Who OWNS You?

Dear All,

“Happy new year”…

It hasn’t quite got the same ring to it this year, has it? :-)

I’ve been mulling over what I should write about in the now traditional new years message to Members for about a week now…

To be honest, I’ve been torn and it’s been stressing me out quite a bit!

I’ve reached some conclusions this year that I know many Members will not agree with, and some may even deem to be crazy. And espousing them all here really wouldn’t serve any purpose, and probably wouldn’t be great for business either.

And it’s a business that I’ve spent 15 years building with the help and support of the most important people of all – our Users and Members – in other words; YOU.

But as I’ve wrestled with this thought over the last few days, I finally realised something late on new year’s eve 2020;

When the going gets tough, you must speak your mind, even if some people don’t like it.

So rather than writing the usual “thank you” message (by the way, I DO thank you – I mean that from the bottom of my heart), I thought, why not publish an article I wrote earlier in the year — mostly for my own sanity at the time — but never published?

I know that everyone believes what they believe, and the only person who can question one’s beliefs is themself.

But I just wanted to “plant a seed” for those who are open to thinking about things differently to the way most of us have for our entire lives.

So without further preamble, here’s what I’d like to say to those who are open to listening on the first day of 2021…

Thanks all. Without you, we are nothing.

All the best,

Adam (article follows >>>)

Who Owns You?

2020 has been one crazy year!

Since the start of the “pandemic” I’ve been watching, thinking… and learning.

I’ve learned all about Governments and what they truly are.

I’ve learned about the true meaning of “anarchy”, and what that actually means (hint: it’s not what you almost certainly think it is!).

I’ve learned about how the pharmaceutical industry directly finances and controls the bodies who advice governments on matters of “public heath”.

The result of this… I’ll be honest… obsession… with trying to understand what on earth is going on has lead me to have what you could call an awakening.

As long term Members will know, I’ve always been pretty anti-establishment and anti “authority”. I’ve been that way ever Since I was a little kid.

If a teacher at school told me to do something, you can bet your life I’d do the opposite!

Same with my parents (sorry Mum and Dad!).

And yet… as an adult I have “dutifully” paid taxes. I’ve obeyed (most) “laws” and pretty much conformed with how “my” (that’s funny!) government wanted me to behave…

So what’s wrong with that? I hear you ask.

Well, after this “awakening” I mentioned, I feel confident in proposing that there is a whole LOT wrong with that!

I’m not going to try to justify that statement now because there is no point. I know from personal experience that just because something can be logically argued, it will not change the mind of someone with a different opinion.

Instead, I think it makes more sense (and is less offensive) to simply “plant a seed” as I said. And hopefully that seed will take route with you. And if you’re open to thinking in a new way, you may choose to start really thinking about what I’m getting at here for yourself.

Anyhow, of late I’ve have had cause to ask the question WHY I have I have been so obedient to the whims of a ruling class of people I don’t know, have never met, and know nothing about.

These people propose to dictate how we should live, how we should behave, and demand that we should hand over a very significant portion of the money we earn with our labour to them, to do with as they see fit, even if we explicitly disagree with how it’s used. For example when it’s used to murder people in far away lands we have never met, in “wars” between one set of rulers and another.

At the start of the “pandemic” I began blogging about how I thought the whole thing was highly suspect and how I was concerned that we were headed towards a totalitarian future.

Many Members broadly agreed with what I was saying.

However a vocal group started to go a little crazy on me, demanding that we MUST comply with the government without question.

I didn’t know it at the time, and I’m sure those people still don’t… and probably never will.

But I have since learned they are what is referred to as “Statists”.

I don’t dislike statists.

Almost everyone I know, including my best friends and family are!

Statism means that you essentially accept the “authority” a “State” claims to have to tell you what to do… how to behave, what you can and can’t do, and so on… This “authority” overrides your own moral compass because, by it’s nature, it supersedes the individuals own will.

Of course this exists only as a result of very clever social conditioning.

Almost all of us (including me) have been conditioned since young children to believe in the concept of “authority”. Which is to say that some other person or entity can dictate how we conduct our lives, and we – albeit sometimes grudgingly – comply.

