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Is there any justification for Derbyshire Police to be stalking and “publicly shaming” these walkers?

About Wednesdays Blog Post…

The blog post I put out on Wednesday created quite a bit of controversy, which I found a bit strange…

The majority of Members seemed to appreciate the conclusion I came to;

That I think we should be prudent and follow the “advice” (order) from the Government, but that when making such demands of us, we have a duty to hold the Government more accountable than we usually do.

If you haven’t read the post yet, I’d be very interested in your considered opinion!:

Martial Law Declared in the UK: 4 Theories…

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  1. Had a group travel from Ipswich to the Peak District for a picnic and barbecue yesterday. 400 miles round trip.
    I think plod are justified, because public are largely stupid.

    1. Totally agree, I work in the NHS, Operating Theatre’s, Anaesthetic support and I can tell you we DO NOT have the capacity to deal with an Italy or Spain scenario which unfortunately is on its way because of the stupidity of these people.

      1. A big thank you to everyone at the NHS for all you are doing, last night’s demonstrations (clapping) show how you have touched us all with your dedication and care…..keep safe, and hopefully the Nation will see sense soon.

      2. Seriously what a facist type statement
        It’s all down to the gov you plonker your too scared to admit that though aren’t you
        cause they pay your wages from the tax they collect off the private sector free workers
        I Do think everbody should stay at home and do what they can .
        but come on
        Close boarders way late massive increases gov fault
        Close schools nah we making heard Imunity gov fault What a apocalyptic decision
        Oh f%%% it’s out of control let’s blame a few walkers on a hill lmao or beach goers in the open air hard to spread virus on beach salt air spaces

    2. To publicly say the public are stupid does not help, even if privately it is a considered opinion. However people that drive into the countryside might like to consider the following.
      The NHS is clearly at breaking point, look at and listen to the TV interviews of the staff most of whom are in danger of breaking down and under stress.

      Any driver on the roads presents a hazard, however careful they think they are being…..accidents will mean the NHS have to deploy staff and ambulances unnecessarily….which means they are not available for you.
      Volunteers are needed for just about everything at the moment. If you need something to do look for Voluntary Organisations (better still organise it yourself) and offer your help.
      you might need the NHS soon, so help to keep it and the Staff operating.
      Do not drive miles to walk unnecessarily and keep safe.

      1. At least you have thought about it Edward do u consider the rules clear though ?
        I can drive 500 miles for a walk and I don’t consider myself to be breaking any law inconsiderate yes no common sense yes
        There is no clarity if there was people wouldn’t be doing it
        Just like the panic buying blamed on the public again
        Greedy shops could of limited suppplies 2 or 3 per household From start don’t need gov guidance for that
        I think they were just enjoying the profit boost can’t expect the public to react rationally
        Maybe they should have done that in ww2 instead of rationing the food
        Just expected the public To be sensible
        Nah they had common sense back then unlike this government

        1. I am now living in NZ having left UK 2 yrs ago. Both NZ and Singapore forbid unnecessary non essential travel and Singapore has the situation under control. Even a 15 mins drive to a beach or river is forbidden as any accident or potential contact can exacerbate medical workload. Nobody knows how many will have the same ideas to travel to these places. Lockdown means lockdown. People are dying if we run out of medical beds. I was asked regularly to return to help in NHS and new field hospitals are being setup. The sooner we break the chain, the sooner we can return to normality allowing others to work. The government was slow in implementing lockdown. Supermarket limits 2 items per person to avoid leaving old and vulnerable helpless.

          Stop thinking everything is a nefarious scheme by supermarkets and government. Next minute you will be attaching evil intention to the hardwork NHS staff are doing.

          As the NZ said, be kind to each other and lookout for everyone. I am not a big fan of some aspects of the UK government esp BJohnson and NHS but we are all in this together.

    1. Post

      Hi John

      I understand some news outlets contacted the Home Office and they confirmed it wasn’t against guidelines to drive somewhere to exercise?

