Martial Law Declared in the UK: 4 Theories…

Dear All,

Well, it’s happened.

For the first time in our lifetimes, Martial Law has been declared in the UK.

Of course the Government aren’t calling it that, but that’s essentially what it is. If many people ignore the order to stay at home then we will see the Military on the streets. I have no doubt about that!

First off, I really want to tell you:

I don’t know what the truth is, and I *genuinely* don’t have a strong opinion on whether the simultaneous Government lockdowns are a “necessary evil”, or something more sinister.

But I *am* open to both – and all other – ideas and I hope you are as well..?

Historically Governments from all parts of the World have proven themselves time and again to lie when it suits them. But of course that doesn’t mean that they always lie…

When they do lie, is it because they (arrogantly) think it’s in the “public interest”, or do they do it for more sinister reasons? …Or a combination of both?

I don’t have the answer, but I’m open to listening to people who think they may do!

With that in mind, I urge you not to be offended or to pooh-pooh any of these ideas because they clash with your current beliefs. If you think that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is stupid, or not worthy of a voice then I’d urge you to reconsider that viewpoint.

I can tell you that teaching myself to have an open mind is the most liberating thing I ever did, and I’d highly recommend it :-)

So with that said…here are the theories:

Theory #1: The Official Narrative is 100% True

The official narrative is 100% true. Covid-19 was transmitted from a Bat to a Human in a food market in Wuhan, China. It then spread around the World – as viruses do – rapidly, due to the proliferation of air travel.

Governments around the World have reluctantly acted to exert their power – which they claim to have been given by people – to avoid terrible hardship and misery for many.

Theory #2: The Official Narrative is Almost True

Exactly as above, except that the virus leaked accidentally from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab.

I checked with one of our contacts in China and he confirmed that the lab does exist. It also has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it, and a website (, so I think it’s very likely to exist.

If the virus didn’t leak from this lab, then it seems like quite a coincidence it’s there, wouldn’t you agree?

Theory #3: A Convenient “Scapegoat”

The virus did occur ‘naturally’ – either from a Bat, or by being accidentally released from a lab – and Governments and Central Banks jumped at the chance to use it as the excuse for the upcoming financial collapse, which was — and is — inevitable.

If you’ve read the Member Bitcoin Report, you’ll understand why the global economy is due to enter a terrible recession, and quite probably a full on depression.

It’s way too much to explain why this is going to happen in this blog post, but it would be an incredibly convenient “excuse” for the economy to collapse and it not be considered the “fault” of Central Banks and Governments, which it absolutely is.

There will be a “currency reset”, which will almost certainly ban the use of cash and track all our purchases. It will probably be under the guise of “anti money laundering” to protect us from those “dangerous criminals” but in reality is a mechanism of control. I wrote about my prediction for this last week on the BTST blog.

This theory acknowledges that the virus is real, but it’s not really that unusual or serious enough to order people to stay in their homes. It suggests that it is deadly for certain groups, but not significantlymore deadly in comparison to other viruses such as Influenza, which is estimated to infect around 1bn people, and kill ~500,000 people each “flu season”.

Proponents of this theory agree that Covid-19 can be quite deadly to vulnerable groups – just like Influenza – but ask why Governments do not simply isolate the vulnerable groups (with their concent) rather than the entire population. They also ask why there is such panic being created around Covid-19, but not around other diseases such as Influenza…

Theory #4: Part of The Worlds’ “Elite” Plan

The virus was created and released on purpose from the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab or by some other mechanism by the “Elite” who control the World.

Some refer to this tiny group of people as a “Cabal”. Others say its a network of secret societies, while many believe it to be a “permanent” or “shadow”, government, most likely based in the US.

People who believe this theory believe that there is a global agenda to enslave “the masses” under a communist style One World Government.

If you’ve never heard of theories like this, they sound completely crazy…until you start looking in to them!

There were at least two US Presidents who warned of the “Military Industrial Complex”. The first – Dwight D. Eisenhower – didn’t mince his words at all as he delivered his presidential “farewell” speech in 1961.

The second – John F. Keneddy – used more coded language. I listened to a lecture he gave before he was killed a few weeks ago where he seemed to allude to what Eisenhower was talking about — a “secret society” or “shadow government”.

Proponents of this theory say that the agenda is to:

  1. Crash the global economy;
  2. Acquire all the assets;
  3. Have the “masses” on UBI (Universal Basic Income), which is just enough for them to exist, like a basic pension in the UK;
  4. The dependence on this UBI will force compliance from most;
  5. Those who don’t tow the line will be cut off financially;
  6. China (a totalitarian dictatorship) will be praised for it’s “swift and decisive action” on Coronavirus, while democratic countries will be criticised for not doing enough;
  7. This — amongst other strategies — will be used to convince people of the need to “join together” under a One World Government when the next “panic” is created.

I find this a fascinating theory and of course I HOPE it’s not true!

However, if a powerful globalist agenda does exist, and is trying to gain more power over the World’s population, the easiest way for them to do it would be to have people living in a state of fear.

It’s a well known concept that people are much easier to control when they are fearful.

My Opinion…

Like I said, I don’t really have an opinion as such, because we simply don’t have the information on which to base one!

However, based on the information that is out there, if I had to place a bet, this is what I think the truth most likely is:

The virus leaked out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab by accident.

China panicked and – as a totalitarian dictatorship – had no qualms about jumping on it…hard, with draconian measures.

I think the virus likely then spread ‘naturally’ around the World.

Here I become torn…

It seems like this is the perfect setup *if* a globalist “one world government” agenda does exist…

People have been ordered not to leave their homes and most are supportive of this incarceration. Can you imagine any other circumstance in which people would not only accept it, but in many cases be cheering for it?

I don’t think for a moment that if a “one world government” globalist agenda does exist, they control all the politicians in each country directly like puppets. That would just be “too public” and the information would surely leak because there would be far too many people involved.

So I suspect that most countries — including the UK — have probably acted independently, albeit with pressure and influence from outside interested parties.

Do I think when Boris Johnson effectively announced Martial Law (without saying it) on Monday that he was reading a script written by the World’s “elite”? Probably not.

Do I think we was genuinely worried about this virus, and it’s potential to kill quite a lot of people? Unless he is a psychopath, probably, yes.

Do I think that a “globalist agenda” really exists? If you look at the actions of the biggest bully in the World — the USA — I think it probably does. How much influence does this agenda have? I have absolutely no idea. But I believe – just as Dwight Eisenhower warned – we should be extremely vigilant.

Do I think that “Covid-19” will be the excuse for the crash of the US Dollar backed global credit based ponzi scheme (also called the global economy)? I have almost no doubt about it!

There are a lot of variables to consider here rather than brashly stating “I know THIS is what is happening!”.

In my opinion it’s incredibly dangerous to blindly follow what Governments tell us to do, and believe everything they say. You only need to look at history to see the *horrific* consequences of outsourcing thinking to Governments.

I also think the virus is 100% real and it’s likely to be pretty dangerous.

Bottom line: I think we should all be cautious and follow the advice, for now. But I think we should do so with a critical and open mind. I think we must embrace every persons viewpoint and really consider for ourselves if they have any merit.

Most importantly, if a Government is making totalitarian style demands – as is happening now all around the World, including in the UK – we must hold them to much higher account than usual, rather than blindly assuming everything they do is in our best interests.

Whats Your View?

I wanted to open this dialogue with Members to really encourage us all think and share different ideas!

Whether Governments are acting in their best interests or our best interests, or both, I’d like to hear what you think about these previously unthinkable times we’re living in?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments below :-)

Stay safe,


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