BTST Bitcoin Investment Fund

Please first review the Prospectus here:

1) Download Prospectus

If you have already read the Prospectus and would like to Self Certify your eligibility to invest in the BTST Bitcoin Fund (under FCA rules), you can do that here:

2) Self Certify Here

All the best,

Adam Blair
P.S. If you have any questions, please email me directly (email address in the Prospectus).

P.P.S. You can read the previous Fund Updates here

10 comments on “BTST Bitcoin Investment Fund”

  1. Now that Bitcoin has dropped in value, I may be interested in a very small investment, can I do this through you chaps, I am a pure novice, so can’t buy this on computer !

    • Hi You can buy Bitcoin and lots of other crypto investing as little as £10 per trade with no dealing charges or monthly fees by using Etoro

  2. Hi Adam
    I have looked and entered details for the bitcoin enrollment and was trying to find out much was need to pay or what the average amount people invest was, can you give me some suggestions..
    many thanks
    Martin Knight

  3. Hi Adam
    I am also wondering what sort of figures we are talking about investing. What is the average that others have invested so far, and what are the ongoing costs for investing through BTST?


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