Happy New Year!: Time to stand up?

Dear All,

Something has been playing on my mind over the last couple of years.

I’ve been talking about the outright scam that is Speed Cameras since I started BTST way back in 2004…

The perpetrator of this scam is almost unanimously accepted as being “the government” — even by those who believe that government is an otherwise legitimate idea.

But since what we previously considered to be “normal” was demolished in early 2020, I think a lot of people, including me, have begun to question what “the government” actually *is*…

But sticking with the subject of Speed Cameras…

Do you remember when the current group of power crazed busybodies claimed “power” — as they like to call it — from the other group of similarly unprincipled people back in 2010?

They clearly stated as one of their campaign promises that they would “End the war on the Motorist”.

As I recall, there was very temporarily some progress, with some speed cameras being removed or decommissioned. Even I — who believes that most politicians are pathological liars — was hopeful that they would actually follow through with their promise…

How naïve I was back then!

Fast forward to today and — as far as I’m aware — its the same political “party” (I could make a joke about that huh? :-) in what they like to call “power”.

And what do we have?

The persecution and extortion of Motorists is worse it’s ever been in any country, and at any time in history!

So what can we do about it?

Well, as far as I can tell, we have 4 possible options:

Go along with whatever the government tells us to do… Either because we believe they know best, or because we’re scared by the threat of the consequences of not complying with them;

Have blind faith in “the rule of law”… “Laws” are made by very few people. As we’ve seen throughout history, time and again “laws” have been created to suit the interests of those who make them, rather than those those they are imposed upon.

When you think about it, shouldn’t “laws” be *obvious* to most people? For example: Never use violence — or the threat of violence — to coerce another human being unless in self defence?

We’ve been conditioned practically since birth to believe that “laws” …and the state… are there to protect us. But I put it to you that the VAST majority of “laws” are designed to serve the interests of the few who make them and those who finance them through “donations”.

Choose which “laws” you *want* to follow… What if you just ignored any “laws” that you don’t believe are morally legitimate, and lived purely based on your own moral compass?

This flies in the face of “statist” thinking, which tends to treat people as though they were young children who need to be protected from themselves, and told what they should and shouldn’t do.

When you think about it philosophically, maybe this is actually the most moral way to live — i.e. to simply ignore unjust and immoral “laws” and to always do what you believe is right, ignoring any orders or threats from the state in your pursuit of living a virtuous life.

I know that the vast majority of people do not choose to live like this and I don’t judge. After all, we’ve been conditioned for virtually our entire lives to believe that “laws” are by their very nature just;

Play them at their own game… I suspect that this is where most BTST Members sit. We know that governments are generally a self serving menace to society.

But at the same time we don’t want to go against them, because they have lots of gang members working for them, in the form of so called ‘police’ who spend most of their time ordering innocent people around.

I’m not talking about real Police here, who actually help people who’ve been victims of crime and the general public, by finding actual criminals and keeping them away from us.

I feel its an insult to lump real Police in with the bullies who carry out aggression against the public on behalf of the government, and the few real Police I’ve met over the years have agreed with this view.

Anyway, I guess I personally fall somewhere between 3 and 4. How about you?

I refuse to comply with “laws” that are clearly there to do evil things such as keeping people in fear, or under the control of the state.

But on the other hand, I do comply with legitimate “laws” — the ones that are obviously just, such as respecting others private property, or not coercing anyone using the threat of violence …just two examples of “laws” the state breaks all the time.

But the thing is, do we really *need* laws for things that are obvious to almost everyone?

We would still comply with the “law” whether it was a “law” or not, wouldn’t we? And the criminally insane would not comply, just as they don’t now!

Getting to the point…

I would like for future generations to live in a World where they feel, and *are*, free.

I feel that under the current system of an effective ruling class (government) ordering us around, we are fast running towards a dystopian World similar to what has been experienced before by our ancestors around the globe at different times in history (and still exists in some parts of the World today).

But this time it could get much, much, worse due to the the technology available to governments, and the hold they appear to have over “big tech”.

We’re already seeing shocking levels of censorship and political coercion from companies like google and facebook, which is why, personally, I try to use them as little as possible.

I believe we have a responsibility to future generations to reverse course back towards a free society.


Well I plan on being on the right side by practicing the power of standing by my morals, ignoring the government, and using technologies that enable real freedom, such as Bitcoin.

Because if these control freaks don’t have power over our money, they really don’t have much power over us.

I’d love to hear what you think about this in the comments below?

Have a wonderful New Year and I hope it brings you whatever you want from this incredible thing we call Life! :-)

All the best,

P.S. I’m planning to run some motorsport trackdays this year for BTST Members. If you want to get notified of them, let me know here: Racing Trackdays 2023!

