run at 70mph (they often go 80mph on the fast lane!), then how fast can a decent modern car go legally? The same 70mph? That’s absurd! The stopping distance is half than the builder’s truck, not to mention handling, ESP, automatic breaking, etc.

    “However, speed limits are set for a reason”
    Yes the reason is they ware set in the 1950s with cars with no ABS, thin tyres, rubbish engine power & bad suspensions!
    Speed limits haven’t increased as cars got better! That’s not fair. How it works in Germany with cars driving safely at 100mph, and in this country we have people that actually believe “70mph is here for a reason”? I suggest they do a quick visit to Germany, where even taxis can run at 100mph on the motorway!
    Want to stop people speeding and be ethical about it? Sure, put 100 mph on motorways for cars with automatic breaking only (not vans, builder’s trucks with ladders hanging off, old cars, etc), 80 mph on other roads and 40mph in towns.
    Again only for modern safe cars. The vans, trucks, etc, should keep to 60/70 mph on motorways.
    Also lower the speed limits in bad weather, down to 80/60/30. A simple electronic sign will do.
    And remove the “automatic” speed limit signs on motorways, they don’t help as they are really badly managed.
    Enforce the new higher speed limits properly, so that we all follow them.
    A good percentage of drivers drive 90mph on motorways anyway, why not make it legal? Why should something that 50% of people do be “illegal”? Normal shouldn’t be illegal.
    Why is this socialist state we call Britain so against drivers? Allegedly for “green” reasons? The same politicians who made us buy diesel!
    We the drivers are the majority, let’s make the politicians respect us.

  37. I would say the control is already here. And the system is just waiting for the government to put an official stamp on it. With smart motorways comes smart cars. And it’s going to come to the point where if the police should pull you over. And taps into your sat nav he will know if you’ve been speeding or not. ( it’s all to do with technology ) you think about it satellite. sat nav. that’s a big footprint tells you where you’ve been from A to B .
    It’s nice what Adam is doing by pointing out what is happening in this world. But there is really nobody that Rebels against the government. In away that makes the government sits up and look. Short story. ( my parents took me to Jamaica when I was a kid and it was election time and the government that was in power needed money so they put the price up on petrol. By $1 and the country went berserk all over the country there were riots. And before the week was out the price of petrol when down by $1.50 That’s people power. In this country you’re not allowed to protest without the local government knowing about it first. I’ve got lots to say on topics like this. But at the moment I’ve got to go to work. Wake up people.

  38. I am inclined to agree Adam, If you look back in to the 1800 and view about the `couldenhove kalargi`, Very rich Europeans who want to control us and Europe, they tried to with 2 world wars, also 40 years in the eu, They and the rest of the rich un`elected leaders of Europe want total control with in the European area, that is the reason they want to flood the country with the middle eastern population. it down to controlling the people into obeying them. Some will say that I`m a little nutty, but no I have read the signs.

  39. To imagine that ANYONE with any sense would comment on this post being utter codswallop is beyond me! That’s someone who is brain dead or a leftie…same thing really. We like to think that China is bad for freedom and that we live in a democracy, Yes China is BAD, but we’re heading that way too. Step by step. You only have to have paid attention to the disgraceful traitors in parliament determined to thwart the will of the people to leave the EU. So many so called politicians told us we were racists, and stupid and didn’t know what we were voting for. They tried all sorts of devious tactics to make sure that a majority vote was ignored and the marxist scum got their way by ensuring we were ensnared by that dictatorship, the EU.

    But Boris worked hard, and the great thing is that people took notice of politics, saw the traitors for what they were and used their vote accordingly. And the traitors hate it! They hate freedom and want to shakle us and silence us and make us irrelevant whilst they roll on with their program of controlling what we can say and think, and brainwashing our children with garbage about diversity and and choosing their own gender and not offending anyone.

    Enough is enough!!

    Of course its time to take our freedom back!!! The good people need to unite and give these scumbags the boot!!

    I’m IN!!!

  40. “Posting Fake News….” Adam’s point re the Chinese authorities. West Yorkshire Police call their money collecting scheme “Prosecutions & Casualty Prevention Unit.” That’s honest then!