      1. Here’s an idea. Instead of driving somewhere to exercise, walk there instead and then you have done your exercise.

  2. Adam.martial law has NOT been declared in the UK,as yet. Please refer to dictionary definition as to what martial law actually is.
    You may object to what or how the govt is dealing with the C19 issue but get over it. People are dying who should not because of idiots not following the RULES as to isolation which is not driving miles to walk etc.

    1. If people drive but are not in contact with anyone, they are maintaining the required self isolation. Walking some where remote significantly reduces the risk of close proximity to others also taking their permitted exercise in densely populated areas. There are maintaining the 2m rule. All of which seems compliant with the rules.

      Frankly, people will go stir crazy incarcerated for what will be weeks on end (you can ignore the 3 week drip-feed expectation setting – those in the industries impacted expect 4 months). There is no good reason why people cannot go out in their car for a ride, enjoy being out, returned refreshed and uplifted, so long as they keep them selves to them selves. There are no pubs. cafes or restaurants open so they are not going to find places of refreshment to intermingle with others.

      There are better things for the police to be doing at the moment.

        1. Too bloody right, I have a boat that I pay £1500 a year to keep moored on the Ouse, I alone go to her as I relax there after losing mr career to an assault, I am at home most days of the week, one person I visit is a veteran and we cheer each other up as both have mental issues. I have just unwrapped the boat from the winter shut down, now I cannot go back, I need to check her as I do throughout the year for break-ins etc. I go in the car on my own as my family have no interest in the boat and despise me for buying her, the river is very calming and a short river trip really helps unwind, even light maintence helps the mind as I cannot work on cars anymore due to disabilities. The police need to use this time to catch up on crime, like what happened to my brand new dinghy that got nicked and no police turned up or the other things that get nicked they did not investigate, or the £5000 I lost to fraud, oh yes no action. We are now in a police state, 6000 a year die of the flu every year in the UK, also this virus covid 19 is mentioned in the the government flu report for 2018/19 as known about back in 2012.

      1. utter tosh. if you allow people to drive to these places youll have queues, like there were at snowdon.
        then there will be accidents involving rescue teams, putting them in hospital and a strain on the hospitals.

      2. RE;- Kevin Johnson comments,

        I completely agree with you, when you’re in your car, you are completely isolated from everyone who is not in your car, and going to a remote place to exercise your right to exercise, is the best idea, because you are doing exactly what they recommend you do AVOIDING OTHER PEOPLE ! the people who say this is WRONG, clearly are very STUPID people ! and as for the police, how low will they stoop to make a few pounds ??? of course, they will have to make up for their loss of REVENUE from speeding fines etc !

        1. rubbish, if you let people do this these remote places no longer become isolated, itll be a free for all.

    2. A Great Comment, well said!
      If everyone stayed at home, and if they really needed to go out to (say) walk the dog, kept it local, and avoided contact, and washed their hands, avoiding touching things as best as they can. The virus could not spread, and would die out in a few weeks.
      It is mainly the selfish idiots who are carrying it along…. You only have to watch the number of cockney w anchors who are still stuffing themselves onto tube trains with no regard but their selfish own needs.

      1. I agree with best part of your comments,but being a so called cockney myself born and bred some 71yrs ago,I am intrigued as to how you identify and label these so called cockney w*****s.

  3. The government advice is self explanatory. There is absolutely no justification for travelling anything more than absolutely minimal distance to “get exercise”.

    Every person who has driven to the Peak District (in this case) is a potential virus carrier transporting the virus from place to place, and creating opportunities for infection. Further, consider what happens if one of these people has an accident on the way home. They create a risk of spreading the virus to everyone involved in dealing with that – breakdown service, police, ambulance, etc. It is unnecessary risk.

  4. I do think people should be named and shamed. To get to remote parts you first need to travel by car. Your car uses fuel so you need to put in fuel at the service station, god knows how many hands have used the fuel nozzle, you then have to make payment where I would say most of the time at the least you have to enter your pin number into the card machine which again how many hands have touched the keypad.
    Also if you break down you have to call out others to assist you.
    If you were involved in an accident that could mean taking the emergency services away from other serious matters.
    So YES they should be named and shamed.
    If you are fortunate to live in a scenic spot, great for you and enjoy the view. If you live in a built up area then just be thankful that you can get outside on your streets to do a bit of walking or running.


