Cash To Become Illegal…?

Dear All,

Today I want to deviate a little from talking about the speed camera racket and make some predictions concerning the future of our freedom…

During January I wrote a 8 1/2 Thousand word BTST Member Report called “Bitcoin: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in Human History?”.

It went in to detail about why a complete collapse of the current global financial system is an inevitability and how Members may want to consider preparing themselves.

…Well, hows that for timing…?

I didn’t expect the collapse to begin this quickly after releasing the Report, but the global financial meltdown has now started.

BTST Members need to know about this.

Is it because of Coronavirus?
It will almost certainly be blamed on Covid-19 “Coronavirus”.

The Coronavirus clearly *is* the pin that will pop — and is currently popping — the biggest financial bubble in history, but its absolutely not the fundamental reason for the looming collapse…

I don’t know how long this will take to play out — or how long it will last — but I believe it’s an inevitability that we’re quickly heading towards a financial *depression* like the last global depression between 1929 – 1939 (or possibly much worse) and not a recession, like in 2008.

How can I be so sure?
The global “fiat currency” debt based system is the biggest ponzi scheme in history by a long way. This is explained in detail in the Report.

When you understand the fundamentals behind how the global economy works (also explained in the Report), it’s completely obvious to anyone.

It’s just basic maths (although strangely I don’t recall ever being taught this at school…).

I say this after having done several years of research on and around the subject, so I don’t say this flippantly, or to sound like a know-it-all. Neither do I say it to fear monger.

On the contrary, I believe that if you *understand* whats happening and prepare yourself properly, you can actually thrive in a depression…

My Prediction:
We are currently in the early stages of entering a global financial meltdown the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetime.

I think Governments of the World will attempt (and possibly succeed at) a “financial reset” as things start to get really bad.

This could involve a one world currency, or more likely Governments could create their own new “sovereign” (to them, not us) digital currencies.

Apart from the financial devastation this will cause to all but those who own “hard” assets, as outlined in the Report, I’m predicting that most or all of them will take this opportunity to:

Make Cash Illegal
In the US, I predict the Government will ditch the old dollar (which will hyperinflate) and move to a “digital dollar” — perhaps called the “DigiDollar”? :-)

The same will happen in most other countries in the World, including the UK.

Tax will likely be taken automatically at the whim of Governments and we’ll have no say or choice in the matter.

Why is this bad?

Our spending will be tracked and purchases blocked if the government doesn’t like what you’re buying, or who you’re sending money to.

Think about it. If you — as a supposedly free person — want to buy or sell something to me — another supposedly free person — without the transaction having to be “approved” by a government, then cash is the ONLY option you have (other than Cryptocurrency).

If this freedom of transaction is taken away from you then you’ll ONLY be able to buy or sell something if the Government approves of it. And you’ll only be able to buy from or sell to people the Government approve of (…which is probably not going to include me, by the way! :-)

Do you think this sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory?
Well, in Australia a bill has passed the “Lower House” to make it illegal for Australians to buy anything in cash over $10,000 (around £5000). The penalty for doing so will be a 2 YEAR JAIL SENTENCE and a fine of up to $25,000.

Australia, I remind you, is thought of as one of the most “free” countries in the World…

I predict this is just the start, as Governments continue edging cash out of circulation in a bid to exercise more and more control over our lives.

Before you start getting depressed there is hope, in the form of Bitcoin and a few other crypto currencies, which are owned by the users and can not controlled by anybody, including Governments.

Whats happening now…
In the very early stages of any financial crisis, people “flee to cash” by selling off assets — which is happening as we speak. Evidence of this can be seen in stock markets around the World, which are crashing.

As I write this (Monday 16th March), the FTSE 250 is down 12% today alone!

No doubt stock markets will bounce around due to market manipulation by the central banks, but the direction is extremely clear — they are going down.

Even “safe haven” assets like Gold and Silver are seeing prices fall as people and institutions sell assets to fund their liabilities and to feel “safe”.

However in a recession, this “run to cash” historically changes and investors and institutions — at least those who understand whats going on — start buying “hard” assets with real value such as Gold and — I believe this time — Bitcoin.

The short term price of Bitcoin (as well as Gold and all other assets) will no doubt be very volatile, however I do believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity whether you just want to protect your family from the effects of the financial collapse, or try to prosper during it.

BTST Member Report on Bitcoin
Those who *understand* Bitcoin will see how it’s the answer to prevent Governments from controlling us economically.

The reasons for this are explained in detail in the Report but just briefly include:

– They can’t control it;

– It’s unconfiscatable (they can’t steal it);

– They can’t devalue it by inflating the supply (this is very important as explained in the Report).

In my opinion, people who understand Bitcoin will prosper like never before in history during a financial meltdown.

That meltdown has just begun.

I’m not going to push you in to ordering the Report, but if you want to support us, and be in the 0.01% (that’s an ‘educated guess’!) of people who understand Bitcoin, you can get a copy here:

BTST Member Report:

Bitcoin: The Greatest Transfer
of Wealth in Human History?

All the best,

P.S. Stay safe with this Covid-19 virus seemingly taking over the planet! I’ve done a fair bit of research on it, but I’m FAR from an expert and so obviously not qualified to talk about it. We just want all Members to stay safe. Even if we’ve never met, you are like an extended family to us and we appreciate you. Stay safe :-)

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