Bitcoin Fund Update 002

Date: 2nd January 2023

Hi All,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to update you on the first month or so of the BTST Bitcoin Fund.

So far, we’ve allocated 42.85% of the funds in to BTC in four separate buys (the latest of which was today).

I am hopeful of lower prices before a macro reversal in to a bull market but we are sticking to the plan of gradual cost averaging in, in case the price does not go lower (which is very possible).

I remain confident that this is by far the most prudent strategy.

If there is a significant dip in price and we understand the reasons behind it then we will look to buy a little more aggressively. If the market starts a clear macro reversal then we will cautiously continue to average in with the remaining ~57%

As a side note, we also purchased an additional hardware device today for ~£70.

I’ll keep you updated when there are any significant changes.


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