    2. OK. IF you need to get fuel
      IF you touch a fuel nozzle
      IF you finger the pin machine
      IF you break down
      IF you were involved in an accident

      IF, IF, IF, IF
      IF you are paranoid
      IF you worry yourself stupid
      IF you get stressed out easily
      IF you spend time constantly moaning about others [not reaching your oh so high standards]
      IF you love pointing out how wrong other people are [compared to your brilliantly successful moral compass]

      IF you suffer from these things or even a few, you have more chance of needing medication than anyone with this Corona stuff. Stress kills. Just chill out and let the world carry on. IF you don’t stick your nose in where it is not needed and just calm down a bit you may live a longer stress free life

      1. well said, and if your tanked up already whats wrong with going for drive and not even getting out of car?

    3. Very good points, Petrol pumps are officially major sources of viral contact, how many drivers fill up without gloves on, then the card machine pad, more contact probably no gloves, and finally, any accidents on the road mean the NHS are pulled away from the hospitals where they are desperately needed.

  5. Your poll is disingenuous. The people in the video can not be identified, so they are not being ‘shamed.’ The video is being used to teach the hard of thinking, what they should and should not be doing during this pandemic. By driving to these remote locations, people are risking being involved in an accident, which would put additional strain on the emergency services and the NHS. Even a simple breakdown that requires roadside assistance would needlessly expose other people to the risk of infection, as does their need for more refuelling.
    Stay at home!

  6. All travel is restricted. What would happen if there was an accident, ambulance, police, and fire crews have to attend. Why needlessly put their well being and lives at risk, just because Fido wants to go walkies. The emergency services have enough to do at this tragic time.

  7. There is a danger, however small, that the virus will be spread to another area notwithstanding a possibility of breakdown or RTC requiring emergency service personnel to attend.
    There have been no regulations made in regard to the spread between areas but it seems obvious that containment to a localised area could help control the spread. Note the data concerning the numbers of people infected are proportionately greater for cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester. After all the regulations major on “stay at home to contain the virus”.

  8. These people must follow the law. There are so many people like me are so vulnerable to this killer infection that this sort of behaviour persists. Clearly they dont understand transmission of thus virulent virus and what the rest of the country are trying to achieve. Do they really want to contribute to more deaths. I feel thus us lack if understanding but request on behalf of seriously immune impaired people please please dont help this virus kill us

  9. Difficult one this. I am allowed to walk down the road and back for exercise, surely the peak district is more secure. But it can attract hoards of walkers as it did here at Pen y fan. That is I feel wrong. Gives out the wrong message.some bikers travelled 100 miles tobe in LLandovery just for the fun. That was wrong. No exercise at all.

  10. France has been in strictly enforced lockdown since the 15th of March.

    Yesterday was the highest number of COVID-19 deaths in France since the first case was indentified, 365 deaths.

    And todays Daily Express (27/03) shows two cops in Harrogate checking cars at a checkpoint. They have thin vinyl gloves on but no face masks. I wouldn’t like to be sat in my car for whatever reason and having possibly infected cops breathing over me.

    1. To A. N.Other….
      You shouldn’t be sat in your car? You should be at home. What’s the problem with that?

      1. Don’t be so ridiculous, the rules clearly state you can go shopping, you can go out for many reasons, all can be done, but as little as possible, I shall be going out later in the car to drop some food off for my 91 year old Father in law or shall I let him starve?

        What you are saying is akin to the report of the idiot that started abusing a neighbor for weeding his garden saying he was breaking the law being out of his house, no it’s good exercise and pefecty safe and getting exercise within the confines of your own garden is actually being encouraged and within the rules, there will always be people who cannot grasp simple rules laid out before them no matter how black and white they are

      2. Simon Whittard

        You said: “You should be at home. What’s the problem with that?”

        The problem is because I am stuck in another country due to their lockdown and even if I could get back to the UK I couldn’t go anywhere due to the UK lockdown.

        So I can’t be at home even though you demand that I “should be at home”.