First from our parents, then from school (which, incidentally, is designed to produce “obedient workers” and “soldiers who won’t question authority” — you can search the origins of those statements if you are interested!).

…and then by our gradually introduced subservience to governments “authority” as we grow up and start being presented with rules and regulations we “need” to follow.

This subservience is presumed by almost everyone, and the idea of people bowing to “authority” is presented as a given in the television and print media.

So who gives the people with “authority” the right to tell you or I what we can and can’t do?

Are you stupid Adam? I hear you ask!

That’s why we have a democracy!

But what is democracy?

Indulge me for a moment if you would…

If there were a group of, say, 100 people and two of them got together and said “Lets organise a vote amongst whoever of the 100 people will agree to do so. Whoever of us gets the most votes will have the right to tell the rest of the group what they can and can’t do”.

With much persuasion, they get 12 of the 100 people to agree to vote.

7 vote for Bob and 5 vote for John.

The other 88 people in the group have no interest in giving either Bob or John authority to tell them what they can or can’t do and prefer to be in charge of their own actions.

So… Can a reasonable argument be made that Bob can now tell the whole group of 100 people what they can and can’t do?

If you answered “yes” then Congratulations! You are a Statist :-)

If you are having trouble answering the question, that’s likely because of the phenomenon of Cognitive Dissonance.

Basically you have been presented with a logical argument – which you’ve been open enough to consider – the answer to which conflicts with your long held and ingrained beliefs.

You may be feeling uncomfortable with the question, because it’s only logical answer is at odds with your world view, which has been pounded into your head since you were born, and positively reinforced ever since.

The natural reaction for most will be to disregard the question and just forget it, because it’s difficult to really challenge long held beliefs that have been instilled in us over decades. I think the older you get, the more difficult it becomes.

But just a few people will ponder the question.

This may cause you — like me — to have an awakening about what “government” really is, or it may lead you to some other conclusion…

You see, you can think and say whatever you want!


Well …no.

During 2020, there has been a massive campaign of censorship and repression across all the major social media platforms.

I’ve seen content creators and just regular people censored and then banned one after the other because they don’t submit to the “authority” of privately funded NGO’s such as the WHO, who have massive conflicts of interest that appear to cause them to pathologically lie.

I won’t go into the in’s and out’s of it, but suffice to say that if you question the “official narrative” of governments (and in my view those more shadowy organisations who influence them, including the central banking cartel) on any of the major online platforms, you are censored and then banned from having a voice on these platforms.

I even have first hand experience of this. I posted a criticism of the Motorsports Associations subservience to the government on Facebook (which I no longer use) and within seconds it was deleted!

In my view, this is a major issue, and one that needs to be bought to peoples attention. On major social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and others you can not say what you think if it contradicts certain government or some NGO’s narratives.

It kind of brings this back full circle to my blog post on new years day last year entitled “Time To Take Our Freedom Back?”, from which I’ll quote one prophetic statement:

“And *crucially* are we wandering towards this sort of totalitarianism — and eventually even worse?

But the good news is that it’s not all doom and gloom!

Together, we have the power, and not the minority who claim to possess it.

If we have the backbone to ignore what we know to be wrong then we will thrive.

If we cower like weak, subservient subjects then the next generations will not thank us.

Arguably the most powerful way that the “ruling class” gain power over us is by controlling the “money” (actually currency) supply.

There is a parallel financial system being built as we speak (actually it already exists).

I told Members about this system back in early 2020 and those who acted on the information are pretty happy as of today :-)

When I recommended BTST Members look into Bitcoin, it was around £7800 per Bitcoin.

As of today (new years eve as I write), it’s at £21,300 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gives us hope to fight back and regain our Freedom.

I’m not even going to promote the link to the report. If you want it, you’ll find it.

But I urge you once again to look at it independently.

I wish you truly the very best for 2021.

