1000s of Drivers Tricked By “Fake” 50mph Sign…

A “fake” 50mph sign was placed on the A20 in Kent last month:

It caused 1000’s of drivers to receive a speeding ticket after the speed limit had been
“temporarily” reduced by Transport for London

The so-called police said the 50mph sign was installed by “an unauthorised third party” in January, just as speed cameras were reduced from 70mph to 40mph as part of their latest

…sorry, I mean safety campaign.

The police admitted the sign shouldn’t have been there, but they have refused to cancel
the penalties

Local MPs have written to the Mayor of London urging him to cancel the fines, to no avail.

As usual, the police tried to gaslight motorists with non-sensical reasoning as to why they refuse to cancel the fines.

However I would imagine most BTST Members will have their own ideas about the real reason

Let me know what you think in the comments here:

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  1. This is an absolute money making con. I got 3 points here, apparently I was doing 58 in a 40……. I got 3 points £100 fine and my record now shows an SP30!!!!

    • I wouldn’t put anything past that lying devious muppet to arrange it, to increase the fine income. As for the police, they are 100% trustworthy and honest, aren’t they?

  2. You must all appeal convictions. If you all have the picture – even if it’s been put up by someone illegally that is not your fault.
    Your plea was you intended to do 50mph because the sign authorised it. Of course if you were going over 50mph that defence would not wash. The other way is to call into question the CPS to answer once they knew the facts was it in the Public interest to carryon with the cases.

    • Recently, I have noticed that National Highways store their roadworks and speed limit road signs all over the country long after the work has been completed.
      These abandoned signs witness no work being carried out whatsoever without not even the man in the hi-vis doing no work but being on his mobile phone.
      There is an example of this on the A2 London bound Jubilee Way above Dover Eastern Docks. A seemingly redundant temporary 30 mph limit has been there for months.
      I thought that speed limit signs need a Road Traffic Order for enforcement.

  3. Councils are also doing the similar tricks to generate the revenue they have restricted the access time on certain roads installed the signs on the main approaching road but the signs are not facing the on coming traffic it’s facing the houses so the drivers are unaware of the restrictions until turned in to the street which is too late as one can not reverse into the main road. Redbridge, Lewisham and many other councils

  4. Yet again the motorist is being used as a cash cow, as I have always said about the police it takes a thief to catch a thief.

    • you’re Spot on, it’s sad to say but the motorist is an easy target and certainly easy pray for our corrupt law makers, especially the crook they call the Major of London and our WOKE government.

  5. A friend of mine recetly got a “Notice of Intended Prosecution” 5 hours after the alleged offence. It was alleged that at 0330 he was caught by a speed camera on the A38 near Sutton in Ashfield at a speed of 36mph. This notice was put through his door at 0800 the same morning! Long before the postman arrived. Who posted it throught the letterbox he doesn’t know. This road, the A38, is magor trunk road and for the most part is a 60 or 70mph limit. The 30mph signs where he was allegdedly seen is only about 100nmtrs long and the only 30mph area on that road in it’s whole length in the Nottinghamshire area. There is no need for it there and there are no other 30mph signs near other traffic lights on that road and certainly not in our area. At the time of the alledged offence he saw no other vehicles in the area, no pedestrians either. He was basically alone. During the day most drivers ignore that speed limit if the traffic lights are greeen, myself included, and have not been prosecuted. At 0330 there were no safety problems. That set of lights are there purely for monetary gain for the police. Locals know and do other regular users of the A38 in that area.

    • That part of the A38 intersects with\sutton Road, this is the “30” limit road whereas the A38 is “50” I also think like you that if the lights ar on GREEN then that constitutes the A38. and the “30” should only apply to traffic turing onto Sutton road. That would be the logic thinking. However the illigitrimate money grabbers have upgraded the old “red light” camera to the latest all whistles and bells version.

  6. Any Drive Protect members should challenge the prosecution with the help of Drive Protect. If you were over 50 then up to about 55 a speed awareness course should have been offered below 50 no offence!

  7. If the “Police” and TfL know about it why has it not been removed?
    We know Sadique Khunt is out to scam every motorist he can do we need more proof & the MET are his boot boys.

  8. Guys……It’s all a scam. Acts and statues are not laws!! They are rules and regulations for corporations. The government is a corporation, all police forces are corporations, all councils are corporations, the DVLA is a corporation. These are all private companies listed on Dun & Bradstreet. If Tesco sent you a speeding fine, would you pay it??

    It’s exactly the same thing. If you get an NIP for speeding, send it back. It’s not addressed to a man or woman. Don’t open it, write on the front, in blue or red ink:

    Return to sender. No such addressee.

    Keep each letter separate.I cover up the address too.

    Do not use black ink. Do not use capital letters. They use those for a reason.

    There’s a short video you can find on you tube called ‘Meet Your Strawman’. It’s only 5mins long and will give you an introduction to this subject. You will be shocked at what is being done to us all.

    Next, watch ‘John Harris – It’s an Illusion’ and ‘Strawman – The Nature of the Cage’. These are longer and go into more detail.

    Keep in mind that an NIP is a trap anyway. They need your consent to do anything to you, that includes courts. Everything is an offer to contract. If you reply, you are consenting to them having authority over you.

    Don’t feed the beast!!

  9. Also, go to Bill Turner’s you tube channels. His videos are generally short and very informative. He has two channels. Well worth it!!

  10. It’s fascinating to speculate who (and why) put the 50 sign there…
    It’s not as if it was taped in an amateur way or stuck on a roadworks-type sandwich board.
    Something’s very weird here.

  11. In order to secure a conviction there must be a valid Road traffic order in force.
    You only need to let go to court and then explain to the magistrate. Hassle maybe, but easy. Many people are too scared and just pay up.
    The problem is that the ‘authorities’ these days ignore any rules and carry on like its the wild west, well just fight them then!

  12. Hmmm, let’s think for a moment;
    a) who would have put it there
    b) it looks official
    c) the motorway is patroled
    d) any awake police driver should have noticed it
    e) how long was it there before it was noticed and reported?
    f) how long was it before it was then corrected?
    A job for a brihght young legal person to make an impression do you think?

  13. Group action via Patterson Law will soon have them in a spin. The Popoce and Highways are responsible for signage. It’s their responsibility to ensure signage is correct.

  14. Absurd and ridiculous. And Id really like to know who the “unauthorised third-party” is and what’s happening to them????

  15. I agree with your comments, Adam, but might have more sympathy with your stance if you could provide a legal reason why the speeding tickets should be cancelled. Either the tickets are legal or they’re not, regardless of individual feelings.

    • The official speed limit was 40. The sign said 50. People obeyed the 50mph rule implied by the sign. The police knew the sign was not official. How on earth can you not agree that all these ‘fines’ should be cancelled???

      In any case, the police cannot issue fines. Only courts, as fake as they are, can issue fines, and even then, only after conviction. I had this out with a traitor in uniform a while back when he tried to issue me with fine, so he just denied it was a fine. Made no difference to me anyway. I didn’t pay it. When their reminder arrived through the letter box, I simply wrote ‘Return to sender. No such addressee’ on the envelope, and dropped it in a post box. Heard nothing since. That was well over a year ago if not two.

      Everyone here needs to get up to speed on what’s really going on. It’s all fake!!

      I’ve suggested videos in this thread, to watch to introduce everyone to this subject. I strongly advise everyone to do just that and start fighting back!

  16. Appalling, unless serving and protecting the public is considered to be an inconvenience. Not a good way to have them on your side if decisions are made without letting facts get in the way.


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