  11. If everybody decided to just go out and think they are not going to put anyone at risk by doing so, we will not slow the spread.
    People featured in the drone shots are only thinking of themselves and are still not seeing how serious our situation is.
    They are certainly not thinking about spreading the infection to our Fabulous NHS front-line workers.
    If “Marshall Law” is needed so be it, but it will be brought in due to people like these shown on the footage that necessitate it !!

  12. Its just another scam to bring in more draconian laws and maybe forced vaccines, like all the other so called viruses that have gone before this book is well worth a read its about germ and virus THEORY.
    “What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is…”
    by Dawn Lester

  13. I totally agree with Geoff Back. Should they have an accident or breakdown they will be putting police officers / paramedics / AA or RAC patrols and/or tow truck drivers at risk.
    Why can’t people just be sensible and considerate to others and exercise near to their homes
    This is NOT MARTIAL LAW just sensible rules given by the Government to help the NHS and the general public
    I am sure these restrictions will be lifted as soon as the scientists consider it safe to do so

  14. The problem is if the walkers videoed by drone are officially found to be within their rights and government ‘advice’, which they possibly are, how long will it be before we have another episode like last weekend with the world and his wife flocking to beauty spots irrespective of the distance traveled to get there?

    Is the purpose of government advice not to avoid exactly that? People congregating in large numbers and spreading the virus?

  15. Its clear here there are only a few people walking dogs. What if hundreds turn up? The message is clear stay at home.
    Walk your dog locally and from your house and back. I have 2 dogs and walk them on my own close to home, it would be nice to walk in the countryside like these people are doing but I don’t. I work in a trade critical position and drive around all day. its surprising how many people are not taking this seriously.

  16. My God, Is it getting to the point where the public will be calling for firing squads to help clean up the problem of these random walkers seen in the hills and dales of our green and pleasant lands. It will give the police a laugh using hunting helicopters instead of drones. Quick! Lets get a hunting party organised for some real sport. More humans than elephants so what’s the harm. They did something I don’t agree with so hammer the little fools into the ground. In fact…… Maybe they could be converted to sausages and burgers. Then the hoarding shoppers can buy some bargain meat for their family -and then the smug idiots may form another disease where human meat mixes with veggie fungus and mutates with alcohol and then the teflon which the DuPont family polluted the globe with [yes it is in all of us and animals] will finally trigger off the worst pandemic ever. Only a 5% survival rate but the happy anti freedom brigade should be happy [even if it is from beyond the grave]

  17. To coin a recent well-used Richard Littlejohn comment… Give anyone, ANYONE a modicum of power and authority, and they will always, always, ALWAYS abuse it! As can be evidenced here.

    1. Spot on! some of the comments on here show how easy it is for those in power to brainwash the public and induce them into feeling self rightous indignation against others who prefer not to act like sheep.

  18. Going out is so stupid my partners daughter and husband have caught covid 19 through no fault of their own, its due to people being selfish and ignorant to the fact. They are very very ill so when they stay in STAY THE FUCK IN STAY THE FUCK IN they’ve got infected over 3 weeks ago so yes they should be publicley flogged and heavily find. Bet you would change your mind if it was your family if they caught it wouldnt you then tell the police are going over bored. I wait for that responce.

  19. Please concentrate on getting the right message out there, delivery companies like Argos, DX, FedEx, Etc. are still delivering next day deliveries of patio chairs, bathroom suites, and garden sheds which in no way can be called “essential” and forcing their drivers to go to peoples houses who are isolating and staying within the rules. These drivers cover 250 – 350 miles per day around South Wales potentially infecting or getting infected by hundreds of people a day. Essential deliveries are food and medical supplies, not household goods that can wait. Shame these companies in an effort to protect us all.

  20. So when they touch a gate latch, and potentially pass on the virus to someone else who is also stupid enough to be out walking the fells instead of complying with government directives, then I, along with any sane person can see that these people are being selfish, not only to other stupid walkers and their families but also to the overstretched NHS and the police who could be doing other things.
    It is a total selfish disrespect for society.
    Its a shame the police aren’t allowed to shoot them with rubber bullets from a helicopter. That would make for great youtube viewing.