TALEX 3 is due soon, but even more importantly, I’d like to remind you again that;

“We are the architects of our own destiny”.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,


P.S. If this blog has struck a chord with you, I’d like to recommend a short book by Larken Rose called The Most Dangerous Superstition. You can get it on Amazon, or you can get the audio book for free on YouTube (assuming they haven’t censored it yet!).

Enjoy, and I’d be interested in your thoughts in the comments below (although I’m going to resist the urge to reply to any because I know this is a VERY touchy subject for some!).

> Amazon/Kindle link (not a sponsored or affiliate link)

> YouTube link (free)

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  1. you are spot-on Adam in everything you say. I’ve been waiting for all this to unfold for 20 years but always hoping that i would be proved wrong. Sadly,that’s not so.

    1. Hi my friend happy new year and I applaud your very Acurate words I did what I call sign out the system over ten years ago after the 2008 bank robbery I have no faith In gov telling us the truth and they have hijacked the mainstream media to brain wash us , sadly some have bought into the lies being spun.I took your advice on bitcoin through your report and have massively profited since
      Good luck for the new year we are in some very interesting times’and don’t apologise for your beliefs you are amongst the few that can see through all this bullshit

  2. Hi Alan
    Yes, more and more people are waking up. I just hope enough do so in time.
    To quote Mark Twain. “The glory which is built upon a lie soon becomes a most unpleasant incumbrance. … How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and how hard it is to undo that work again!”
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you Adam. I agree with your article. Nice and simply written and explained, perfect to pass on to “sow a seed”. Is it ok to copy on to friends that I think would benefit from the ‘seed being planted’ ?

    It is (I think) both funny and interesting that the one spelling mistake I spotted is utterly appropriate to you as an individual. That is “route” instead of ‘root’ :-).
    Thanks again.
    Spencer Nash

  4. Can’t say I completely agree with all of that, if only that there needs to be some form of agreed behaviour for a reasonable society to exist (or is that just conditioned ‘statist’ thinking? Mmmmm….)

    Having said that, I’ve no idea where this government is magically generating the money it’s been spending and as a result of that, I did buy some Bitcoin. A very good call at the time. Let’s see where it goes from here.

  5. Absolutely!

    Just look up “The Great Reset” from the World Economic Forum in Davos and “Agenda 21” from the UN.

    I we don’t “rise up” now peacefully using the Constitutional Laws which no parliament can rescind without the consensus of the people most of the world will become like China’s totalitarianism where we shall be controlled by the state in whatever we do.

    Those dystopian films we used to dismiss as Sci-Fi nonsense but entertaining are becoming all too real!

  6. I agree with your comments but feel democracy is the answer. If the majority elect a government or we have a referendum the majority should decide. The trouble is the Members of Parliment do not represent the electorate the electorate represents the MP’s and Government.

    The opposition parties and a large number of conservatives are still trying to stop the referendum to leave the EU and they have caused the so called deal to be worse than it could have been. Who negotiates over anything by telling the other side what they will accept at the start of the negotiations.

    Who decides what an MP earns, a committee made up of MP’s that is not fair or sensible. The committee should be made up of a cross section of ordinary people.

    At 83 at general elections I do not vote for the best I vote for the least evil and I will very likely be forced to support the Tories again or risk ending up back in the EU.

    Bob Hill.

  7. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832), German writer, statesman wrote:

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

    This well-known, 250 year old assertion sums up today’s World succinctly although there are grounds for optimism that some people, centuries later, are at last waking up!

  8. We need to face the reality of our situation. This is a depopulation programme and it originates with our own elites, not China, not Russia but our own banking families based in ‘The City’.

  9. Adam, I couldn’t have put it better myself, well done. Except for one thing. We are all different, some more capable than others. Some need, and should be blindly led and some don’t need it. We don’t all have the insight that you obviously do and those people, however much they are a valuable part of humanity, need to be led. I have battled authority all my life and like you I did the opposite mostly or ignored it. I don’t like anyone telling me what to think, say or do. It’s an assault on my HR. Criticism of pretty much anything in social media is now banned. Even constructive. we have terms like racist, discrimination, homophobia, etc. etc thrown at us. We have to like things, we are not allowed top not like or discriminate any more. Everyone has likes and dislikes but they’re only allowed to say what they like, not dislike “just in case it upsets someone.” Oh dear oh dear, what a shame! Well done for forward thinking. Nil illegitimus carborundum. (That’s my family motto!) cheers j

  10. We have lost a lot of cherished and historically fought for freedoms over the last 10 or more years. Freedom of speech loss and sanctions at work are a good example of what happens if we express opinions which are against the new politically correct and current views. This will inevitably affect freedom of expressing religion and worship.
    I see this as an ongoing erosion of our freedoms.

