Who OWNS You?

Dear All,

“Happy new year”…

It hasn’t quite got the same ring to it this year, has it? :-)

I’ve been mulling over what I should write about in the now traditional new years message to Members for about a week now…

To be honest, I’ve been torn and it’s been stressing me out quite a bit!

I’ve reached some conclusions this year that I know many Members will not agree with, and some may even deem to be crazy. And espousing them all here really wouldn’t serve any purpose, and probably wouldn’t be great for business either.

And it’s a business that I’ve spent 15 years building with the help and support of the most important people of all – our Users and Members – in other words; YOU.

But as I’ve wrestled with this thought over the last few days, I finally realised something late on new year’s eve 2020;

When the going gets tough, you must speak your mind, even if some people don’t like it.

So rather than writing the usual “thank you” message (by the way, I DO thank you – I mean that from the bottom of my heart), I thought, why not publish an article I wrote earlier in the year — mostly for my own sanity at the time — but never published?

I know that everyone believes what they believe, and the only person who can question one’s beliefs is themself.

But I just wanted to “plant a seed” for those who are open to thinking about things differently to the way most of us have for our entire lives.

So without further preamble, here’s what I’d like to say to those who are open to listening on the first day of 2021…

Thanks all. Without you, we are nothing.

All the best,


(article follows >>>)

Who Owns You?

2020 has been one crazy year!

Since the start of the “pandemic” I’ve been watching, thinking… and learning.

I’ve learned all about Governments and what they truly are.

I’ve learned about the true meaning of “anarchy”, and what that actually means (hint: it’s not what you almost certainly think it is!).

I’ve learned about how the pharmaceutical industry directly finances and controls the bodies who advice governments on matters of “public heath”.

The result of this… I’ll be honest… obsession… with trying to understand what on earth is going on has lead me to have what you could call an awakening.

As long term Members will know, I’ve always been pretty anti-establishment and anti “authority”. I’ve been that way ever Since I was a little kid.

If a teacher at school told me to do something, you can bet your life I’d do the opposite!

Same with my parents (sorry Mum and Dad!).

And yet… as an adult I have “dutifully” paid taxes. I’ve obeyed (most) “laws” and pretty much conformed with how “my” (that’s funny!) government wanted me to behave…

So what’s wrong with that? I hear you ask.

Well, after this “awakening” I mentioned, I feel confident in proposing that there is a whole LOT wrong with that!

I’m not going to try to justify that statement now because there is no point. I know from personal experience that just because something can be logically argued, it will not change the mind of someone with a different opinion.

Instead, I think it makes more sense (and is less offensive) to simply “plant a seed” as I said. And hopefully that seed will take route with you. And if you’re open to thinking in a new way, you may choose to start really thinking about what I’m getting at here for yourself.

Anyhow, of late I’ve have had cause to ask the question WHY I have I have been so obedient to the whims of a ruling class of people I don’t know, have never met, and know nothing about.

These people propose to dictate how we should live, how we should behave, and demand that we should hand over a very significant portion of the money we earn with our labour to them, to do with as they see fit, even if we explicitly disagree with how it’s used. For example when it’s used to murder people in far away lands we have never met, in “wars” between one set of rulers and another.

At the start of the “pandemic” I began blogging about how I thought the whole thing was highly suspect and how I was concerned that we were headed towards a totalitarian future.

Many Members broadly agreed with what I was saying.

However a vocal group started to go a little crazy on me, demanding that we MUST comply with the government without question.

I didn’t know it at the time, and I’m sure those people still don’t… and probably never will.

But I have since learned they are what is referred to as “Statists”.

I don’t dislike statists.

Almost everyone I know, including my best friends and family are!

Statism means that you essentially accept the “authority” a “State” claims to have to tell you what to do… how to behave, what you can and can’t do, and so on… This “authority” overrides your own moral compass because, by it’s nature, it supersedes the individuals own will.

Of course this exists only as a result of very clever social conditioning.

Almost all of us (including me) have been conditioned since young children to believe in the concept of “authority”. Which is to say that some other person or entity can dictate how we conduct our lives, and we – albeit sometimes grudgingly – comply.

First from our parents, then from school (which, incidentally, is designed to produce “obedient workers” and “soldiers who won’t question authority” — you can search the origins of those statements if you are interested!).

