The Latest Domino Falls: Cineworld Collapses

Dear All,

It was back in April that I last talked to Members about the dire state of the UK (and World) economy…

Cineworld, the 2nd largest cinema chain in the UK, have just announced they are going out of business with the loss of 45,000 jobs.

Most of these people aren’t going to find work elsewhere, because the government are forcing entire industries out of business.

So what will happen to them — and the Millions of others who are losing their ability to earn a living each day?

There are only three possibilities in my view:

1) The economy somehow magicly recovers, and we go back to how things were — which was pretty precarious to start with. I think this is practically impossible due to the colossal money printing that’s occurred; that fact that a huge number of small, medium and even large business have already gone out of business; and the fact that many millions of people have got used to getting paid to sit at home;

2) The government will continue to accelerate the printing of more and more currency, with the aim of getting the majority of people on Universal Basic Income.

This may sound like a great idea to some. But to those who take the time to understand the implications, they are horrendous!

For the people receiving UBI, they will be considered as owned by the government. If they step out of line or voice decent, their UBI will be cut off.

This will be facilitated by the move away from physical cash to an electronic only fiat currency system, where transactions by certain individuals can easily be blocked by the centralised government.

As for those with savings in fiat currency (pounds, dollars etc.), we will have the value of our savings decimated to close to zero due to the constant printing of new money.

Thus we will become part of the UBI class (unless we own real, hard monetary assets such as Gold, Silver and Bitcoin).

In my opinion, this is the worst of the two (realistic) options and it could be termed Communism — or many would say — Fascism.

3) The other option for these poor people left without the ability to earn an income is that they’ll be left to fend for themselves, which will see a rise in crime and an even greater polarisation in wealth distribution. Put bluntly, there would be a new peasant class.

Some call this the “Mad Max” society…

I saw a video from Venice Beach in California the other day.

I went there a few years ago and it was a wonderful place.

Now, just a few years later, it’s turned in to a slum. It’s a huge homeless encampment filled with poor souls who’ve lost the ability to put a proper roof over their head due to the government shutting down the economy.

This is in one of the richest states in the richest country in the World.

You can check out that video I’m talking about here:

Neither of these solutions is just or fair, given that the situation has been caused by governments ridiculously disproportionate reaction to the virus I’m not going to talk about!

Why am I blogging about the economy?

Because I want BTST Members to be aware of whats coming, so that you can protect yourself and your family.

I consider BTST Members like an extended family. You’ve allowed me to make my living over the years (as well as providing employment directly and indirectly for well over 100 people) and I feel I need to speak out to give you information you may otherwise not have.

I implore you to look at protecting yourself financially in precious metals and Cryptocurrency — the safest of which by far in my opinion are Gold and Bitcoin.

If you want to start “stacking” Silver or Gold, I can recommend the online dealer BullionByPost.

I’ve used them several times. Their prices are good, and they’ve always given a good service.

Also from memory I think you can pay with credit card, so the purchase is protected, which is nice if you’re new to this sort of thing.

I would say that Gold is the safest of all investments (the reason is explained in detail in my Bitcoin Report), but Silver has a bigger potential upside in the shorter term. Probably having a little of each is a wise idea.

But as anyone who has read my report on Bitcoin will know, this is the asset that I think *everyone* should hold at least a little of!

In my opinion, it’s the only real challenger to the crazy world of fiat currency money printing and the absolute best hedge against inflation and the pending collapse of the global economy.

If you want to check out the report, I’ve just lowered the price from £17.50 to £10 here:

BTST Member Bitcoin Report

Although some of the above may sound a little depressing, we absolutely CAN — and I think must — protect ourselves from the way governments are recklessly destroying the global economy under our noses.

And ultimately the goal of this is one thing: Freedom.

I appreciate you all very much, and I want as many Members as possible to see whats happening in the World and to protect yourself.

All the best,


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