  11. David Icke predicted this “ to the letter “…..
    Democracy is dead
    Our high street is nearly dead
    Our pubs are nearly dead
    Rise up and fight !!!

  12. Don’t disagree with anything you say however in my view unless you believe the revolution is coming you’re not going to win against the state so why not just go where you are treated best, every state has some rules, find one that fits with your beliefs and spend time there, in fact there’s probably nowhere perfect so find a few places to enjoy your life. Today, for me the UK is one of those places, at some times in the future it may drop off the list.

  13. You are nothing but a fruit cake, your arguments are baseless rubbish.
    Please delete me fr9m your mailing list

    1. Post

      Hi Alistair, you can unsubscribe “fr9m” the email list at any time using the link that says “unsubscribe from this list”, which is at the bottom of every email single we ever send. All the best, Adam (a.k.a. “Panettone Blair” ;-)

      1. The comments on Jan 1 from Alastair McPherson (4.47pm) and John EG (7.36pm) are spot on. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
        Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.
        I can now happily unsubscribe.

  14. Interesting article , I have read it through twice and think it is well written ( for a petrol head ). It does reek a tad of conspiracy theory, IE take some proven facts and pad them out a little, but taken as a whole I agree with the sentiments expressed , may I take this opportunity to to remind you a statement / comments made in 2002 by Donald Rumsfeld who was at that time the USA defence secretary.
    “Because as we know there are known knowns, these are the things we know . We also know that there are known unknowns, that is to say there are things we do not know, but also there are unknown unknowns, the ones we do not know we do not know.”
    This statement was much derided at the time, read it , then read it again and the apply the thinking to Adams article

  15. Go back a few million years when we were living in caves! If you wanted something that you did not have you went and took if from someone weaker! The answer to that was for the weaker to form a tribe but the tribe had to have a leader who would usually be the strongest. Now if the tribe wanted something that they did not have, they took it from a weaker tribe! Follow this on for a few years and you now have a nation! still with a leader, in our case Bojo!!! The only two options are a truly democratic society, democratic in every sense of the word, or move back into the caves!!!

  16. Keep it up Adam, I’m 88 this month, I believe if we can change the monetary system we have a chance.

    1. Post
  17. Totally agree with your article and also have the same Libertarian principles as yourself that also started in childhood.

    One simple example that should get more people questioning things than it actually does, is the recent use of the phrase ‘build back better’ by so many of the ‘Western’ democracy leaders and US Democrat governors. All speaking the same buzzwords from their Davos WEF meet-ups.

    Another example is so many of them adopting the same policy of dumping Covid patients into the care homes which inflated the number of deaths.

    Also the term ‘The Great Reset’ I would suggest, is no coincidence with its similarity to Mao’s ‘Great Leap Forward’…

  18. Thanks for speaking out Adam and Happy New Year and hope by fighting back things can be changed in 2021. I appreciated what you wrote last time. Like you say, no matter how much you present a logical argument against people who’re conditioned it seems to make no difference. I’ve been rebelious since I left school in 1970, and in the 70s was just written off as a hippy who didn’t think like the rest of society, but are no longer a hippy but have learnt a lot since those days. Now as non-statists we have to stick together otherwise nothing will change as more and more draconian laws are put in place.

  19. I’m not interested in your David Icke style ramblings
    I am interested in receiving ASAP the BTST device I have ordered and paid in advance for so perhaps focus your efforts on that initiative ( the more strange posts we receive, the less confidence I feel in your core businesses from which I have purchased products on 5 occasions now…..)
    This really isn’t helping your business

    1. Post

      Hi John

      We’d be happy to offer you a full refund?

