Traffic Police Are Bullies

Dear All,

Manchester Police have been up to their favourite game of bullying Motorists.

On Sunday they were reported in the mainstream media for acting like the gang they are…

One victim was retired ex-union official Glen Dyson.

He was pulled over by TWELVE police in six cars …for a mis-spaced number plate!

He initially thought the so-called police were dealing with a major crime incident, but soon discovered that he and his wife were the criminal masterminds they were actually hunting…

Glen said:

“When you look at the pictures taken you’d be expecting a major crime incident to be ongoing.

No that’s not the case. It’s a dozen plus officers pulling motorists for minor traffic issues and they have six police cars tied up doing this!

We have all kinds of incidents, outside of office hours, when you simply cannot get a police officer to save your life.

Within the last year our local pub had an altercation and the police were called – they didn’t come.

Now in broad daylight, when burglars might be on the prowl, they are all gathered together in the one spot stopping motorists.

Is that really a sensible use of police personnel? I am not so sure it is.”

Glen’s wife Karen — not being a full time criminal — was understandably shaken, saying:

“It was afterwards that I was shaking about what had happened. I had no idea I’d done anything wrong and we’ve had that registration on vehicles for 12 years.”

We’ve seen this persecution, accompanied by violence — or the threat of violence — from the so-called police before.

A DriveProtect Member was approached by a police thug in a car park last year and, as – amongst other things — he is a youtuber, he started filming the interaction.

His reg plate (which he’d paid a significant amount of money for the privilege of using) was slightly mis-spaced.

He complied with the thug by answering his questions about who he was etc, but drew the line when he demanded he get out of his car, respectfully declining the invitation.

…whereupon the thug launched into a violent tirade against our man, physically dragged him out of the car window, then carted him away to a cell!

We see this time and again. If these people don’t get what they want, they use violence, usually as a gang as they are inherently cowards, to achieve their demands.

Then they call the victim the criminal, when as in reality its the other way around.

Can you imagine these bullies acting this way when they are not in a gang environment? If they did, I’d like to think they would be jumped on by members of the public seeking to protect the victim, who would then presumably call the real Police.

I’d like to stress, it’s the so-called “police” who go around persecuting innocent people and trying to impose their supposed “authority” on them that I’m suggesting need to be stamped out.

Those who actually do good things for society (you know, catching actual criminals who’ve perpetrated violence, theft, aggression or coercion against other people) I salute.

One BTST Member, Tony, who is a retired Kent Police Detective emailed in after a recent blog post to say the real Police “detested traffic cops, or snakes as we called them”.

I would imagine they dislike them even more than most members of the Public, as they — and all other sociopathic state persecutors — are surely the reason so many people hate the Police?

Assistant Chief Constable Wasim Chaudhry was thankfully on hand to reassure us that we are wrong: “Greater Manchester Police is taking an increasingly proactive approach to fighting, preventing and reducing crime to make our region as safe as possible for those who live, work and travel within it.

Wow, thanks for your service Wasim! We can all sleep safely tonight knowing that Mr Dyson has been banged to rights.

All the best,


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  1. They deserve what they get when braking the law on number plates
    We have so much crime with cloning number plates I know because this as happened to my daughter when she received two speeding fines from the the police and trouble she had to prove that she was in a different part of the country looking after her terminally ill husband

    • Especially Union officials. Getting a little hassle back for the hassle they create. Great he got caught for altering his number plate to represent he’s something in the world. Typical narcissist Union rep. Obviously he didn’t like to be involved in a similar situation he has helped create for us in the past.
      Sometimes, I actually believe in God!!

    • It seems you are misunderstanding why they were stopped. NOT for cloning a reg plate, merely for not having the correct spacing betwen the letters. A henious crime no doubt??.
      Also why does it take six police cars to stop one private vehicle?. I have a niece who was apolice officer in the Met for 32 years, now married to a fomer high ranking officer in the Met. Both have confirmed that the the Traffic Police are universaly hated/disliked by mainstream coppers.