    I don’t have the facts to hand, but one assumes that the vast percentage of cars recorded exceeding the limit on a motorway have not caused an accident, and that the vast number of accidents are caused by poor driving etc and not necessarily through speeding.

    If the Police were serious about casualty prevention then they should be much more pro-active in recording and fining those drivers who behave dangerously whilst within the limit on motorways, and perhaps by earning their money to keep the rest of us safe and out of perpetual accident jams instead of seeing this simply as a cash cow. Why not use the technology to prosecute and educate those who demonstrate poor driving habits instead? Then we might be more drawn to agree with the title of their Unit and ultimately to believe in their cause.

    1. The stats are there. Speed is recorded by police as the main cause of just under 10% of RTAs.
      Over 30% are caused by factors that can be summed up as not paying attention. Distracted, failing to judge others course or speed etc. Nothing is done to combat this apart from the ‘think bike’ campaign. In my opinion it is gross negligence to fail to address the greater causes while concentrating all the attention on the lesser one.
      But we also need to realise that UK is in the best 5 countries in the world for road safety and really the police should butt out and tackle more important things.
      On Adam’s overall thoughts, it would be better and cheaper if the Government just adopted a much lower engagement in our lives. Go Away!
      I do agree with other comments about our freedom and rights to fair trials, Habeus Corpus, Magna Carta etc. Back to basics.

  41. Adam, what a wonderful cross section of views on a cross section of subjects has been created from a simple moan about Smart Motorways. Totally agree with the need for higher legal speed limits for moderrn cars, which would be fine as long as they were properly managed, but I doubt there is ever going to be much hope for that!

    Whilst I agree there is nothing more frustrating that seeing reduced speed limits for no apparent reason, nobody appears to have mentioned one additional factor controlling the Smart speed limits: they all now have pollution sensors fitted along the roadside, which also automatically reduces the speeds when pollution levels get too high, This is a bit difficult to argue against when most vehicles produce significantly lower levels of pollution at 40-50 mph than they do at 70-80 mph. So we then enter a whole new debate about what are acceptable levels of pollution……..

    1. And pollution is also much higher at 20 and 30 than at 50, so how do arguments for huge lengths of road going to 20 limits work? Maybe ok when school is starting or ending but at 10 pm or 5 am?

  42. Am in Colombia until March but totally agree with your synopsis Adam. Seems big brother “1984” is very close at hand. OUR government needs teaching a lesson that UK motorists are fed up with being ever tighter controlled, however FOREIGN motorists can get away with ANYTHING!!!!!!! Recently was side swiped by a car with Serbian number plate who just drove off after initially stopping!!!!!
    So, it seems as long as they dont stop then THE POLICE are powerless!!!!!!!! THANK GOD WERE GETTING OUT OF EUROPE

  43. I don’t know how much of the original article is true, but he’s on the right rack. We have lost so many freedoms over recent years, freedom of speech is gone, there’s a lot of words that have changed their meanings (Gay for example) and many words we’re not allowed to say anymore. If you ring your local hospital, the 1st thing you’ll hear is an order not to smoke on the premises! Not “Welcome to your local hospital, what can I do for you?” Or some other nice greeting, just a warning that you can’t do something! You can’t even have a private conversation about something, ie; Brexit” in case someone else is listening that disagrees with you and it offends them. Honestly, this very thing came up in a seminar at work. And the woman listening reported it to her boss that 4 people at another table in the canteen were having a private conversation about Brexit and it offended her. The result was, they got reprimanded for offending her! And the team leader of the course said that was the correct outcome! You couldn’t make it up for a book! We are being brainwashed all the time on the radio, tv, films, documentaries, newspapers, adverts. It’s compulsory to have at least one ethnic minority person in every ad unless you can prove why not! Look it up! There is a black police assoc. If you tried to organise a white police assoc. you’d be in court for racism! control is everywhere.Most can’t see it cos they don’t look, or worse, don’t care, but control is happening.

  44. There will have to be cameras on all roads to enable road pricing, in-the-vehicle equipment will be too easy to disable. Road pricing will be the replacement for fuel duty when the majority of vehicles are electric and paying no fuel duty.

  45. Ensuring that we comply with speed limits is enforcing the law; not controlling the population. You are exaggerating and scaremongering.

