Bitcoin All Time High!

Ten Months ago we released a report to BTST Members about Bitcoin.

It explained in great detail why I strongly believe it’s essential to protect your hard earned wealth against the inflation of the banking system we currently live under.

On the day the Report released, the price of Bitcoin was around £7800.

Yesterday, Bitcoin broke its previous all time high of around £14,700, and as I write the price is around £16,900.

Fiat currencies like the pound and dollar are beginning to fail.

In my (highly considered!) opinion, Bitcoin is only just getting started.

Of course, the price is volatile but the trajectory is clear as day, even to my 4 year old!

If you haven’t yet looked at securing yourself some Bitcoin (there will only be 21,000,000 Bitcoin minted ever and fractions of a Bitcoin are getting harder and harder to acquire as time goes by), I urge you to read the 20 page BTST Member Report:

– Get your copy here

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