A Quick History of BTST…

‘BTST’ which stands for “Beat The Speed Trap!” was founded by Adam Blair in 2004.

BTST was a bootstrap enterprise that sold high quality Radar Detectors from a basic looking website that Adam designed himself…

The Original BTST Radar Detector

In those early days Adam wasn’t just designing the website himself… He was doing everything including taking sales phone calls on his mobile while out for a curry with his uncle Geoff, and packing each days orders in the middle of the night from an old plastic garden table set up in his living room!

Fast-forward 3 years to 2007 and BTST had a whole range of Speed Camera Detection products with 12 full time staff, all working out of a two story warehouse-come-office in St Pauls Cray, Kent, to satisfy BTST’s rapidly growing Client base.

We were doing well, and in 2008 it managed to buy our then competitor, TALEX…


After a lot of behind the scenes skullduggery and legal battles with the previous owners (they were selling against their will after going in to Administration) TALEX was ours, and overnight we became the second largest Speed Camera Detection company in the UK!

Adam holding TALEX 2 (from 2008) and TALEX 3 (from 2021)!

Later. as ‘market leader’ Road Angel was busy attempting to get in to the satellite navigation market, we were pleased to be ‘gifted’ the title of “Biggest Specialist Speed Camera Detection Company in the UK”.

With the help of one of the original TALEX founders, Richard Ward, as well as the best of the TALEX Technical staff, who we ‘inherited’, we developed the brand new ‘TALEX 2’ model in record time.

TALEX recently launched “TALEX 3”, which is an evolution of TALEX 2, with automatic wireless updates.


After the year-or-so of work to acquire Talex including the legal battles and fun and games behind the scenes, Adam took a break for a couple of weeks.

He then spent another 18 months “working day and night” (probably a slight exaggeration) to create a unique Membership Club for British Motorists with the clear goal of giving the ‘man on the street’ access to the same level of legal protection that extremely wealthy people have always had to protect their driving licences.

In July 2008 DriveProtect was born with the help of, among others, and slightly bizarrely, Orville the Duck!

DriveProtect continues to go from strength to strength to this day but with a more “serious” image.

But our objective remains the same; to do everything we can to protect your Driving Licence and keep you on the road!