  46. We need to take back control but do we have the cojones??
    Let’s organise a day when we can mobilise a few thousand people who are willing to attend to stop the motorist being financially raped at every turn! We all go to the pumps, put £50 worth of fuel in and then pay £12.50 at the till, leaving our names and addresses in case the Chancellor wants to come after us for the tax, just as one might in a restaurant after being unsatisfied with the product!!
    What do you reckon?

  47. The biggest con is that they call these speed cameras “Road Safety Cameras” and the are operated by “Road Safety Partnerships” I do not believe for one minute that “Road Safety” is a priority, the only priority in income! I did read somewhere that there is a camera on the M11 that has generated over £1m in a single year! The DFT is currently reviewing the safety of Smart Motorways and hopefully will scrap this stupid idea before there is a really big incident!

  48. A policeman friend (sorry) advised me that the Traffic police largely have to fund themselves – hence the many ways of extracting your hard earned cash. Drones in London, “hearing” cameras if your vehicle is noisy, long distance cameras etc. I can’t see any changes coming.

  49. A policeman friend (sorry) advised me that the Traffic police largely have to fund themselves – hence the many ways of extracting your hard earned cash. Drones in London, “hearing” cameras if your vehicle is noisy, long distance cameras etc. I can’t see any changes coming. And this website is daft!! – “you’ve already said that.”

  50. I cannot add anything that has not been said in a good way already. I was In a party of 4,and every one of us had a criticism of meals,entertainment,cleanliness and atmosphere. Well done to everyone,and we will be returning.

  51. Well said everyone, plenty to think about, some I agree with, some I don’t, but well said.

  52. I can slow down from 70 to 50 quite easily in about 1/4 of a mile, probably without braking in 1/2 mile, so why do I need to do it 5 miles before any hazard?
    For those 5 miles in light traffic I can speed up to 70 in between every overhead 50 mph gantry. Indicated that they have got the speed wrong.
    Regarding the government controlling, we nearly got caught with Corbyns free internet, fortunately there are enough of us with a modicum of intelligence to see through him.
    George Orwell here we come

  53. I am not sure “Carol” is a copper but I have seen the “Utter codswallop” style comment being rolled out super quicky nowadays by the slightly over-educated Guardian-istas amongst us that have stopped applying simple reasoning to their thoughts.

    They have been taught to comply and defend the thoughts that they have vociferously – they are repeatedly rewarded within the bubble that they surround themselves, that their thinkings are correct and have stopped questioning whether what they believe (or have been conditioned to believe) is actually correct.

    Thankfully, as the comments on this post prove, more and more people are waking up and using critical thinking to consider what might actually be happening. Some call it the ‘Red Pill’ and some ‘The Awakening’ but whatever, it is becoming more widespread across generations.

    It is great that Adam has had the balls to come out and post what he has and even more so to post his interview with Jeff Berwick – kudos to you Mr B!

    There will always be some who don’t want to open their eyes but for those that do, and see what is happening, there is no way to close them again.

  54. Wow, some of these comments are completely off the subject. Self-centred dictators who obviously don’t agree with democracy.
    We joined the common market in 1973, that is all we voted for and all we signed up for. We definitely didn’t sign up to all the other *rap that came with it that came at us through the backdoor. So we are getting what we voted for in 1973. Did our ancestors die in vein? Did they not fight for freedom?

    Speed does kill and there have to be some rules, however leaving the speed at 50, 4 hours after an accident is cleared is a disgraceful money making exercise, that is only done to generate revenue. It also in my opinion, makes some road users drive quicker outside of these restrictions, causing more mayhem and greater catastrophe.
    Adam your doing a great job, keep up the good work…

  55. The way this government has handled brexit I can believe anything.fake news, lies,worrying times for the young

  56. You know the thing that REALLY annoys me. It this TOTAL b/s that we’re in fed that all of these measures are in place for OUR benefit! Instead of being told the truth, that it’s the legal SCAM that it is with the main aim to fleece us, oh no it’s done for US.

  57. All “liberal” (!) until we are compelled to drive Electric vehicles. The Government will have the ability to turn those cars on and off, speed limit, restrict mileage etc etc.

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