      In fact I think that may be preferable given your comments.

      Just drop support an email and we’ll get it organised.

      All the best,


      1. I agree with John EG. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
        Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.

        1. Post
    2. The comments on Jan 1 from Alastair McPherson (4.47pm) and John EG (7.36pm) are spot on. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
      Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.
      I can now happily unsubscribe.

    3. Agree with John absolutely. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
      Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.
      I can now happily unsubscribe.

  20. I did not read most of the above. As I have my own theory on most of that. I am surprised at your comment to the person regarding the new Talex that we have all paid for up front as he said very demeaning on your part as you are supposed to be a business man this is not the way to treaty customers in my opinion. Also you made no comment on when it would be sent out so we can use it. I think 9 months going on for 10 months is over time and a definite date for delivery is needed ASAP.

    1. Post
  21. Adam – you must be greatly encouraged by the responses your very interesting article has generated. Clearly, there is some reassurance to be had that all is not completely lost from the fact that, so far, there have only been a couple of reactions from the somnambulant section of society which, up until now, I have understood to compose the vast majority of the UK population. No doubt such contributors have already volunteered to have their free and completely untested vaccinations at the earliest opportunity safe in the knowledge that the state really does have their interests at heart!

    I don’t know if you are aware of Catherine Austin Fitts, an American investment banker and former United States Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Housing during the Presidency of George H.W. Bush. She recently completed a documentary entitled, ‘Planet Lockdown’ in which she explains clearly how the current pandemic, lockdowns and growing attempts to monitor/vaccinate the global population are linked to moves to replace the reserve currency status of the US dollar with strictly controlled access to an alternative digital currency.

    I highly recommend the following link (I don’t know how much longer it will remain on this channel before the censor removes it) which I think most correspondents will find interesting:


  22. Hi Adam
    I arrived at the point you are at some years ago, not from reading anything but just from pure instinct and open mindedness. Then I started doing my own research which confirmed my suspicions that powerful people behind the scenes are executing an agenda which is malicious to the majority of the human race.There is a lot of cognitive dissonnance out there and I have found it is usually pointless to try and convince people unless they are truly open minded or have begun to have suspicions themselves that all is not what it seems to be, but sometimes people I least expect reveal that they have doubts about the official narrative and seem to be relieved to discover that they are not on their own. So it is worthwhile to stick your head over the parapet and risk ridicule, you never know, you might just be talking to someone who can think for themself.

  23. I have always done what I have done and suffer the consequence of my actions. All ok when I was single. Only effected by marriage and the belief that I was protecting my partner. Then the kids came along, now protecting a family it was harder to live outside the norm but still a rebel? My children are different from the norm. More of a rebel within the establishment. Over the last 11years it has been harder than ever, as government restrictions restrict everything I do. A prime example of this happened when four friends and I took a motorcycle ride to Rykers cafe. A group of other bikers had congregated in the car park as the cafe was shut due to covid restrictions on the first lockdown when 3 police traffic cops arrived on their motor cycles. They parked up, two light up their fags, but one was not having it. He surveyed the car park, picked us up as a group (most of us had socially distanced) and told us to disperse? He said he was fed up with telling people to distance and he and his wife were not getting on??? And his job was so hard and was totally pissed off? No Sh-t? I warmly told him he should change his job as being in the fire was burning his arse. He singled me out. “stand over here ” he said. I complied. He told me that he was thinking of arresting me and issuing me with a fine. “For what” I said. “For not socially distancing” he replied. “Oh really” I said and took charge of the situation. Staying calm, I pointed out that social distancing was a guide line and not law, so could not issue a fine nor arrest me and that prior to him singling me out I was socially distanced. He then tried to say that just driving here was an offence as we had not socially distanced whist driving to Rykers.? I pointed out that we were on motorcycles and that in itself was socially distanced. I could see he was getting really annoyed with me, but not being one to back down nor one to be bullied, I thought I should continue. This annoyed him even more. But it was bitter sweet, as he backed down saying that I was impossible. The other two policemen were laughing, jumped on their bikes and left. He put his helmet and gloves on, then left. Not all motorcycle cops act like him. Most are jovial and want to talk about bikes, and are courteous, sometimes funny. I suspected he may park up further down the road with reinforcements to capture me as I went passed, but no. So Adam in this instance I see what you mean but what is right is right and when its wrong its wrong. So I still live in hope of empowering the people but our own rights are being eroded over time. Not sure that the people of our own country will rise up and take charge but better a devil you know and all that. I notice that the Police have been given more powers of arrest and are dishing out large fines to people who do not comply. Power is a awesome thing but in the wrong hands? I can give several instances throughout my life where this has happened including Nine policemen arriving at my door to issue my fourteen year old daughter with a warning ASBO for congregating in a group of four on a local green waiting for friends. Before covid I might add. So I live in a State in the belief that I am free?