  21. The advice is to stay at home. It’s simple. Only go out for essential reasons.
    Every time one goes out in a vehicle it potentially endangers the emergency services. If there is an RTE or breakdown, those folks may have to attend. This would not be the case if you had stayed at home. Lives are at stake here. It’s not difficult. Stay at home folks!

  22. Sorry Adam, don’t agree with you. People are dying and the instructions are simple to limit the spread and get through this with the lowest loss of life possible. Unlike France and Spain our Government asked us to comply as we are not a Police State. Unfortunately, too many thick or selfish people decided to ignore the advice which gave the Government no choice but to enforce it. I truly believe that all of this will get back to normal as soon as we are clear of the virus. People in London seem to be particularly arrogant in disregarding the advice for some reason and many have decided it will be fun to leave London for the duration and come down to the West Country with their families. We have the lowest number of hospital beds, the lowest number of IVU beds (19 and right now every one is occupied by a virus victim on a ventilator) and the highest number of elderly and vulnerable people. This is a crisis and people should obey the rules!!

  23. Absolutely irresponsible to be doing this. By all means have your hour of exercise close to home please. Reality is government guidelines are not clear enough and should be clearer/stricter. This isn’t a normal virus, please take care!!! And the person suggesting it’s a scam? Seriously? What do you say to our NHS workers who are risking their lives, the doctors who have died after treating patients? it’s not the time to be flippant when lives are being lost!

  24. They might break down or have an accident so come in to contact with someone.
    Insignificant compared with letting construction workers cram onto the tube trains though.

    Law needs to be upheld however. It’s the same for all of us, these people are behaving as though they know better.

    These are some of the country’s A-holes.

    Adam Blair, you’re another one.

    Who the **** do you think you are?

  25. Unless we all obey the rules, this thing will drag on and on, the rules are simple, STAY AT HOME UNLESS YOUR JOURNEY IS ESSENTIAL.

    People are DYING because of STUPID people applying their own interpretation of the word ESSENTIAL.


  26. Silly people. Why don’t they think about the people living in these areas that now cant/wont go out for fear of catching the virus from the outsiders that infest their part of the country.
    How would these people travelling feel if hundreds of potential infected people started hanging around in their back garden.
    Personally i feel martial law is needed if just for these mindless selfish people that think the rules don’t apply to them. I’d love to travel and enjoy a walk in a scenic location but thats just stupid and do i really want to be the one that potentially brings the virus into my home and into my city?
    We’re in this together? well obviously not if people are determined to spread the virus. The longer this goes on the less employment there will be for most to go back to once its all over. Just touching a bench or rock in these scenic areas is enough to catch the virus if the person that sat/touched it 5 mins earlier had it. Pure stupidity!

  27. Maybe these people live reasonably locally to the area in a town where the dog walking in town means you meet someone every 10 yards on the footpath so this makes walking the dog easier and less risky. However people driving for miles out of their way to get a lovely location to walk at is negligent an sellfish.

  28. The problem and nobody seams to have hit the nail on the head so far is
    Interpretation almost every single New silly law has ( I call them silly because they are to easy to abuse sidestep or misinterpret not because I don’t agree with measures )
    1 .you can walk for exercise no clarity must be alone or pairs or within 1 mile of home so I can drive 100miles and walk were I like that’s a fact dog or no dog

    Also more or less impossible to police how many times have I been for a walk today I’m sure they won’t be able to run an effective data base

    Bo jo has dropped the ball big time far to late closing schools compared to Italy (and look at them) now his gov and the wonderful nhs are setting up to blame the public for the apocalyptic death toll that I believe is on its way

    The nhs will never effectively blame gov cause they are the gov maybe they have vested interest in more funding who knows but there starting to blame us

    Just like the police also gov knowing they can’t come out and critic there master or just simply that brainwashed and unable to think for themselves Are ready to put the boot in

    Sorry I wish my English was better hopefully it’s not to hard to follow

    Stay safe spread love not virus hopefully I’m wrong maybe the weather will give us a break who knows

  29. Imagine if they said don’t speed but gave no definition of what speeding was

    No limits no 30mph signs no instructions in the Highway Code I wonder what would happen

