Cash To Become Illegal…?

Dear All,

Today I want to deviate a little from talking about the speed camera racket and make some predictions concerning the future of our freedom…

During January I wrote a 8 1/2 Thousand word BTST Member Report called “Bitcoin: The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in Human History?”.

It went in to detail about why a complete collapse of the current global financial system is an inevitability and how Members may want to consider preparing themselves.

…Well, hows that for timing…?

I didn’t expect the collapse to begin this quickly after releasing the Report, but the global financial meltdown has now started.

BTST Members need to know about this.

Is it because of Coronavirus?

It will almost certainly be blamed on Covid-19 “Coronavirus”.

The Coronavirus clearly *is* the pin that will pop — and is currently popping — the biggest financial bubble in history, but its absolutely not the fundamental reason for the looming collapse…

I don’t know how long this will take to play out — or how long it will last — but I believe it’s an inevitability that we’re quickly heading towards a financial *depression* like the last global depression between 1929 – 1939 (or possibly much worse) and not a recession, like in 2008.

How can I be so sure?

The global “fiat currency” debt based system is the biggest ponzi scheme in history by a long way. This is explained in detail in the Report.

When you understand the fundamentals behind how the global economy works (also explained in the Report), it’s completely obvious to anyone.

It’s just basic maths (although strangely I don’t recall ever being taught this at school…).

I say this after having done several years of research on and around the subject, so I don’t say this flippantly, or to sound like a know-it-all. Neither do I say it to fear monger.

On the contrary, I believe that if you *understand* whats happening and prepare yourself properly, you can actually thrive in a depression…

My Prediction:

We are currently in the early stages of entering a global financial meltdown the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetime.

I think Governments of the World will attempt (and possibly succeed at) a “financial reset” as things start to get really bad.

This could involve a one world currency, or more likely Governments could create their own new “sovereign” (to them, not us) digital currencies.

Apart from the financial devastation this will cause to all but those who own “hard” assets, as outlined in the Report, I’m predicting that most or all of them will take this opportunity to:

Make Cash Illegal

In the US, I predict the Government will ditch the old dollar (which will hyperinflate) and move to a “digital dollar” — perhaps called the “DigiDollar”? :-)

The same will happen in most other countries in the World, including the UK.

Tax will likely be taken automatically at the whim of Governments and we’ll have no say or choice in the matter.

Why is this bad?

Our spending will be tracked and purchases blocked if the government doesn’t like what you’re buying, or who you’re sending money to.

Think about it. If you — as a supposedly free person — want to buy or sell something to me — another supposedly free person — without the transaction having to be “approved” by a government, then cash  is the ONLY option you have (other than Cryptocurrency).

If this freedom of transaction is taken away from you then you’ll ONLY be able to buy or sell something if the Government approves of it. And you’ll only be able to buy from or sell to people the Government approve of (…which is probably not going to include me, by the way! :-)

Do you think this sounds like some crazy conspiracy theory?

Well, in Australia a bill has passed the “Lower House” to make it illegal for Australians to buy anything in cash over $10,000 (around £5000). The penalty for doing so will be a 2 YEAR JAIL SENTENCE and a fine of up to $25,000.

Australia, I remind you, is thought of as one of the most “free” countries in the World…

I predict this is just the start, as Governments continue edging cash out of circulation in a bid to exercise more and more control over our lives.

Before you start getting depressed there is hope, in the form of Bitcoin and a few other crypto currencies, which are owned by the users and can not controlled by anybody, including Governments.

Whats happening now…

In the very early stages of any financial crisis, people “flee to cash” by selling off assets — which is happening as we speak. Evidence of this can be seen in stock markets around the World, which are crashing.

As I write this (Monday 16th March), the FTSE 250 is down 12% today alone!

No doubt stock markets will bounce around due to market manipulation by the central banks, but the direction is extremely clear — they are going down.

Even “safe haven” assets like Gold and Silver are seeing prices fall as people and institutions sell assets to fund their liabilities and to feel “safe”.

However in a recession, this “run to cash” historically changes and investors and institutions — at least those who understand whats going on — start buying “hard” assets with real value such as Gold and — I believe this time — Bitcoin.

The short term price of Bitcoin (as well as Gold and all other assets) will no doubt be very volatile, however I do believe that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity whether you just want to protect your family from the effects of the financial collapse, or try to prosper during it.

BTST Member Report on Bitcoin

Those who *understand* Bitcoin will see how it’s the answer to prevent Governments from controlling us economically.

The reasons for this are explained in detail in the Report but just briefly include:

They can’t control it;

It’s unconfiscatable (they can’t steal it);

They can’t devalue it by inflating the supply (this is very important as explained in the Report).

In my opinion, people who understand Bitcoin will prosper like never before in history during a financial meltdown.

That meltdown has just begun.

