Traffic Police Are Bullies

Dear All,

Manchester Police have been up to their favourite game of bullying Motorists.

On Sunday they were reported in the mainstream media for acting like the gang they are…

One victim was retired ex-union official Glen Dyson.

He was pulled over by TWELVE police in six cars …for a mis-spaced number plate!

He initially thought the so-called police were dealing with a major crime incident, but soon discovered that he and his wife were the criminal masterminds they were actually hunting…

Glen said:

“When you look at the pictures taken you’d be expecting a major crime incident to be ongoing.

No that’s not the case. It’s a dozen plus officers pulling motorists for minor traffic issues and they have six police cars tied up doing this!

We have all kinds of incidents, outside of office hours, when you simply cannot get a police officer to save your life.

Within the last year our local pub had an altercation and the police were called – they didn’t come.

Now in broad daylight, when burglars might be on the prowl, they are all gathered together in the one spot stopping motorists.

Is that really a sensible use of police personnel? I am not so sure it is.”

Glen’s wife Karen — not being a full time criminal — was understandably shaken, saying:

“It was afterwards that I was shaking about what had happened. I had no idea I’d done anything wrong and we’ve had that registration on vehicles for 12 years.”

We’ve seen this persecution, accompanied by violence — or the threat of violence — from the so-called police before.

A DriveProtect Member was approached by a police thug in a car park last year and, as – amongst other things — he is a youtuber, he started filming the interaction.

His reg plate (which he’d paid a significant amount of money for the privilege of using) was slightly mis-spaced.

He complied with the thug by answering his questions about who he was etc, but drew the line when he demanded he get out of his car, respectfully declining the invitation.

…whereupon the thug launched into a violent tirade against our man, physically dragged him out of the car window, then carted him away to a cell!

We see this time and again. If these people don’t get what they want, they use violence, usually as a gang as they are inherently cowards, to achieve their demands.

Then they call the victim the criminal, when as in reality its the other way around.

Can you imagine these bullies acting this way when they are not in a gang environment? If they did, I’d like to think they would be jumped on by members of the public seeking to protect the victim, who would then presumably call the real Police.

I’d like to stress, it’s the so-called “police” who go around persecuting innocent people and trying to impose their supposed “authority” on them that I’m suggesting need to be stamped out.

Those who actually do good things for society (you know, catching actual criminals who’ve perpetrated violence, theft, aggression or coercion against other people) I salute.

One BTST Member, Tony, who is a retired Kent Police Detective emailed in after a recent blog post to say the real Police “detested traffic cops, or snakes as we called them”.

I would imagine they dislike them even more than most members of the Public, as they — and all other sociopathic state persecutors — are surely the reason so many people hate the Police?

Assistant Chief Constable Wasim Chaudhry was thankfully on hand to reassure us that we are wrong: “Greater Manchester Police is taking an increasingly proactive approach to fighting, preventing and reducing crime to make our region as safe as possible for those who live, work and travel within it.

Wow, thanks for your service Wasim! We can all sleep safely tonight knowing that Mr Dyson has been banged to rights.

All the best,


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