  24. Hi Adam,

    The quoted phrase “a nation of sheep begets a government of wolves” says it all.
    We’re not going to change any country’s governmentally directed national or internationalnational dealings unless we the people are prepared to start a coup to topple the heads of state and seize the power to direct the country ourselves.
    The English Civil War and the French Revolution showed that although The People can be whipped into a sufficiently angry enough state to topple their ‘rulers’, once the rulers have been removed, the same old governmental slime balls come creeping back out of the woodwork, to have themselves put straight back into their previously held positions of power…… and so it continues.
    The statists (the sheeple) very quickly lose interest. So, those who are fully aware have to decide, are they willing to execute the existing heads of state, or do their best to live their own lives, make as much money as possible and enjoy their lives as much as they can.
    So, it’s either pick up a gun and start a civil war, or live your own life and make the best of it.

    1. The comments on Jan 1 from Alastair McPherson (4.47pm) and John EG (7.36pm) are spot on. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
      Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.
      I can now happily unsubscribe.

    2. I joined BTST a long time ago when it stood for Beat The Speed Trap. It had a motoring purpose. Now it’s more like: Blair’s Thoughts Supersede Talex.
      Fortunately, I didn’t get sucked into paying any money upfront for the non-existent new Talex. I stopped my old Talex direct debit several months ago, as I didn’t wish to help finance the increasing production of Blair ‘panettone’.
      The manufacturers of Talex 3 are probably being paid in Bitcoin, which is why there is no news. And which unseen forces are manipulating Bitcoin?

  25. Very true adam you’ve fairly stirred the pot .
    You are to the point that they,the ruling classes are dictating EG Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland (SATNAZIS)
    leads to Gestapo tactics Nationalism brought to the fore THE NAZI PARTY.
    History repeating its self .
    We need people with self will determined not to be part of the BAAAAA ! crowd as Trump said the SWAMP needs Drained

  26. Hi Adam, please don’t let paranoid insecurity distort your judgement. Did you by any chance listen to the 2020 Reith Lectures by Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England ? If not, they may provide some of the answers you appear to seek.
    Take care, stay well and happy new year.

    1. Post

      I’ll have a listen Rod. I have heard quite a lot from central bankers and they all appear to be from the Keynesian school of economics, which I believe to be extremely flawed, and more importantly causes poverty to Billions of people around the World due to the boom and bust cycles that occur by creating currency out of thin air and manipulation of the economy. If you are interested, I suggest looking in to Austrian economics, which is all about the free market and how it’s both both fair and creates prosperity for the whole of society, rather than filtering true wealth to the top of the pyramid. Cheers! Adam

  27. i dont yet know what to believe at the moment but i do think something isnt right, ignore the insults, they are like clouds and once they fuck off it turns into a nice day. You stated it was your opinion and everybody has the right to voice their opinions ( as yet) so there is no need for insults or abuse ! i am wondering how bitcoin is going to help if all currencies are to be abandoned . i cant imagine aldi, or tesco accepting bitcoin and i wouldn’t think the banks will allow a bitcoin account in order to pay on card?