    I guess we’d have a variety of interpretations on every built up council Estate from 10mph to about 80mph

    Just like there you can walk for exercise rule

  30. It’s incredible to hear the trash people talk, actually defending the police over this. There are so many issues these traitors should be dealing with, but as usual, they attack innocent British people. We are nothing to them. We pay them to protect us, and they treat us like trash. They’re happy to help muslims rape little girls all over the country whilst they work just as hard to take away our rights and freedoms. They’re not doing this to shame people because they care, it’s because they’re obsessed with power and nailing us down. Obsessed with controlling what we say, even what we think, and with stopping us from living as we want to. Fascist bastards!!!

    The government should have shut out travellers from abroad as soon as this news from China broke. But they waited till there were cases here in this country. For THIS very reason. To give them more excuses to take away more of our freedoms. This is just the beginning. No one should be defending this type of behaviour from the police. There are plenty of criminals for them to be chasing, but this is what they do instead!! All those defending these traitorous scumbags… Shame on you!!

  31. I am living in France we aren’t allowed to go more than 1Km from our home to exercise or walk your dog should be same there.

  32. I understand where you are coming from Adam, but in this case, I have to side with the police. the Peak District has it’s dangers for walkers (you can see the “Instagram” walkers are on a particularly rocky area where a person could easily slip and break a leg, in that case could an ambulance (taking up valuable resources) get to them or would an Air Ambulance be required? Once they have been seen by Paramedics, they would have to be taken to hospital to be seen by nurses and doctors etc. I think all walks in known dangerous areas should be outlawed.

  33. WHEN WILL PEOPLE GET IT. This is a KILLER bug. The government had to do something to stop the brain dead doing spreading it around. We were asked and people didn’t need. Now people winging because we have to do it. Shut up. Stop winging and get on with it. Oh and I think penalties should be a lot harsher. Stay home. Walk the bloody dog in local park and not drive miles because the scenery is better and your feed up. Suck it up and get on with it. BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T MANY MORE WILL DIE AND IT WILL GET HARDER AND LONGER COUPED UP

    1. This is NOT a killer bug. Already Oxford University estimate that 40% of the population have already had it, in most cases without even knowing it. It is only dangerous to those with existing respiratory-related health problems.

      Counted correctly, the number of fatalities is a similar percentage of those who contract it, as influenza.

      Sweden has taken no precautions at all except isolating the vulnerable groups and their instances are similar to ours.

  34. We all think our police are fair and reasonable, unlike the police in other countries.

    This just shows what lies under the surface of SOME police officers, who are clearly delighting in apeing the Gestapo, given half a chance.

    It comes from the top, though. You only have to consider which Chief Constables are allowing this to happen and on current evidence the Met seems to be taking a much more reasonable line.

  35. So we have the local lager louts with their dogs walking around locally, 2 m apart, spitting everywhere, dropping litter, leaving dog mess on the pavements, and no one is questioning them.
    Then we have hard working respectable people daring to drive the dog that they pay VAT and tax on to feed and leash, to a local hill where they can keep well away from others, not littering and spitting everywhere, in the car that is taxed, insured (with more tax paid on the insurance), fuelled with a taxed fuel, maintained by a garage who charges VAT, wearing clothes that were taxed and charged VAT on, all paid for with their wages that were taxed and paying National Insurance. And the Police invade their privacy and film them to say they are doing wrong.
    Guess that says it all what this country is about.
    And why there is no Great in front of Britain anymore, just United Klowndom.
    On reflection though, as long as they were living close by to the hills anyway, I can’t see what is wrong. Lucky them living in a nice place. Now someone who drives there from miles away is different.

  36. We urgently need complete clarification: Has (or has not) a law been passed that renders it illegal, subject to police action and ultimately punishable through the UK court system, to drive on the public roads without having one of the “officially prescribed and approved” purposes or destinations”.

  37. In principle I Agree that they have not done anything wrong. Though their actions may send the wrong message to the wider public.
    Also,there is no clarification on where you may take the excersie, or indeed how far you might be obliged to drive to find “essential” supplies.

