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How any BTST Member Can Become a “Bitcoin Millionaire” in the Next 24 Months:

From: Adam Blair
Bitcoin Advocate & Founder, BTST

Dear BTST Member,

Disclaimer: Although I’m a Bitcoiner primarily for the lifeboat it offers against financial censorship and currency debasement (inflation), I realise that most people begin their Bitcoin journey when they make a lot of money in it. That’s the reason I’m focusing on this aspect of Bitcoin here. Enjoy!

Since 2020 I’ve made it one of my missions in life to help BTST Members understand about the opportunity that exists in Bitcoin.

Some Members have made a fortune by buying Bitcoin at the points I’ve recommended doing so. However, the majority have not taken any action.

Once I really *understood* Bitcoin in around mid 2019, I was compelled to share what I’ve learned with BTST Members in my first Member Report: Bitcoin; The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History?

When I first recommended Bitcoin to Members in 2020 it had a market value of around £6000.

It then proceeded to climb to £46,000 per Bitcoin within 12 Months.

Most however, did not…

The next time I recommended Bitcoin to Members was just 4 Months ago, in early August.

On that occasion, I assessed that the bottom of the “bear” market had passed, and predicted that the price would start to rise.

Since then its done exactly that, increasing in purchasing power from £22,000 to £33,000 — in just 4 Months.

Its important to stress that this is just a tiny drop in the ocean in terms of the coming price run up I’m predicting:

If you read my last Report from August (which you can get with this one for just £1) you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Here’s a chart of where we recommended Bitcoin, and how high it went afterwards:

The Orange dots are the points in time we recommended Bitcoin to Members, while the Green arrows show the meteoric price run up after, and the coming price increase I’m predicting in to 2024 / 2025

Absolutely not!

You are still incredibly early. And I have a high degree of confidence that now is one of the best times ever to acquire yourself some Bitcoin, for the reasons detailed in this Report (and in my last Report — which again, you can get with this one for just £1).

I’ve just finished the latest BTST Member Research Report, where I explain why Bitcoin is going, much, much higher in price, and much sooner than almost anyone expects.

I strongly suggest you learn about Bitcoin, and take a position now before the coming hype cycle.

Human nature is to pile in to Bitcoin when there is a lot of “hype” around it…

You can usually notice this because Bitcoin is all over the news. And everyone from your barber to your neighbors kid is suddenly an investment guru!

This has historically been the absolute worst time to buy Bitcoin, and many long term Investors start to sell rather than buy during these “hype” phases.

Happily, just the opposite!

The new Member Report focuses on the Supply dynamic of Bitcoin, which is essential — albeit easy — to understand to truly see where the value of Bitcoin is going:

This chart of Bitcoins supply schedule probably won’t make much sense to you now, but the significance of what it shows us is explained simply in the Report. I think it will blow your mind!

The price is heavily suppressed at the moment because a lot of amateur Investors — also called “retail investors” — got “burned” by the bear market of 2022, which was triggered by various frauds in the “crypto” industry, most notably FTX (I tell you in the Report how to guarantee not to be a victim to these kinds of frauds).

I assess that we are just approaching the start of / just beginning the next hype phase for Bitcoin.

To put that another way, I predict that the 2021 bull run (shown in blue, below) will look like the 2017 bull run (in red) on a chart in this next cycle.

Thereafter it will look like the 2014 bull run (in yellow) which looks so insignificant on a chart today that its barely even perceptible:

The most recent “bull run” in 2021 will be merely a tiny blip on the Bitcoin price chart in the future…

That makes this is the very best time to educate yourself about Bitcoin, and and to start building a position if you want to benefit from what I believe will be the greatest “bull run” in history.

To find out exactly why and how you can benefit from it, I suggest ordering both this new Report and my last report from August if you haven’t already read it (its only £1 extra to add my last report to the order).

They come with a no questions asked 100% refund Guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk in absorbing the information and assessing the wisdom within for yourself.

By reading the Report/s you’ll become highly knowledgeable about Bitcoin, and whats likely to happen to its price in the short to medium term.

You’ll also learn exactly how to take advantage of the opportunity.

For your convenience, I’ve created 3 easy options for you to Order:

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Bitcoin; The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History? / Ethereum; The Future of Finance? / 
The Greatest Opportunity in Crypto? / Bitcoin Opportunity 2023 / Become a “Bitcoin Millionaire” in the Next 24 Months

All the best,


P.S. I’d like to remind you that the opportunity with Bitcoin really is time sensitive.

When it moves, it moves really fast, so now is the time to be taking action in the Bitcoin cycle to make a lot of money. The best place to start is by reading this Report.

P.P.S. I’d also like to remind you about the money back Guarantee. There is no risk in ordering! :-)

P.P.P.S. Lastly, check out the “bonus” below that’s included when you order the Report:

Bonus: My Help To Buy Bitcoin

If you want to buy Bitcoin for yourself after reading the Report, I’ll personally be on hand to help you through the process.

I did this for several Members after we released the first Bitcoin Report in 2020 (including one Member who sent me a lovely bottle of Whisky to say thanks), and then again after releasing the last Report.

Here’s a testimonial from one Member (who will obviously remain anonymous):

Over the past months I have used the service that Adam offers and can say that for anyone looking to buy Bitcoin without the hassle, then this is a service I can recommend!

* this service is only available to Members who order the Report and don’t ask for a refund obviously!

** I’ll make myself available to you for 4 months after you order the Report (obviously I can’t do it forever, as that would be an impossible promise to keep! :-)

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2) Order this latest Report, PLUS the Report I wrote in August:

3) All Member “Crypto” Reports:

Bitcoin; The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History? / Ethereum; The Future of Finance? / 
The Greatest Opportunity in Crypto? / Bitcoin Opportunity 2023 / Become a “Bitcoin Millionaire” in the Next 24 Months