    • This case did not contain any suggestion of cloning. I have seen many cars with number plates not strictly as the law dictates, mine included, who have not been pulled up. Just in case I do, I have a pair of exactly correct no. plates in my boot. They were there when I bought the car and they’re staying there until or when I get pulled up. I have a policeman living opposite me and he’s never commented on them! However, if every driver obeyed all the motoring laws, they would find something else to pull you up about to justify their existence! And if we were really good drivers, the police would go broke. Their main income is from motorists who break the law and through County Council rates. The “snakes” as they are known are the lowest form of any police dept. A law unto themselves is the best description.

      • I would also imagine that these ‘correct number plates’ come in handy to put on when the time comes for an MOT test when incorrectly spaced/coloured/damaged plates would or should amount to an MOT failure.

    • You are missing the issue here I think Trevor.
      Adam is talking about a man with correct plates, but slightly wrong spacings.
      eg DY 50N, maybe spaced to read DY50N
      And the unnecessary force police use to arrest people who generally have not committed a proper crime, but what should be considered, at the extreme, a civil offence.
      However yes, if someone is caught with cloned plates, they should be beaten up, and beheaded, and their body parts fed to the pigs.

  2. Same old story with traffic police, we the motorists going about our normal daily life but are easy prey for them to persecute us for small trivial thing’s. Where in reality all they need to do is have a nice quite word with us about things…

  3. I was pulled over last year because I “was a young-looking lad in a fast car”. I was asked to produce my docs. I should add at this point, they pulled me over about 100 yards from the garage I was going to visit to get new tyres. As they were clearly unhappy with my compliance they started to look over my vehicle. Wasn’t long before they checked the tyres – one was on the limit, the other was a gnat’s cock under (but only once they had forced the tyre gauge to ‘comply’ for a few minutes). They then proceeded to give me an on-the-spot fine and 3 points. Despite my protestations and the fact I shouted the garage mechanic over to tell them I was due in to sort my tyres out – they were stacked up in one of the bays – they ignored me and carried on. Common sense was not in force on that day, what a dangerous rule-breaker I must have been eh?

  4. Our once great police force is no longer fit for purpose.
    It has been corrupted by the influx of left wing, politically motivated activists in uniform who are determined to turn Britain into a police state.
    Worse still, succesive governments seem to have been happy to allow them to comtinue with their programme of intimidation and what will soon become total control of the public.

  5. I belong to the school of thought which says “as a law-abiding citizen, why would I object to CCTV/ANPR etc which in the broad view works to protect me and my fellow citizens” I would support the extended use of ANPR cameras to identify minor law infringements such as number mis-spacing on registration plates. The matter could then be dealt with through the post in just the same way as a speeding ticket or a parking ticket. I have been unfortunate enough to receive two parking tickets recently via private companies monitoring car parks. (I have to say that this was because I was given incorrect information from a passenger with a Blue Badge disabled parking pass who mistakenly believed that this entitled his driver/carer to park without charge in all disabled parking spaces.) This was an expensive lesson for me to learn but on both occasions I received a clear photograph of my vehicle entering and leaving the car parks concerned. The clarity of the image would enable analysis of my number plate to ascertain whether or not the spacing is legal.
    Surely the same system could be used to deal with any such mis-spacing issues without the necessity for what effectively becomes a potentially dangerous police chase on the public roads for a very minor law infringement. Where the ANPR record shows that, for instance, the registration number displayed does not match the make, model, colour etc of the vehicle on which it is displayed, or reveals other information such as a wanted or illegal driver, lack of tax or insurance, etc etc then of course a pursuit and stop would and should, still be carried out.