25 comments on “Happy New Year!: Time to stand up?”

  1. spot-on adam. We are sleep walking in to a dystopian world. the vast majority seem blissfully unaware of what is happening.

  2. I totally agree with yourself. The problem I have is I live in Scotland. The Government and the Police Force up here are as much use as an ash tray on a Motorbike. Or worse a Chocolate Fire Guard.

  3. Can’t really argue with anything you say. Spot on its just not going to be easy.
    (get a degoogled phone and stop google tracking you through that route)

  4. Exactly. Brave New world, Animal farm, etc here we come.

    Surely the one thing which has created the split between”establishment” and we the people, is the swarm of “professional politicians”.

    As a medic, I do not see them as professional, working for the benefit of those they serve. Even if they did, what understanding of real life do they have? By definition they exist to govern the masses with no experience although totally ignorant about Real Life. PPE at Oxbridge then climb the political greasy pole.

    Surely ,to stand for Parliament, one should have significant experience of life. There should be a minimum age and evidence of competence in the real world.

  5. Back in the 1970s an 1980s in South Africa, there was a tradition of challenging traffic authorities in court. At one stage, all speed trapping equipment except the humble gatsometer, had been invalidated in court. They had been proved not to be accurate enough. My favourite court challenge was just before South Africa changed from miles to kilometres. The authorities had been too enthusiastic about replacing the speed limit signs, such as 35mph to 60km/h and 70mph to 125km/h. Somebody was caught speeding at about 100mph, and went to court with proof that the sign showed 125. So the new signs came down and the old ones went back up. LOL.

  6. it’s nit just the government you’re up against, it’s that nazi Klaus Swab and his WEF, of which Sunak is a disciple, hence the proposed “15 minute cities” such as Oxford and Cambridge who are proposing to lock down their populous in the name of the mythical climate emergency.

    • Chris it’s not just Oxford and Cambridge it’s all London boroughs where you now have a no car zone and cars are only permitted by residents living in the so called LTN zones.
      It’s causing traffic chaos on all main roads.
      There has been no proper consultation with residents it’s just introduced.
      If you drive through one of the LTN’s you get fined! Lambeth Council has raked in £22m with LBHF not far behind them.

  7. 100% agree Adam. And the same people pulling the strings of western governments moving ‘lockstep’ towards this dystopian plan will be using the climate con as a big part of it. carbon credits, climate lock downs?
    I am sure a social credit system is on it’s way; plus throw in another plandemic or two to usher in more controls.At least I suppose they tell you what they’re doing before they do it. They wish to have us nailed to the floor by 2030 I believe.

  8. Well said Adam, and all the others above who have fleshed out what you said. Our very freedom is in the balance but still so many soak up the propaganda and refuse to see what’s going on. As Elon Musk (not my favourite person) said recently… it’s easy to fool people but impossible to convince them they’ve been fooled. As you rightly imply, we all need to start saying “NO” far more often. If everyone did that we might even win what, according to the Pope, is a World War without bombs and bullets.

  9. The Politicians are no longer serving the populace, it’s a career path with pay and top notch pensions and expenses. The Politicians are not particularly well educated in the ways of the world and are therefore ‘guided’ by we know not who exactly. The power and force behind the government are groups who ‘advise’ Therefore every single speeding fine should be fought in courts vigorously. Councils are another evil and I’ve seen this in practice several times, they do as little as possible to keep us in our places whilst once again they squirrel away our money for their guilt edged pensions in foreign banks. That came to light when the Icelandic Banks collapsed, it was shocking to see the amount of UK councils had money in there. The NHS PCT trusts have a lot to answer for, huge amounts of money squandered within management and not getting to the front line. The ‘system’ needs a radical shake up and pretty soon, who’s got the balls to do it?

  10. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, a man with his own agenda and an apparently unaccountable individual and microcosm of everything that is wrong. He encapsulates everything that makes me frustrated with this country with his hypocrisy and woke agenda. A man who hates the ordinary motorist and will do everything in his power to make it increasingly difficult them whilst clawing in more and more money through stealth taxes in the guise of Congestion and ULEZ charges.

  11. Totally agree with your comments Adam, Since the Covid fiasco I will never trust any politician again. They spread a virus around the world deliberately (bioweapon) then they administered experimental vaccines to the world population without informed consent (another bioweapon) all in breach of the Nuremberg code and Helsinki agreement. What really raised a red flag with me was the way World Governments were all in lockstep with each other as if it was all planned, which of course it was. It’s time we all looked at the big picture and you need to go back centuries to see where it all started. Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement https://futurenews.news/watch?id=5ebae309244ac5001d21656a This video is a couple of years old but still relevant.

