Terms and Conditions

  1. Damage
    I agree to cover the cost of any damage caused while I am driving a vehicle. Damage repairs will be invoiced at cost price (no markup on parts or labour). I agree to cover such damage repair costs if they arise.

  2. Optional Insurance
    I understand that specialist insurance is available and if I would like to take this out, I will contact BTST Trackdays in advance to arrange.

  3. Liability Waiver
    I am familiar with the nature of the activity and I confirm that I am aware that accidents, although rare, can happen and that Motorsport can be dangerous. I accept these risks and confirm that I will not hold BTST Trackdays or any company or person associated with it liable in the event of an accident.

  4. Refund Policy
    If you are unable to attend we will try to offer you an alternative date. However if this is not possible you may lose some or all of the cost of the day. No refunds can be given except in the case where we have a reserve list and can offer another person your space.

  5. Driving Licence
    I have a full UK Driving Licence and will bring this to the circuit with me.

  6. Clothing
    I will wear long sleeves and trousers on the day and understand that failure to do so will prevent me being allowed on track by the organisers.