  6. Doesn’t matter how much pay for a number plate , the LAW ( not the police ) is clear on how a plate should be displayed. Because you pay sometimes extortionate amounts for a cherished plate does not mean you can display it on the vehicle how it suits the owner. Spacing is clearly stipulated, some of the plates ive recently seen bare no resemblance to a registration number. Which is on a vehicle to distinguish it, not the owner/driver.
    Likewise I don’t agree with the overbearing approach by the police , but have we had both sides of the stop , or an abbreviate version from an aggrieved person how is admitting they were breaking the letter of the LAW ?

  7. It clearly states on the certificate of entitlement that the number plates should be correctly displayed with no mis -spaced letters or digits. I suspect the retired ex union official thought he was still in a position where he though the law did not apply to him. The press published his side of the story. For him to run to the papers about being persecuted for his own mistake ‘I didn’t know nuffink about it being illegal, guv’ner’, it’s victimisation.’ speaks volumes.
    One wonders if his attitude caused Mr Plod to call for back up.

    I do agree however that Plod have the wrong priorities, but having spoken to serving and retired officers, it is political interference and parachuted in University graduates into top jobs that is the real problem. Plod on the street would love to be allowed to do ‘his/her/it/they’ real job properly without interference and red tape.

  8. There’s plenty of misplaced numbers on our roads and I imagine many motorists have been ticked off for them, then simply go on to disregard the warning, and having had a private number myself once or twice ( which were always spaced correctly) may I add, I can see where the police are coming from, However, I see no reason for sending more than one police car to attend such an incident, Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times I want to see our police pile in, but most often those cases turn into softly, softy, tread carefully. which annoys me just as much as anything else I’d prefer not to see these days.

  9. My wife was pulled over by 2 police officers as she had spaced her number plate ** ***** just moved the number over to join the last 3 letters, the two numbers being 60 and, not defaced in any way.
    She was given a 25 minute lecture coupled with a £30 fixed penalty and, 7 days to change the plate or be reported to the DVLA with a view to cancelling her plate.
    They said as the plate was misplaced safety cameras would not be able to read it!!

    • Exactly right. You admitted that your wife’s number plate didn’t comply with the proper spacing, i.e. was illegal. Your registration belongs to the DVLA and can be cancelled for mis-use at any time. ANPR, both fixed and vehicle-based is a very effective tool to detect stolen vehicles, wanted criminals, no insurance, etc. Speed cameras will issue a penalty based on tracing the owner via the registration. Why should your wife be exempt from having a legal registration displayed? Not sure what your beef is.

      • I suppose what he is getting at, is that the car wasn’t stolen or speeding, that’s why.
        However, I agree with your comment that if you misplace your letters, then you are agreeing to the risk of a fine.
        Personally, I have a personal plate as well. I can add about half an inch between 2 characters to make it properly personal, which I have. It has passed MOTs with it, and the local council tip ANPR reader recognises it, so I imagine a police ANPR reader would have no problem. Yet as I said, it is overspaced in one part. I’m taking the risk, and relying on a pig just giving me a warning.
        To be fair, if they went to the extreme police rights, they are entitled to seize your car, but that would make them a brutal bunch of Cants….. Hang on?

  10. Hard to believe the number of people on here supporting the police and condemning the motorist .Well, I suppose I shouldn’t be-it is, after all, a horrendous crime isn’t it. Jeez.

  11. Although nothing to do with number plates, I still have vivid memories of an unpleasant incident involving Greater Manchester Police. In my student days, I was hitch-hiking home and standing on the edge of slip road of a motorway, before the sign which says “Motorway: no pedestrians, mopeds under 50cc, etc” in a perfectly legal place and “thumbing” a lift. A police car drew up and two policemen accused me of flicking a “V sign” at them. I assured them that I had been doing nothing of the sort but they refused to believe me and were extremely unpleasant. Eventually they drove off, to my great relief, but this incident still remains firmly in my memory, some 40 years later. Looks as if rather officious attitudes are ingrained into the traffic cops in this area.