    1. Post

      Hi Ron, it’s a little difficult to explain the whole concept in a blog answer :-) In short, Bitcoin has become (well, is in the process of becoming) “digital gold”. In other words, the free market has dictated that it’s a reserve asset (like gold) rather than the initial idea which was “e-cash”. There are “layer 2” technologies that can enable it’s use as “e-cash” but in my view you should think of it more as a reserve asset (which can be converted to any other currency you like at will). There are already loads of services that offer debit cards which automatically convert your crypto currency to your local currency at the point of sale — just search “crypto credit cards”. The beautiful thing about Bitcoin though is that it is a true free market instrument. No government, bank, or ANYONE can stop you sending or receiving it to/from whoever you like. All is explained in the report :-) Cheers, Adam

  28. Hi Adam

    Read the article with interest, and certainly like you, I am not a ‘Statist’, although I do believe in ‘democracy’, if it could ever really be achieved. BUT – you lose me at times when you make factually incorrect statements, which is a shame and something that can easily be avoided. For example, PHE is not controlled by drug companies, the vast majority of the actual work of PHE has nothing to do with pharma at any level, it is purely about public health. Similarly, WHO is not an NGO, it is very much a ‘governmental’ organisaton, as almost everything it does is decided at the annual world health assembly, which the governments of all member states attend, and work at country level has to be requested and sanctioned by national government.

    So, happy to read your thoughts and views, as quite similar to mine, but where facts are involved, please be accurate.

    1. Post

      Hi Alan, I appreciate sensible and reasonable discourse, so thank you for your rational debate!

      The only things I would say is that 1) I’ve never said anything about PHE because I don’t have any knowledge about that organisation, so to do so would be — as you say — releasing potentially inaccurate information; 2) The only thing that makes me think you *could* potentially be wrong about PHE (I’m not saying you *are*, just that you *could* be) is that I’m sure you are wrong about the WHO, which I have looked at in quite a lot of detail and am 100% sure is indeed (what I would term at least!) an NGO.

      I’d be interested to hear what makes you think the opposite (if you recall the sources)?



  29. Hi Adam, I probably should not have used abbreviations. PHE is Public Health England, the body that advises on public health matters. I could also add that the MHRA is certainly not funded or supported by private finances, it is an independent government body, and to be honest, one of the best medicines regulatory bodies in Europe, and did undertake a very significant part of the medicines regulatory work within the EU before our exit!!

    My comments about WHO come from working with them for nearly 30 years, and sitting on one of their expert advisory panels for nearly 20 years. WHO is part of the UN, which is funded by the governments of its member states, so therefore totally ‘government’, funded. It does, however, fund projects from many sources. So its core activities in terms of its organisation and establishment, and global advisory activities are funded through the UN, and the individual country/regional/global projects or activities are then usually funded by specific fund raising from bodies interested in that particualr field, and which would include many types of organisation, from commerical to philanthropic, BUT, the funder cannot influence the project.

    1. Post

      Hi Alan, sorry for the slow response. I did say that I wasn’t going to get in to the comments but I can’t help reading them :-) So to be clear are you saying that the biggest individual funder of the WHO is not Bill Gates now that the US have (as I understand) ceased their funding? https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/04/who-funds-world-health-organization-un-coronavirus-pandemic-covid-trump/#:~:text=The%20US%20is%20the%20biggest%20single%20donor%20to,$675%20million%20to%20help%20fight%20the%20coronavirus%20pandemic.

  30. Hi Adam, the whole premise behind this article is based on a mis-conception and convenient distortion of ‘life the universe and everything’ (to quote Douglas Adams). I read and returned your thoughts on Crypto currencies for 2 reasons, there was nothing new in the article and, it seemed to me to totally miss the point of where Crypto came from.

    This article, asking ‘who owns you’, is not far short of the same thing and, in my opinion, totally fails to understand where Covid 19 vaccines came from and why the pandemic is a pandemic. I use these examples as they make very real what might otherwise be less ‘immediate’.