…and then by our gradually introduced subservience to governments “authority” as we grow up and start being presented with rules and regulations we “need” to follow.

This subservience is presumed by almost everyone, and the idea of people bowing to “authority” is presented as a given in the television and print media.

So who gives the people with “authority” the right to tell you or I what we can and can’t do?

Are you stupid Adam? I hear you ask!

That’s why we have a democracy!

But what is democracy?

Indulge me for a moment if you would…

If there were a group of, say, 100 people and two of them got together and said “Lets organise a vote amongst whoever of the 100 people will agree to do so. Whoever of us gets the most votes will have the right to tell the rest of the group what they can and can’t do”.

With much persuasion, they get 12 of the 100 people to agree to vote.

7 vote for Bob and 5 vote for John.

The other 88 people in the group have no interest in giving either Bob or John authority to tell them what they can or can’t do and prefer to be in charge of their own actions.

So… Can a reasonable argument be made that Bob can now tell the whole group of 100 people what they can and can’t do?

If you answered “yes” then Congratulations! You are a Statist :-)

If you are having trouble answering the question, that’s likely because of the phenomenon of Cognitive Dissonance.

Basically you have been presented with a logical argument – which you’ve been open enough to consider – the answer to which conflicts with your long held and ingrained beliefs.

You may be feeling uncomfortable with the question, because it’s only logical answer is at odds with your world view, which has been pounded into your head since you were born, and positively reinforced ever since.

The natural reaction for most will be to disregard the question and just forget it, because it’s difficult to really challenge long held beliefs that have been instilled in us over decades. I think the older you get, the more difficult it becomes.

But just a few people will ponder the question.

This may cause you — like me — to have an awakening about what “government” really is, or it may lead you to some other conclusion…

You see, you can think and say whatever you want!


Well …no.

During 2020, there has been a massive campaign of censorship and repression across all the major social media platforms.

I’ve seen content creators and just regular people censored and then banned one after the other because they don’t submit to the “authority” of privately funded NGO’s such as the WHO, who have massive conflicts of interest that appear to cause them to pathologically lie.

I won’t go into the in’s and out’s of it, but suffice to say that if you question the “official narrative” of governments (and in my view those more shadowy organisations who influence them, including the central banking cartel) on any of the major online platforms, you are censored and then banned from having a voice on these platforms.

I even have first hand experience of this. I posted a criticism of the Motorsports Associations subservience to the government on Facebook (which I no longer use) and within seconds it was deleted!

In my view, this is a major issue, and one that needs to be bought to peoples attention. On major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others you can not say what you think if it contradicts certain government or some NGO’s narratives.

It kind of brings this back full circle to my blog post on new years day last year entitled “Time To Take Our Freedom Back?”, from which I’ll quote one prophetic statement:

“And *crucially* are we wandering towards this sort of totalitarianism — and eventually even worse?

But the good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom!

Together, we have the power, and not the minority who claim to possess it.

If we have the backbone to ignore what we know to be wrong then we will thrive.

If we cower like weak, subservient subjects then the next generations will not thank us.

Arguably the most powerful way that the “ruling class” gain power over us is by controlling the “money” (actually currency) supply.

There is a parallel financial system being built as we speak (actually it already exists).

I told Members about this system back in early 2020 and those who acted on the information are pretty happy as of today :-)

When I recommended BTST Members look into Bitcoin, it was around £7800 per Bitcoin.

As of today (new years eve as I write), it’s at £21,300 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gives us hope to fight back and regain our Freedom.

I’m not even going to promote the link to the report. If you want it, you’ll find it.

But I urge you once again to look at it independently.

I wish you truly the very best for 2021.

TALEX 3 is due soon, but even more importantly, I’d like to remind you again that;

“We are the architects of our own destiny”.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,


P.S. If this blog has struck a chord with you, I’d like to recommend a short book by Larken Rose called The Most Dangerous Superstition. You can get it on Amazon, or you can get the audio book for free on YouTube (assuming they haven’t censored it yet!).

Enjoy, and I’d be interested in your thoughts in the comments below (although I’m going to resist the urge to reply to any because I know this is a VERY touchy subject for some!).

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