BTST Member Special Report:

Ethereum: The Future of Finance(?)

From: Adam Blair,
Founder, BTST

Dear BTST Member,

With energy prices and the general cost of living skyrocketing, we are seeing the first signs of what we warned of in the last Member Report I wrote to Members in 2020 on Bitcoin.

Namely, we are seeing the first stages of hyperinflation…

Hyperinflation is nothing new. In fact every single fiat currency in history has gone this way. There is in fact no way to avoid it because the debt based monetary system is inherently designed to inflate to infinity. All central banks and governments can do is delay the inevitable…

In this pre-hyperinflationary environment, its *essential* to preserve your savings and/or any wealth you’ve gained throughout your lifetime. If kept in cash (whether in a bank or physically) it will simply be inflated away to zero.

I explained the evils of monetary inflation (the pound, for example, has lost over 99% of its purchasing power in just 70 years) in February 2020 when we released the BTST Member Bitcoin Report, in which we predicted its meteoric rise.

It makes me so happy to hear from the many BTST Members who read the Bitcoin Report and then took action, who’ve made such returns for themselves and their families.

I don’t know the figure but I think collectively its in the Millions of pounds.

Some have made contact to thank us while others have remained quiet but I know a lot of Members have done very well indeed, and will continue to do even better as Bitcoin eats the fiat money system alive.

And I’m sure this is just the start of generational wealth that future generations will thank them for.

So is it too late?

Absolutely not in my opinion.

The consensus among smart money is that Bitcoins next stop (with its usual volatility of course) will be to eclipse the value of gold, which would take it to approximately 18 times its current price measured in Pounds or Dollars.

If you didn’t get the Bitcoin Report the first time around, it comes included with this Ethereum Report (link at the end of the Report).

So What About Ethereum?

Since writing the Report I’ve consistently had requests from Members over the last couple of years for my opinion on Ethereum (which in case you didn’t know, is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin).

Frankly, I didn’t feel qualified to give my opinion before, because I didn’t feel my knowledge was deep enough.

However over the last couple of years, I’ve become more of an expert on the subject, and recently I’ve really ramped up the “deep dive” research. I’ve just finished a new special Report for Members to share the knowledge I’ve gained from the hundreds of hours of research.

Its a bit shorter than the Bitcoin Report because I don’t go in to the macro economic backdrop (why inflation is so bad, the history of money and economics and so on).

The contents of the Report will probably be surprising to many Members (particularly if you’re already involved in cryptocurrency), and may even anger some.

Its an 8 page report (3400 words), and is based on about a year of deep research. It uncovers some truly shocking facts about Ethereum. That’s not hyperbole — you will be surprised, I (literally :-) guarantee it.

If you are a cryptocurrency Investor, or you are thinking about “getting in” to crypto, this is an essential read.

Once you’ve read it, you’ll know more than 99+% of people within the crypto industry about Ethereum.

Member Guarantee:

If you don’t think this report is as valuable as I do, we’ll send you a full refund, no questions asked.

If in doubt, I implore you to read it. The information within the Report was not easy to acquire, but it’s laid out for you to easily absorb and understand.

Member Launch Discount:

The BTST Member Launch Discount has now ended but you can still get the report below :-)

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All the best,

P.S. All Members who order a copy of the Ethereum Report will also get a copy of the Bitcoin Report we released in 2020, which is still essential reading today (arguably more so than in 2020 as Bitcoin continues its march towards replacing the legacy financial system).

It’s usually £25. The link to the Bitcoin Report is at the end of the Ethereum Report and also on the download page you’ll be directed to after this one.