    You say you’ve always been pretty anti-establishment, that may be your mindset but it doesn’t show in your actions. You have used and abused the establishment for your own purposes. There might seem to be a contradiction in that but the fact is, like it or lump it, the establishment has enabled your business from start to finish. It may be you are poking the establishment with your BTST stick but the truth is, without the establishment and without the cooperative efforts of your employees and manufacturing companies you wouldn’t have this business. The same is true for the Covid vaccine. If ‘society’ didn’t exist, Covid vaccines couldn’t be developed. So what is society? Society is, in my opinion, a framework of necessary limitations on all of us simply doing as we please, the payoff for giving up total freedom being the Covid vaccine, or your smart phone or your car or your speed trap equipment or the food on your table or someone’s Tesla. If your staff chose to do as they please how would your business survive?

    Society is based on cooperation, not ownership. Your ‘democracy’ example is the classic ‘why should someone be in charge, telling others what to do?’ (a misunderstanding of what Democracy is and what it’s for) . That is simply an example of the shoulder based green monster (misplaced in my opinion). If we all just do as we please without regard for anyone / everyone else, steal, recklessly speed passed primary schools at pick-up time and so on, how could we expect anyone to devote their time and money (which couldn’t exist without society) to developing a vaccine to save everyone on the planet? So in your example, 100 people, someone has the idea to ask for a vote but it isn’t to ‘tell the other 99 what to do’ it is to set a framework for cooperative effort that allows all 100 to live harmoniously, understanding there are common limitations which they trade for the results of cooperative life: developing a covid vaccine, fuel cells, satellites enabling Talex, to name just a few examples.

    This is clearly very simplistic but so are Crypto currencies, they are set up to make money, not for everyone but the few able to take advantage. They are not wonderful tickets to freedom, they do not enable desperate refugees, attempting to paddle the English Channel in mid winter to live a wonderful life in a green and pleasant land, in any way at all. Furthermore, without Society, Crypto currencies couldn’t exist, they are just another example of the way Democratic Societies enable technology. Without the internet, computers and electricity, Cryptos couldn’t exist.

    So who owns me? I am a minute subset of people who accept the framework and from time to time have the opportunity to review my choice of who sets the framework. Within the framework I can, to a pretty large extent, do as I please. The rules that govern me are not there to ‘tell me what to do’ but to tell me where the boundaries of the framework are, effectively ‘what not to do’ in order for everyone to live cooperatively and harmoniously.

    Next time you fill up your car with petrol or diesel or electricity or hydrogen you should perhaps think more about the ‘system’ that enables the miracle. Of your 100 people, the 12 that chose to vote tacitly agreed to accept the majority result, those that chose not to vote had the opportunity to put forward a ‘leader’ who would promote ‘anything goes’ but they chose not to, exercising their free will and tacitly accepting the result of the few that chose to put the effort into voting.

    I own me and I choose to be a reasonably responsible member of Society.

  31. A great reply by Mark Tonkin.
    Personally I believe that when we vote, we vote for the best of a bad bunch. We don’t always like what we vote for, but it is for the general consensus, and for (hopefully) the benefit of the majority who decide to take that vote.
    As was said by someone, and I don’t know who, and I am not even sure if I have got it verbatim, but in order for evil to survive, then good people must do nothing.
    With regards cryptocurrency, I keep looking at it and evaluating it, and I can only assimilate it to stocks and shares. If it has a value which goes up and down, and you can trade it or buy and sell it, what else can it be? But you don’t actually own anything tangible. Also, you have no power over the value of that commodity.
    Regardless of that, It is only a matter of time before hard currency is gone. So then what happens to stabilise economies, if we are all spending/dealing/buying with a myriad of electronic symbols and memory space.
    I do agree we are losing our freedom of speech.
    I like this website, and find Adam’s ideas very inspiring and thought provoking. I would like to whole-heartedly agree, but at the moment I still have a bit of cynicism about me.
    I notice that Richard keeps putting the boot in. Good old Dick provides a viewpoint for others to contemplate.
    Happy New Year Adam, and keep it up.
    I still use my old faithful BTST that I’ve owned for years. I can’t remember when I bought it, but my memory tells me I used to place it on the dashboard of my Capri, which I sold in 1999. I could be wrong, I’m getting old now, and my memory is failing.

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