I’m not going to push you in to ordering the Report, but if you want to support us, and be in the 0.01% (that’s an ‘educated guess’!) of people who understand Bitcoin, you can get a copy here:

BTST Member Report:

All the best,

P.S. Stay safe with this Covid-19 virus seemingly taking over the planet! I’ve done a fair bit of research on it, but I’m FAR from an expert and so obviously not qualified to talk about it. We just want all Members to stay safe. Even if we’ve never met, you are like an extended family to us and we appreciate you. Stay safe :-)

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  1. Still waiting for help…..i bought your bitcoin report…but do not understand it…need help buying…and at what price would be helpful.

    1. Post

      Hi Terry

      Would be happy to help. Just drop us an email (email address at the bottom of the report).

  2. Interesting and thought provoking but I would like to ask you for an update on the new TALEX 3.
    News seems to have been overtaken by the exciting Pump audio.
    Love to see the Talex 3 soon.

    1. Post

      Hi John, working HARD on TALEX 3! It’s one of the reasons I didn’t get any newsletters out in Feb — been super busy with that and everything else!

  3. I believe you may well be right,Adam
    Gold and silver have stood the test of time. Brits should go for silver to avoid CGT ! Bitcoin is still on my ‘maybe’ list ! Thanks for your good works !
    Tom Collins

  4. It is not up to the Federal Government in the USA – California and New York dates have already passed legislation making it illegal to not accept currency.

    1. Quite right, I read a report that the British government are set to ‘protect’ the use of cash transactions…

  5. Malc
    Hi Adam,

    As like terry, I bought your Bitcoin report, and found it to be a little confusing.
    Who do I contact to buy Bitcoin?
    Is there an agent or a telephone number to purchase Bitcoin.
    How are yours doing???

    1. Post

      Hi Malcolm

      Would be happy to help. Just drop us an email (email address at the bottom of the report).

  6. Like John Smith I would like to know the issue/release date for the new Talex,covid 3. ??

    1. Post
      1. Post
  7. But BitCoin does not have the capacity to cope with the level of demand you are suggesting (other tech does). You are advising people to buy into an antique.

    1. Post

      Hi Keith, strongly disagree.

      This is an easy trap to fall in to and I have done so myself in the past!

      1) BTC can scale just as well (better actually due to its hashrate) than any other PoW cryptocurrency. The reason that it scales VERY conservatively is that *security* is the absolute focus.

      Any cryptocurrency can have 1,000,000 TPS and instant confirmations if it’s not decentralised.

      That is absolutely not what we need to be free from the central banking cartel.

      2) It *already* scales by serving as the settlement base layer and employing second layer solutions such as lightning and liquid.

      I know that you believe what you are saying is correct but I would urge you to really research it further.

      By the way, I am by no means a BTC maximalist. In fact my “favourite” crypto is Monero.

      However when you have all the facts I think it’s hard to argue that the characteristics, usage and development of BTC make it the “best”.

      The antique thing really is propaganda that comes from sh*tcoin projects.


  8. Adam we all hear what you are saying but you forget to mention that bitcoin is down from £9948 in July last year and now stands at £4500 today and do you not think that the governments could not shut down Bitcoin? It comes across as you have purchased Bitcoin at the higher prices and hoping enough people will buy to get the price back to recover your losses.

    1. Post

      Hi Bob I would encourage you to zoom out on the chart. If you are looking to trade Bitcoin and make very quick gains then you are a gambler. If you understand its value and have patience, you will be extremely rich in my opinion. Not going to talk about my own holdings but I can tell you that the statement you made is incorrect :-)

  9. In France you’re not supposed to use cash for anything over 300€ it’s a joke although everyone does LOL

  10. Lol don’t worry this lot couldn’t organise a niss up in a prewery.

    I predict our lot will make more money to give to the plebs.

  11. I had a dabble with Bitcoin investing 300 dollars, I told my wife and we nearly had a divorce.
    The company I was dealing with only want me to invest a lot more to show me what they can really do.
    Of course her indoors says no or else?
    Is it a scam, there’s lots out there.

    1. Post

      Hi David, no Bitcoin is the polar opposite of a scam :-) You should really understand it before buying though.

  12. My guess is the corona virus escaped from a laboratory somewhere in China either accidentally or deliberately. My money is on deliberately. You might say that’s a complete load of rubbish but there is method in this madness to create the situation Adam is speculating on. As for Bitcoin I’ve been into that for about 3 years and I think it has very strong possibilities. Yes it’s taken a hit like the stock market but somehow it’s much more resilient and will recover much faster. This site gives Bitcoin prices and others in real time, it’s very volatile but it’s like that at the best of times
    https://www.bitstamp.net/ scroll down the page just under the laptop image and wait for it to load.

    1. Post

      Hi Mark, just skim read quickly. This article seems HIGHLY biased.

      I’d suggest the author either doesn’t have a clue what they are talking about or perhaps has an incentive to put out misinformation.

      Read the report and then tell me if you agree with them (if you do, more than happy to send you a refund!).


