[Time sensitive] Special Report for BTST Members on the massive opportunity that currently exists in Bitcoin:

Some Members Made a Fortune When I “Nudged” Them About Bitcoin In 2020… Now, The Opportunity Is Here *Again*:

From: Adam Blair
Bitcoin Advocate & Founder, BTST

Dear BTST Member,

After I alerted Members to the opportunity of buying Bitcoin in 2020, some took action.

By which I mean 1) They read the Report; 2) They carefully considered it; 3) They bought their first Bitcoin!

Here’s a chart showing what happened next:

Its hard to believe it was 3 1/2 years ago that we released that first Member Report on Bitcoin.

I know from interactions with Members who did take action, that they are extremely happy they did.

In fact I received a rather nice bottle of Whisky as a gift from one Member (who asked not to be named) who made a fortune by buying Bitcoin after reading the report and then selling 50% when it rose up to nearly $70,000!

Here’s the picture I sent him to say “thankyou” by email :-)

Me saying “thankyou” to the Member (Mike) who sent me a very nice – and expensive! – bottle of Scotch after he made a lot of money in Bitcoin

By Contrast…

I know that some Members were left kicking themselves after reading the Report and then putting off the decision.

I’m sure that some of these poor souls would have bought right when the price was near its all time high, when all the “retail investors” start to pile in — just the time when you want to be looking to exit rather than enter!

Obviously there were more still who simply didn’t read the Report at all, and probably remained blissfully unaware of the meteoric price run up!

Personally, I’m a Bitcoiner, which means I try never to sell my Bitcoin.

Some argue this is stupid — and perhaps it is — but I’m in it for the freedom and self sovereignty more than the financial gains (although I must admit, they are quite nice).

But I understand that most people — particularly at the start of their Bitcoin journey — are looking to capitalize on the Bitcoin market cycles to make a lot of money.

Assuming that’s You, I have Good News:

Bitcoin is currently at a “generational buying opportunity” that you find very rarely.

This is based on many “technical indicators” that I won’t go in to here. But suffice to say that every spare penny I have is currently going in to Bitcoin!

Bitcoin operates broadly in a 4 year cycle of price discovery.

There are both technical and psychological reasons for this (which I explain in the new Report), but the important thing is to understand that we’re very close to the bottom of this Bitcoin 4 year cycle, with MASSIVE upside ahead.

For this reason, I’ve spent the last month writing a BRAND NEW Report for Members on the opportunity that presents itself…

The first Bitcoin Report was mostly about what Bitcoin is, how it works, and — crucially — why its so important for humanity.

Its importance has only *increased* since then, with the weaponisation of the banking system against people with the “wrong” political opinions, and the preliminary rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

However, this Report is all about the opportunity to make a lot of money in the coming Bitcoin bull run.

You could just read this page and buy Bitcoin off the back of it — please do! — but its essential to understand the opportunity, why it exists, and how to take advantage of it.

Its ESSENTIAL You Have a Basic Understanding of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is a volatile asset (over short time periods) — I explain exactly WHY that signals such an incredible opportunity in the Report — its essential that you understand it before becoming an Investor in it, at least on a basic level.

That way, you won’t make the mistake that so many “speculators” do of buying Bitcoin much too high and then panic selling when the price is low.

Instead, we want to be doing the opposite, which is exactly what this Report is about.

Bitcoin is the best performing asset in history. If you are losing money on it, you are doing something seriously wrong!

This new Report walks you through the opportunity at hand and once you’ve read it, you’ll clearly see what the strategy is.

I’m really passionate about Bitcoin and want to “orange pill” (a Bitcoiner term for helping others to understand it) as many Members as possible.

Bitcoin is the greatest freedom technology in the World, and if we can get rich by participating in it, all the better!

Here’s a Screenshot of the Report:

As you can see, I’ve written it to be easy to digest, but still articulate all the important information you need to know before successfully Investing in Bitcoin:

After you’ve read it, you’ll be in the top 1% of people in terms of your understanding of the Bitcoin market — that I promise.

To give you an idea of the effort I put in to this Report for you, here’s an “off the cuff” video I did during the writing of it in my home office (there were still about 10-15 hours more research that went in to it after this video was shot, and it was before I decided to offer the double refund guarantee below):

Double Your Money Guarantee

To encourage you to take action once you’ve read the Report, I’ve decided to do something unprecedented — offer you a DOUBLE your money back Guarantee!


Because I want to make it as much of a no-brainer as possible to order the Report and — assuming you agree with its arguments — to become a Bitcoin owner yourself.

If you order the Report and then buy Bitcoin (within a reasonable time of course), and in 2 years time your Bitcoin is not worth significantly more than it is today, I’ll give you DOUBLE your money back!

That’s how confident I am of the trajectory of Bitcoins price.

“How do I know you’ll honor the Guarantee?”

Well, many BTST Members have been with us for a long time, so you’ll know we’ve been in business since 2004 (almost 20 years, can you believe it?!) and have always honored our promises. I have no intention of that changing.

Is this Guarantee even ethical?

Yes, it is. Bitcoin is a digital commodity. Its not a security (like a stock) and no one can affect the direction of it. There is no management team and no way that I or anyone else can control it.

Its completely decentralised and exists “in the wild” — as explained in the Report.

So both legally and — much more importantly — morally, its completely ethical; I’m “selling” you on it because I truly believe in it and I want as many BTST Members as possible to benefit from the opportunity.

Limited Time Offer

(Order with Double Refund Guarantee)

Assuming what I’m predicting for the Bitcoin price plays out, we have a narrow window of opportunity to get our position in Bitcoin.

Unlike the original Bitcoin Report, this one is all about capitalizing on this Bitcoin cycles’ opportunity — put simply, making a lot of money in this Bitcoin cycle!

The opportunity that currently presents itself will not last for very long in my view, and so the time to do something about it is now.

As well as the double refund guarantee, I’d like to offer one more guarantee: If you order the Report and don’t agree that the opportunity that presents itself is life changing, just send us an email to request a refund and we’ll do it within 24 hours.

I’m serious, I don’t want you to have any “excuse” to procrastinate and miss potentially the biggest financial opportunity in history.

Sound fair?

Bonus: My Help Buying Bitcoin

When you order the Report and then want to buy Bitcoin for yourself, I’ll personally be on hand to help you through the process.

I actually did this for several Members after we released the first Bitcoin Report in 2020 (including for the chap who sent me the Whisky!).

I know it can be intimidating for people who have never done it before so I (personally, not a staff member) will make myself available to advise and guide you by email* **

* this service is only available to Members who order the Report and don’t ask for a refund obviously!

** I’ll make myself available to you for 4 months after you order the Report (obviously I can’t do it forever, as that would be an impossible promise to keep! :-)

Order Your Copy of the Report Now:

To your future prosperity, and that of your friends and family.

All the best,


P.S. I’d like to remind you that the opportunity with Bitcoin really is time sensitive. Now is the time to be taking action in the Bitcoin 4 year cycle if you want to make a lot of money. The best place to start is by reading this Report.

P.P.S. I’d also like to remind you about the completely unprecedented double your money Guarantee. If that doesn’t tell you how confident I am, nothing will!

Order Your Copy of the Report Now: