“Anti Privacy” Speer Cameras Rolled Out…

Dear All,

A insidious new type of mobile “road safety” camera, which mounts to the roof of cars and vans is being rolled out across 10 new “police” forces.

We first notified Members of the cameras being tested 7 months ago, in Kent and Cornwall…

They can either be static — like the speed camera vans we know and hate — or actually move with the flow of traffic…

The vehicles are fitted with a boom which has several different types of cameras attached to it.

The cameras have a full view of inside your car, presumably using all sorts of nasty technology that you don’t really want pointed at you.

The reason they are mounted so high is so they can get a picture right in to you lap, in case you decide to take a cup of coffee with you to work in the morning.

The AI decides if it *thinks* an “offence” is being committed, and if so forwards it to a government mercenary to confirm and issue you a ticket.

The cameras are primarily focused on “offences” that are easy to prosecute, and so are excellent cash cows for the government.

For example, drivers can be fined up to £500 for not wearing a seat belt.

And for “using a mobile phone” while driving, you can be fined up to £1,000 plus 6 penalty points.

Of course a normal persons’ definition of “using” a phone can vary wildly from that of the people trying to extort them, and we are working hard on a solution to this problem, which I hope to have ready in the next few months.

Its now been confirmed that the Orwellian cameras will soon be rolled out in:

– Durham
– Greater Manchester
– Humberside
– Norfolk
– Northamptonshire
– Staffordshire
– Sussex
– Thames Valley

– West Mercia
– Wiltshire

When I did a survey to Members last year, a shocking 71% were not aware that these “anti privacy” cameras were being trialed in the UK.

I think we need to change that, so please feel free to share this message with family and friends.

Here’s what they look like (remember they can be attached to any type of vehicle including cars and trailers):

Stay safe on the roads…

All the best,


35 comments on ““Anti Privacy” Speer Cameras Rolled Out…”

  1. more like ccp than so called independentl5 sovereign England should be called police state your comments maybe we could invite xi ping to be prime minister haha

  2. Big bruv needs to protect motorists from prison when they hit pedestrians wandering about in the road on their mobiles and cyclists making up traffic flow rules of their own !

  3. It’s about time pedestrians were fined for using a mobile phone whilst walking – they don’t watch where they are going. I’ve seen people step into the road, pushing a pram, whilst on the phone! And who’s at fault if you hit them?

  4. Stop complaining suck it up and get used to total state control as Putin will be taking over the UK in a couple of years ! Biden has said he is no friend of the UK and give`s all his support to his Yiddish pals so that they can exterminate the Palestinians, no /little support to the Ukrainians. And Trump says he will hand Ukraine over to Putin and fuck Europe and the UK as we do not kiss his arse enough. So take a online Russian language course and join the communist party…..it will be fine , the police have already been trained ……Get used to it

      • Your observation that the Chinese have a great deal of influence in the UK is in my opinion correct (much through criminal enterprise) but I can not see the English learning Mandarin Chinese (the official Language ) and only really spoke in the North, the majority of the Chinese in the UK are Cantonese (from the south ). Mandarin is a tonal language with each word /letter having a different meaning depending on which of the four main tones the word /letter is pronounced, very difficult. So as the Russians and the Chinese are united in their believe/quest to overturn western “Democracy`s” it would be easier to learn Russian , caveat, never been to Russia, been to China four times. None of this has much to do with the orginal post.

  5. The police are not there to keep us safe but to protect the establishment.

    If the State is far left or far right the police aim to protect the establishment.

    • the police do not make the law they inforce it. They are to peotect and serve. if you think that they are a litle thin on the ground, to see lots of them folllow Royal vists.

  6. If we had tinted windows and perhaps a sun visor over the windscreen would this give us any protection from the camera?

    I do not use a mobile phone when driving or drink or smoke but have no respect for the police and do not trust them.

  7. If we had tinted windows and perhaps a sun visor over the windscreen would this give us any protection from the camera?

    I do not use a mobile phone when driving or drink or smoke.

  8. How can a boom that high and wide be safe to actually travel on the the roads? Would like to see an actual picture of one moving because I thought that if anything protruded outside the standard wheelspace of a vehicle it had to have a warning flag attached to it?
    Highway Code vehicle markers states “Markers required when load or equipment (eg crane jib) overhangs front or rear by more than two metres” – or are they getting away with it because the jib is to the SIDE??

  9. Perhaps there are super humans who can conduct phone conversations or look at her phone on their lap when driving.
    Or maybe they assume its ok cause no one sees them…
    No problem with bad drivers being taken off the road just shame there are so few patrols to catch offenders including those with illegally window tints!

    • The super human is the one who can see and operate their massive touch screen to adjust the radio while driving.
      This is seen as perfectly legal while touching the screen of a mobile phone gets you a big fine.

  10. these cameras have been used in failsworth manchester for some time mainly in school safty zones, parked in the middle of the zone to get speeders before they can slow down when they spot them to late and are caught very easey money makeing in my opinion very crafty. entrapment is all it is.

    • Hardly “entrapment”, as they are not encouraging you to break the speed limit.
      Special speed limits and parking restrictions near schools at drop-off and collection times make sense – but only if they are enforced.

  11. They are encouraging driving without due care and attention because you will be busy looking our for these vehicles instead of keeping your eyes on the road.

  12. There is no problem with them being near schools during drop off and pick up times; maybe they could enforce parking regs as well at those times, and then all those “yummy mummies” might decide that their little darlings would be OK walking to and from home. Just like we used to do in the 60’s and 70’s

  13. I believe the official name for these is “Revenue Camera”. Of course, in really dangerous weather conditions they don’t work.

  14. Have read all of the above and cannot help thinking all smart ARs with lots of say and little guts don’t tell me and others about the problems do some thing about it yourself we all know the police are bent they could not even remotely tell the truth even on potty little crimes without almost convicting the perpetrator of murder it was once said a good cop is a dead cop well I think an honest one would be better if you can find one that is.
    SO I think instead of just moaning about things like good old English we should start fighting back the good old English accept any thing days are gone we are mixed race and if you want to live a reasonable of life you have to fight for it not accept getting stepped on by all and sundry who think the have the power to do what they please they are ordinary people like you who let the power go to their who you voted for; vote them out but DO not vote in Labour or what you have now will worse still.

    • So Richard whilst agreeing with much of what you posted I am left a little perplexed as you seem to say vote out the conservatives but do not vote in Labour, so who do you propose we vote in ? Not more brown ones surely

  15. Adam
    Are these Police cameras or local authorities?
    Either way surely they need proper authorisation as an approved device?
    If there’s more than one camera on each pole then the motorist will have the right to know which device has been used to trap them.
    Not sure if the bungling plods will get the right answer!


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