    2. Hi Mark, the Guardian is part of the problems with the UK. Their highly biased news is a tool in the creeping communism that the globalist elite want to put us under, except this time it will be controlled by AI. A technocratic distopia. I know because I’ve left a job that was also assisting in this global plan until I realised. I’ve lost thousands in income but gained so much knowing I’m no longer part of the problem. Bitcoin has been and will continue to grow in value and now I’m working in payment gateways to help everyone use bitcoin with merchants everywhere. We all need to take stock regardless of how surreal things get. Best wishes.

  13. Adam is right. Go to: trunews.com and watch the presentations on bitcoin and the implement of cashless societies.
    This site has in depth analysis of all things coming soon.

  14. Adam – if you have/are making so much money with Bitcoin why are you still punting the Talex ?

    Snake oil comes to mind here.

    I notice that none of the “Bitcoiners” actually have any figures to back up their claims….

    1. Post

      Hi Brian

      I don’t understand your point.

      If you think that about me/us then why would you a be a BTST Member?

      I’m not offended but I really don’t understand.

      Regarding figures, the Bitcoin “spot” price is widely available from many sources — the most commonly used source is coinmarketcap.com although I believe this includes “wash trading” from exchanges. A more accurate source is something like https://messari.io/


  15. I was there when the late Timothy May issued the now famous manifesto (1991 I think from memory), and there when Satoshi issued his now legendary first post announcing BTC about 11 years ago or so.
    I have a very small crypto-currency portfolio, and Adam I can only agree with all that you say here and in your publication.
    For people not familiar with Blockchains I would say try to focus on that and that alone to begin with, and try to forget that it can translate or be traded for pounds/dollars/euros etc. Once you have got a grasp of the Blockchain then try and understand traditional money; what it is, where is comes from and why that system is one with guaranteed failure built-in. Then apply what you have learned to the Blockchain and the value of things like BTC, Monero, ETH etc etc etc will become readily apparent.

    Adam – have you discovered the recently released HEX crypto yet ??? I am finding it fascinating, and right now it’s still very early days, and as we know, it’s those that get in early that see the biggest returns. Sure it’s just a punt right now and we don’t know if it will get the necessary participation and therefore necessary momentum to enable it to succeed, but if it does (even modestly), then it has the potential to be the new gold-standard. I have no interest in this other than wanting to see as many people as possible being able to free themselves, so am just sharing the love, but as I write this HEX is 107 days old and is already worth about 8 times it’s day 1 value, and I speak as someone who could have bought BTC at £0.000010……..talk about the one that got away.

    1. Post

      Hi Patrick

      Kraken.com is generally accepted as the oldest and most ‘trusted’ exchange. If you need help drop us an email (at the bottom of the report).

  16. Don’t want any of that foreign cryptonite stuff. Let’s keep our cryptoshekels for the home country. Hip, hip hooray for BRITCOIN.

    Do you really think governments couldn’t crush cryptocurrencies if they wished, Adam? Or simply take them over and use them just like ordinary currencies, issuing more until they became worthless. Do you think they’re going to just give up the dollar, pound, yen, euro…..blah, blah, blah.

    No chance. Cryptocurrencies only have value when set against the currencies the markets use. They’re a novelty because mostly, wealthy people corner the market in currencies that, like Bitcoin, have a strictly limited supply. In other words, they’re just another version of money.

    The only thing I agree with you about is the desire of this British government to track transactions, and ultimately, when they’ve got away from GDPR, have banks report on “suspicious” accounts. Cryptocurrencies belong in the playground of the rich, and they’ll go on for a while until they become a dangerous nuisance.

    1. Post

      Hi Andrew

      Not quite sure where to begin as there are quite a few false assumptions in what you’ve said. I *urge* you to read the report or educate yourself other ways about the history of fiat currencies. Forget about Bitcoin for now — just read about how and *why* every fiat currency in history has failed. The pound, dollar and euro will 100% not be exceptions. And no, Governments can not control Bitcoin. The cat is well and truly out of the bag on that one :-)

  17. The bible says oneday people wont be able to by and sell with out a mark of the beast on there foreheads or on there hands in Holland they have microchips in they hands and they are buying with it dont get this chip it’s the mark of the devil those who receive the mark there place is in the lake of fire

  18. Hi Adam. I did receive your report regarding the Bitcion. I had read it through, but was very confused with the whole scenario. Although I am not a gambler and don’t Know much about it. I thought that Bitcion would be a secure way of boosting my finances. I have watch video’s and read different write-ups regarding it, but still no wiser.
    Unfortunately I did have a situation a few years back, where I had gave details through a web sight to join up to Bitcion, hoping to increase my savings. Spent £250, or US$308.43, but did not see any light with that. kept getting phone calls to invest, but was not informed on how to invest. So I was not happy and ended up loosing my money.
    Although I would like to try, but I am very dubious to do so.

    1. Post

      Hi Joyce

      That was obviously a scam, which it’s important to separate from actually owning Bitcoin. Honestly, you need to understand it — not technically necessarily, but the broad strokes of what it is and why it’s needed — otherwise I wouldn’t do it.

      My advice (NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE!) would be to invest the time to understand it and then when you’re ready, dip in :-)


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