  12. Adam – you are such a drama queen. I must have told you at least a million times not to exaggerate the situation! Just don’t break the speed limits and you’ll be fine. Try not to get your panties in a bunch, take a deep breath and calm down.

  13. Quite agree with you Adam and most of the comments left here, though I wonder if there is something more you want to say outright but feel that you can’t.
    It’s certainly been mentioned in the comments.
    Some brave! politicians seem to be coming forward along with some Dr’s who already have.
    We need a decent politician to step up and enough people to vote for them!

  14. I agree with what you say. It’s clear there is an unwarranted level of intrusion into the lives or ordinary, normally law abiding people and an increasing level of coercion (sometimes in the form of ‘nudge’ campaigns, sometimes more intimidating). This is not just about speed cameras and increasing controls and restriction on driving (I don’t disagree with speed cameras in principle – provided their use is proportionate, fair and designed to achieve safety – not revenue). This covers a whole range of issues, much of which comes from the precipitate and unplanned rush to greenwash every aspect of our lives in ways that we cannot afford, do not have public assent and will, I genuinely believe, result in some level of societal and economic collapse, simply because most people cannot and never will afford the changes being forced on them.
    It’s easy of course to say what’s wrong, we cannot pick and choose which laws we will abide by and which we won’t, that way leads to anarchy, but what do we do to reverse the tide of coercion, control, bad change and intrusion being forced on us? Voting for one of the main political parties won’t work, there’s no difference between Blue and Red Labour. Maybe it will take an intruder party like Brexit/UKIP (irrespective of Brexit as the outcome) to scare the main parties into change, or maybe we just all stop voting to remove the legitimacy and mandate of any future government. I don’t see that working, since the ‘winner’ will still declare, even with a 10% turnout and frankly I am not even sure that the collapse of democracy wouldn’t suit the main parties. Really I am at a loss and have little confidence in the future of the Western World and civilisation and our way of life.

  15. Adam

    There are 20 million of us motorists and relatively few fake police, speed-greed bureaucrats and dishonest politicians(all of them).
    I am not a fan of social media but we could coerce the anti-motorist brigade if enough of us agreed to boycott, petition and demanded an end to using motorists as cash cows.
    Maybe BTST and all of us could get everyone we know to rope in everyone they know into a mass campaign. Politicians need votes. We have 20 million of them

  16. If you go on Telegram, there is a group called Magna Carta, they are promoting common law by means of Magna Carta, in which some sections are still in force today. Although there are people that will tell you its been repealed or whatever. But thats not true.
    The basic scope of the group is to show dissent to the government and get out of their clutches. You are treated as a dead corporation, not a human being, which is what the 1666 law “Cestui Que Vie Act” does. This Act basically imposes maritime law on the people, and not the law of the land. This law is still in force, see the .GOV website.
    For instance, you can put the police officers on notice, if they send demanding and threatening letters, for instance, a speeding fine. If you learn how to repond to NOIP’s and summons’ you can beat the system, and the more people that get out of the system, the sooner they will lose total power. You also need to understand Black’s Law dictionary, see the following

    Summons = request
    compulsory = request
    Must = may.
    many more like this
    When a policeman asks “Do you understand” he is actually saying “do you stand under(my jurisdiction/the law), in that way he steals your consent.

    They govern by consent, just don’t give them your consent. If you go down the magna carta route you’ll find freedoms you never dreamt of!

    Check out the Telegram group, I have met the two girls that run it, they are very passionate and knowledgable about the whole subject.

  17. I’ve never heard such a load of b*ll*cks.
    I hate speed cameras because I like to drive fast, but if I do – and get caught – then it’s entirely MY fault. It’s true that speeding can kill people. I believe the speed limits are there to prevent this.
    I hate the attitude of cops who pull you over and need to give you a lecture, talking down to you.
    But I’ve bought a Talex to try and avoid this. Still, I’ve had 9 points for going too fast and getting caught, but I still believe I shouldn’t have been speeding — I could have killed a child. That’s not the cops fault, however much I dislike them !
    Like them or not – speed limits are there for safety. I’ve seen so many horrible crashes from speeding and carelessness. However late I am for a meeting I cannot complain if I get caught, even though I sometimes feel a need to go fast so as not to be late. That’s MY fault for not giving myself enough time. And if you speed because you like speed, as I sometimes do, then that’s just selfish (and I am occasionally guilty of that too). I confess to that – but I can’t blame the cops for that !


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