Did We Just Win The War on Smart Motorways?!

Dear All,

Like many people, I’ve been living under a rock for the past few months during “lockdown”.

I haven’t ventured on to any motorways because …well… there was nowhere to go!

So you can imagine my utter confusion when we went to visit the in-laws for the first time in months yesterday and the “smart” motorway on the M20 was …GONE!

It was just no longer there!

You know that feeling of being bemused — when something doesn’t quite compute and you start to wonder if you’ve lost the plot?

We’ll that was me yesterday :-) I kept saying to my Mrs “have I gone mad, or have they just got rid of the smart motorway during lockdown?!”.

I was genuinely shocked, so I called my Dad — who unlike me watches the mainstream news — and he said “oh yeah, didn’t you know? They are taking them all down because they’ve been found to be dangerous…”

My jaw dropped.

We’d written an article back in October last year (here) hinting that the Government were looking at potentially getting rid of Smart Motorways, but I guess I didn’t believe it would happen…

So, are we *finally* winning the war on the “smart” motorway scam?

Or have we already won it and I just didn’t realise because of “lockdown”?

…and if we’ve won — or are winning — I wonder if that’s the reason for the sudden increase in mobile speed traps that Members have been reporting all over the UK in the last few weeks?

Please let everyone know what you’re seeing in your part of the country in the comments below!

All the best,

P.S. We’re hoping to announce the pre-launch date for TALEX 3 this week! Keep your eyes peeled :-)

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