The Greatest Opportunity in Cryptocurrency Outside Bitcoin?

Dear BTST Member,

As you’ll know if you’ve been a BTST Member for a long time, I have a keen interest in Bitcoin.

I see it as the backbone of the open and free financial system, beyond the control or coercion of governments. In the future there will be two competing financial systems which operate in parallel:

1. The government controlled financial system which is permissioned, authoritarian and inflationary;

2. The free financial system, which is open, permissionless, free of government ‘authority’ and does not steal your wealth via inflation.

I don’t know about you, but I know which one I plan to be a part of!

The Report:

This Member Report is the result of Hundreds of hours of research, and around 20-30 hours of focusedresearch during the writing of the report:

Its 20 pages long (5992 words) but also includes charts, as well as quick explainers on anything “non crypto” readers may need walking through.

I’ve written it so a “layman” in the Cryptocurrency space can really understand the opportunity here.

As I got further and further in to researching and writing the Report, I became progressively more convinced of the opportunity at hand. The real moment of clarity came on page 17 when it really sunk in what a huge opportunity this could be.

Until that point the working title had been something completely different, but having had this “aha” moment, I decided to change it to “The Biggest Opportunity in Cryptocurrency”, because I really think it is…

About the Current “Bear Market”

Cryptocurrency is in the depths of its usual cyclical Bear market (when prices are right down), and this is precisely when the biggest opportunities exist!

“Newbies” to the cryptocurrency space tend to flood in during the ‘euphoria’ stages of a “Bull” market, when the prices are going up fast and everyone thinks they will keep going up forever.

Sophisticated investors by contrast invest when the prices are right down, as is the case now.

Our Previous Call…

When we brought Bitcoin to Members attention it was at ~$6000.

It went up ~1200% in a very short space of time, and is still 400% higher today, even in the depths of the bear market (we notified Members where the yellow dot is below):

* ~400% increase when measured in $USD. It’s actually more like a 500% increase in £GBP because the Dollar has been strengthening against the Pound

I know for a fact that some BTST Members made a lot of Money after reading the report, which gives me enormous pleasure. 

I really think this one could be the next big one and I’d like to invite Members to access my Report below:

All the best,


Please read and agree the 3 points below before Ordering your copy:

Not Financial Advice 

The contents of the Member Report as a result of hundreds of hours of research over time and around 20-30 hours in just the last few weeks while writing the Report. It is, however, not financial advice.

Any financial decisions you make should be your own.

This Information is Time Sensitive 

This Member Report will NOT be offered to the public – it is for BTST Members only.

While the Report is not limited by number of copies available (because it’s a digital Report), it is time sensitive, because the opportunity exists now. With that in mind, this Member Report may not be available for very long.


If you’re sceptical about either cryptocurrency in general, or that the opportunity is as great as I’m suggesting, I invite you to take advantage of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Order the Member Report and if you are not stunned by the information within it, just email us and request a full refund, no questions asked.