Latest Speed Camera Scam…

62,000 speeding tickets have been sent to Motorists in just 6 weeks after a speed limit change on the A20 in Kent.

The speed limit was changed from 70mph to 40mph overnight, with only small “repeater” signs installed to advise drivers of the change:

Suspiciously, this is on the same road we reported on recently, where a supposedly “fake” 50mph sign was put up, leading to Thousands more speeding fines.

49,000 Motorists were fined along this stretch road in the last year, extorting them for around £5 Million.

But in just six weeks after changing the speed limit, an incredible 62,000 Drivers have
been stung…

That’s raised around £6.2 Million in just 42 days, or an average of around £148,000 per day.

The council said that the speed limit was changed to “tackle flooding”.

I find it astonishing that some people still believe the words that come out of these criminals mouths.

A spokes robot from the so-called “police” had this to say:

“The signage is legal and correct. The new speed limit came into force on 18 October 2023 and signage explaining the speed limit to drivers is clear along the route.”

Perhaps what he *should* have said is:

“Murderers, rapists and burglars are really hard to catch. So we consider that a complete waste of police resources. It makes far more sense for us to create a new class of criminal who are easy to catch, and will pay us money at will. We can then use this money to buy more sophisticated technology, which in turn allows us to catch more of them.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this story in the comments here:

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  1. I have messaged you multiple times about my failed Talex 3 unit over the last two weeks but you have ignored all my correspondence,please can you get in touch and tell me the next steps i need to take to get the unit fixed.

    • Hi Paul. I do not get messages personally but I will contact Claire now to find out why you haven’t had a reply. Adam

  2. Hi Adam
    Get you mate at Drive Protect on the case. A “Freedom of Information” request to see the legislation that authorised this change in limit. Details of the sineage compared to mionimum legal requirements etc. I sure with a little bit od effort you could make yourself a complete pain in the butt for the scammers!!!

  3. Is using repeater signs without an initial speed limit sign legal as the second paragraph implies there were only repeater signs?

  4. On the A14 Newmarket by-pass there are roadworks with a closed lane and a speed limit of 40 mph. There is a camera van permanently in the closed lane with orange beacons flashing to make it look like a contractors van. It sits there all day.

    • I saw the same trick being used on the M6 near Lancaster in roadworks. Seems like a new money making wheeze to watch out for.

  5. Hi,
    I’ve was done twice in 2 weeks 46 mph and 47 mph at the spot, is there any sort of legal appeal I can lodge?

  6. “The council said that the speed limit was changed to “tackle flooding”.

    If the Councils / Highway Authority used the money from the car tax revenue for its intended purpose and maintained the roads and kept the drains and gulleys they wouldn’t flood in the first place and they wouldn’t
    have to introduce these ridiculous reduced speed limits.

    Some of the roads in Surrey are more pothole than tarmac. As motorists we should be able to sue them for breach of contract for failing to provide a suitable and safe driving surface.

    • I can’t see for the life of me, how driving at 40mph rather than 60 helps to stop flooding!!
      If they want to stop problems for motorists caused by flooding, then the speed limit should only be in force during times of flooding. These, so-called, planners are nothing short of criminal extortionists, who do not serve the public in any way, as they are supposed to do.

  7. Seems like an odd explanation and odd choice of words – to ‘tackle flooding’. Interested to hear from anyone why a 70mph speed limit would cause flooding. I suppose they will lift the speed limit again when there’s a drought…..

  8. Disgusting behaviour by the Council. How is this 40mph limit going to tackle flooding? Total bullshit.
    Use the money raised to sort out the flooding and re-instate the 70mph limit. After all it is a dual carriageway.

  9. Hi Adam
    Thank you so bringing this to our attention, I hope your members will share it over the whole country.
    Personally I feel completely helpless, I ‘m 91 years old, driving H4 PCK with no points.
    The situation is out of control and only a public revolt will put it right.
    Money and those that have it controls everything.
    I’m sure we think alike, keep up your good work before they silence you.
    Kind regards & best wishes

    • Love it revolt… we all need to learn the LAW not legalese legislation bull… we need to live in the private not in presumed commerce
      We need to travel not drive…
      We need to export are cars from DVLA and actually own it and put it on private plate in a trust not in there jurisdiction
      And insure it privately the more that do it the better for everyone

  10. I have said for years, that when motorists start obeying the law, they will find other scams to get money out of us. Drivers also need to be very aware of signage these days as this kind of skullduggery is becoming more and more their way of filling their coffers.. Come the day when we have driverless cars, they won’t be able to get their funding from us this way, so I wonder what they will do then. One thing I’m sure of, they will find a way!

    • They won’t need to then they will have what they want control they will remotely control you and turn you off at will

  11. On this occasion I absolutely support you Adam. That’s not always the case. In general I support obeying the law on speed limits and avoid fines and points that way. However, a change like this without proper notice and advice being given is just plain entrapment. Last Sunday I parked on a single yellow line, the line had a nearby pole with three notices on it. The small one at the top says not parking in symbol form, not words. The next one a much bigger and eye catching talks about loading and times etc which does not cover Sunday and the third was not relevant. As a result of this entrapment I parked there and got a ticket. As did the other six cars parked on the same section. I’m fighting it. Why not just be honest and say they need the money and raise it through taxation.


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