Speed Camera Scam

Dear All

Happy 2022!

It occurred to me a few weeks ago when I was on my way to Brands Hatch for the final race of our season that I hadn’t written a BTST newsletter in quite a while…

The reason – of course – is that I’ve been so pre-occupied with the launch of TALEX 3 that I’ve had little time for anything else.

…so please forgive me if this is a bit of a long one :-)

As I travelled to the circuit at what — at least to me – was an obscenely early hour, I spotted a mobile camera van…

Keep in mind that this was around 7am on a Sunday morning.

It was nowhere near a school, pedestrians, a crossing, or any other kind of hazard where anyone with half a brain cell could even dream of making an argument for having a speed camera van situated.

A pure and unadulterated money making scheme if ever there was one!

And at that moment, I remembered why I started BTST.

The thing is, this whole speed camera thing is a scam.

You know it. I know it. And your mate down the road knows it. Even my parents and in-laws — who are the most law abiding goodie-two-shoes you could ever meet — know it!

The speed camera scam is one part of a much bigger mechanism of control of the population in my view…

But that’s a whole other topic.

But the speed camera scam is in itself a deplorable swindle that deserves to be called out on its own merits…

The speed camera scam has literally ruined thousands of decent and kind people’s lives, by depriving them of their livelihood. In some cases its even isolated them from friends and family for extended periods of time, and often when they are at their most vulnerable.

Arguably even worse, it gives many of us the underlying feeling that there are “these people” out there, who are supposedly there to protect us — what a laugh that is! — who are in fact targeting and victimising us.

No wonder the Police are thought of so poorly by many of us – I’m sad to say, including yours truly.

Put simply, these people *are* criminals.

Yes, there are some Police who do actual Police work – you know, catching murderers, rapists, burglars… That sort of thing.

And to these Men and Women, I salute you.

But these people of virtue are not those who I refer to.

But they do cunningly – and outrageously – go by the same name!

Even those who believe that all or most of the other things that governments do are legitimate (which doesn’t include me, by the way) join BTST and DriveProtect because they know that the speed camera scam is just that — a scam.

It’s blindingly obvious.

“Only just woken up and on your way to work, or an event?”

We got you!

“Slightly tired and not expecting to have to look out for a speed camera van so early on a Sunday morning?”.

Don’t worry, we got you!

“And relax, it’s for your own good… you need us to tell you how to behave!”…

These so called “Police” really are scum in my opinion. Or to be more precise, they’re part of a system of systematic extortion that is becoming more and more pervasive over time, and is gradually but quickly morphing into something ever more insidious.

As someone who has employed multiple ex-police officers, and has engaged many more over the years, I know that traffic police are thought of as scum even within the police force.

Just yesterday (as I write), a traffic police unit almost smashed head first in to my car.

Usually I wouldn’t care too much about this type of thing, but as it happened I had my Mrs and little girl in the car. And as anyone who knows me personally will attest, I’m quite protective of them both.

Any fathers reading this will undoubtedly know what I mean.

We were driving through town and stopped at a red light.

The lights turned green, I edged forward when “BANG” I slammed on the brakes.

A couple of “police” goons had sped – blue lights flashing but no siren – straight through a set of red lights on a blind bend, missing us by inches.

As any father will understand, I was incensed.

And I’m not someone who suffers with road rage. When I’m behind the wheel, I’m “Mr Cool”, which is something I’ve learned through my years of racing.

Unlike many, I’m a less aggressive man behind the wheel of a car than I am in person! :-)

I sounded the horn at these self entitled morons for a little longer than was perhaps necessary, and they went on their way without even a wave of apology.

It’s moments like this that remind me why I started BTST, bought TALEX out of administration, and started DriveProtect.

Although I know the speed camera scam is not the worst injustice in the world (particularly given what’s been happening around the world in certain countries over the last 2 years), it quite simply pisses me off.

So, to 2022, I want to make TALEX 3 a huge success as a “screw you” to these megalomaniacal bullies who think its okay to push us around.

T3 is already “in the air” and en route to the the UK.

Once they get here, we need to run a few tests to make sure that the correct firmware has been applied to every unit and then we’ll be getting them out to Members who have pre-ordered.

I wish you a fantastic New Year.

I know that the world has gone to hell in many ways in the last 24 months but I am confident that together we are strong.

I’ll be in touch very soon with news on TALEX 3 delivery.

All the best, and a very happy new year!


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