    1. Frederick, yes they have broken the rules, they can take there exercise at or close to their home. driving 20 miles to take youe exercise is not right and presents a huge risk and is a non essential journey.

      FFS none of this hard to understand

  38. I am sitting here abiding by all the rules knowing that i am safe in my own home but every day I have to turn up for work to treat these people who have covid19 I would rather people went this far out and not round their own neighbour hood or through the town and I would rather you did not use bad language on the web page this does not help in any way I would suggest that you mind your selves not other people I generally find that people who criticize others are bigger wrong doers them selves and losing their tempers helps no one and could jeopardise their own health please slow down stay safe your self follow guide lines and dont worry about others let the authorities deal with them you will make my job easy and others then we will not have to treat you for a mental breakdown. and I and others thank you all for your support.

  39. Thought we were allowed to exercise – does it matter where as long as we keep away from others ?

  40. Well, now that both the Prime Minister and the chief Health secretary have tested positive for coronavirus, two people that have probably been washing their hands 50,000 times a day, my point still stands that you can’t get this from non hand washing. Also my point still stands that its airborne.

    1. Unless this is the most unusual virus ever it can be transferred through both air droplets and by touch.
      This is a known fact for other corinaviruses like the flu.
      Why would this be any different?

  41. Hi Adam and everyone,
    I am sorry Adam but you are wrong to criticise the police and government.
    People who drive to places that are non-essential are usually using fuel and will need to refuel. Everything they touch in the filling station has the potential to carry infection.
    It’s all very well to demand that govenment spends and spends Billions and Billions but its the tax payers who must pay. Then youwill critise the inevitable rise in taxation.
    I could say so much more.
    May none of youcatch the virus.

  42. On a practical front I wonder if the people who flooded out to England’s beauty spots to ‘exercise’ and walk their dogs considered the fact that they made the roads busier, hampering essential supplies to the NHS, supermarkets etc not to mention taking up beds in hospitals with road accident victims (some possibly ICU’s which are currently in short supply as we know). Also using fuel supplies unnecessarily which essential services could then run short of, not to mention wasting Police time in enforcement of ‘the rules’ that most of the population now see as life saving.




    Stay safe.

  43. I don’t understand how you believe they have done nothing wrong. The PM made it clear there are 4 reasons for you to leave your house. These people have clearly not left their houses for one of the 4 reasons. That, surely, is enough.

    Without wanting to be rude, it only requires an understanding of what the PM meant by, ”Essential”.

  44. still the majority experts will agree (but maybe not The gov employee’s )

    That the majority of the COVID-19 spread will have come from leaving the airports open

    Not closing the schools

    there was even a medic from er on the news he’d with COVID-19 he had caught from the teachers he lived with

    None so blind though

    I’m all for social distance and doing my bit

    I support the nhs in principle ( although I don’t think they provide value for the tax payer )

    I have even signed up as a volunteer as I’d much prefer to support the front line this way than by overtaxation the private sector struggles enough

    Let’s just make sure we hold those in charge responsible for spreading COVID-19 and not acting fast with all the thousands of deaths that may follow (If independent experts unbiased experts agree that was the source of the majority of the spread) I don’t think whoops or sorry will do

    maybe some sort of war crimes trail could be in order depending how this horrible situation plays out

    And Let’s also Remember all the nhs sheep leaders and mangers to scared to stand up-to or fight the ludicrous decisions from them in charge Just ready to blame however inaccurate percentage wise the little man the Lilliputian The few misguided fools that were taking liberties with there exercise allowance


  45. Ok, that’s all well and good but I work in construction in Birmingham and we are being told we have to come to work and are still working every day, how does that work?

  46. It might be OK if peps sanatised every thing they touched so not to leave any germs they may have, but being realistic this wont happen. Also if filling car with fuel could catch or give coronavirus a further chance to kill.

    1,000 dead and counting peps really should think why court infection.

  47. You can’t cherrypick the rules you want to follow, law is law it’s for everyone’s safety, I don’t think they should necessarily be shamed though, a clear polite warning or a kick in the arse if they continue to ignore warnings would suffice …

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