  12. Isn’t the Manchertor metropolitan mayor that well known, mouthy, Andy Burnham. 2 Girls shot in Manchester last night. Come on useless Andy….get a grip of priorities in your city & metropolitan area where crime proliferates.

  13. As far as I’m concerned the three emergency services these days are fire, ambulance and coastguard. Police are nothing more than jumped up lollipop men. They watch far too many American cop shows. No excuse for breaking the law but no excuse for thinking you are the law either. It’s their arrogance that has made them lose all public respect but they don’t seem to realise that. As someone earlier said, a quiet polite word often suffices but no, let’s drag him out the car and get him on the floor. Just like they saw on Miami

    • Yup! The amount that use their phone while driving, (most seen) going through red lights, ( not on call) sit in the middle/outside lane on the motorway when inside is clear, parking on double red/yellow lines to shop, oh, & burnt out bulbs on the vehicles.

  14. Don’t in any condone such OTT tactics by police, but the rules on reg plates are clear. Tired of seeing odd fonts, carefully (mis)placed letters and screw caps so that they “read” as some name or phrase. Even worse the darkened plates obviously made to avoid ANR and fines. Add to that how may BMW drivers have the front plate lying on the dash. Is there something about BMW bumpers that stop plates sticking to them. Use screws!
    If you flout the rules, take you fine/points and stop moaning.

  15. I have seen many cars with number plates not strictly as the law dictates, mine included, who have not been pulled up. Just in case I do, I have a pair of exactly correct no. plates in my boot. They were there when I bought the car and they’re staying there until or when I get pulled up. I have a policeman living opposite me and he’s never commented on them! However, if every driver obeyed all the motoring laws, they would find something else to pull you up about to justify their existence! And if we were really good drivers, the police would go broke. Their main income is from motorists who break the law and through County Council rates. The “snakes” as they are known are the lowest form of any police dept. A law unto themselves is the best description.

  16. What a load of balls. The Police where conducting an intensive road traffic operation and this fella was caught. He was not TPAC’d by 6 cars, he was caught during an operation to deal with traffic crime because there is too much of it about.

    Well done the police and I one for hope there are many more operations like this.

  17. Whilst I agree with the article and comments about bullying police tactics and not focusing on real crime, most illegal number plates are either done out of ego (I.e. spacing / name spelling) or to evade speed cameras (illegal font). Whilst most of us are here to try to avoid these cameras, it’s worth repeating something I read recently, that this could invalidate your insurance if the car is stolen, as it will not be picked up by speed or anpr cameras. That is if the police can be arsed to follow it up. Could be a case of the biter bit.

  18. The law does state that “cherished” plates have to be spaced correctly.
    Perhaps, due to ‘some’ people really taking the **** now, by really modifying the plate to the extent of it’s unreadable as your brain conflicts the letters & numbers Vs what might that word be, especially if it’s a Welsh name. (I’ve also seen a blacked out license plates on a black Range Rover & unless you’re up really close, you can’t read it)
    The amount of Police “allegedly” involved in this incident, there may be more to this, we don’t know. (UNLESS – – they’re like Rotherham Police kettling in the Britain First minibus recently! Interesting video, that)
    But then When you think that traffic offences are usually “98% solvable crimes” for the old “yearly stat’s,” where they don’t really have to “INVESTIGATE” the crime. (Now you have wasted Police time pursuing upset feelings) & it’s easier than going after hardened crim’s or worse – – certain GROOMING gangs for fear of upsetting that “less than white” race. Not all Police are bad though, just that now, they’re forced to do what is politically correct & also have to work with/for Rapscallions with ulterior motives.

  19. I quite honestly can’t believe the bootlicking mentality of some of the people commenting here. It seems that you actually condone the over zealous approach some of the scum police these days. I suggest you go live in North Korea where your attitudes may be more in line with the authorities there. What the hell are you foing on the “beat the speed trap” page for if you’re such acquiescent sheep

  20. Notwithstanding the technical side of the law here (opinions do seem to differ so I’m not going to get embroiled in the rights or wrongs of this guy’s situation) but in general, we are going to have to get used to this being the way forward, our police are self servicing, virtue signalling mini-narcissists who have been hand picked for how well they take the knee, how many rainbow stripes they can get on their squad car & if they can dance to a Tic-Toc tune which will get them many brownie points at the local Pride demonstration! They’re really not fit for purpose these days from what I’ve seen sadly!
    We live in a very different world to these people now I’m afraid!


  21. Do you think all this police brutality is orchestrated so the public loose all faith in the police, and so that government can bring in the Army to patrolled the streets instead of the police in other words martial law. Or even worse a private company doing the police’s job. God save us all! It will get to a point where we will all need identity card to go out in public at certain times.

    All my looking at this from the wrong point of you?

  22. I was pulled up on my way home from Newmarket by an unmarked police car which followed me for at least a mile. I had transferred my cherished number onto my new vehicle at least a week before but the DVLA had not updated it in their system. There was no apology and the person concerned seemed put out they had wasted time with a law abiding citizen.

  23. Illegal number plates, blimey see so many on the roads nowadays I’m amazed there not all pulled over,their like neon signs saying please stop & fine me.
    Only problem,no Police around to do it.
    Looks like I can see why if you need that many to pull 1 guy over.
    Your lucky to have 6 police cars to be able to do it.
    I actually support the police doing this & to slap a nice big fat fine on the law breaker too.
    Certainly do not agree on waisting Police resources, though,1 will do.

  24. What you have traffic police come to Thames Valley havent seen one for months. I expect they are all to busy checking social media just incase some one gets upset by a valid point of view. After they have taken lessions from the Duke and Duchess of Woke harry and Meg. Thye dont even go out to normal crime any more you just get a referance number. The scum are really scared of that. Hopefully Harry will get his way then we can all pay for police protection. Then we can catch and lock some (or better shot) some of the scum.

  25. Quite simply why should the law be deferent for Glen Dyson regards number plate letter spacing as to every one else.

  26. How petty that the police should waste their time just because someone had the wrong spacing on their number plate There are far greater crimes going on – theft, murder and the like. No wonder when you call the police about any of those crimes, they don’t always turn up at all . Why? Because they’re all out pulling some poor motorist over because his number plate spacing isn’t correct. How pathetic!

  27. Don’t give the police a reason for stopping you in you Vehicle on your Motor cycle, bicycle, horse or even walking incorrectly Simple

  28. Possibly an over use of resources by GMP.
    However, if the person whinging about being pulled had not been a saddo misusing his index plate then he would not have been pulled.
    Two reports to DVLA about misuse & the plate can be permanently pulled & never re-issued.
    You don’t actually buy the index number, you buy the right to use it, albeit as per the regulations.

    Come on Adam, is that the best you can come up with ?

  29. Oh how ironic!! a union official complaining about organisations that enforce petty rules, you couldn’t make it up!
    I do not have much time for either parties in this case and I agree with you that traffic police do get themselves a bad reputation by their actions but they are a necessary evil when they do the job that we would all like them to do, how many times have you been undertaken or carved up and said “where are the traffic police”
    No doubt about the fact that motorists are a cash cow for the police and local authorities, but why give them an easy nick? Messing about with number plates is just asking for trouble!

  30. Perhaps such actions leave them to be so short staffed that they have to consider that a theft of the CAT from the same vehicle would not be worth investigating and therefrom be the fault of the motorist for his choice of parking venue
    Only motorists are expected to be law abiding and not to manipulate the letter of the law. The car number plate is perhaps not the best way of depicting the identity of a car. There is a rumour regarding new vehicles being fitted with not only speed limiters but also identity trackers. The former will not be favoured by the speed tax vans but the latter will be favourite with the compulsory insurance companies guaranteed an honest customer every one of the 30million or so UK vehicles.


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