Mobile Phone Tickets *DOUBLE*

Drivers being convicted for mobile phone “offences” almost doubled between 2021 – 2022.

The latest information shows that there was a 93% increase in Drivers being prosecuted for using their phone while driving…

I’m going to guess that in 2023 it more than doubled again …we will see.

However — as always with government extortion rackets — all is not as it first seems…

I think that most of us agree that it can be dangerous if phones are misused while driving.

For example scrolling through social media, or texting.

This is usually due to phone addiction in my opinion.

Anyway, Police are — predictably — abusing their powers by ignoring common sense and persecuting perfectly safe Drivers who touch their phone whilst stationary in traffic jams, for example.

I know this because its been reported by several BTST Members …and because it happened to me!

In my case, I was changing the music track whilst stationary. I just laughed at the so-called police and asked if they realised how ridiculous what they were trying to enforce was.

I think they did, although they wouldn’t admit it.

Personally, I haven’t received any points and have not paid any fine, because I’ve done nothing wrong or illegal (which, sadly, are not remotely the same thing these days).

However, the 93% increase in fines from 2021 – 2022 represents Drivers who were prosecuted and paid the £200 fine, as well as taking the 6 points on their driving licence…

I have no issue with actual dangerous Drivers being pulled up on their actions.

But Drivers sitting stationary in traffic jams..?

Its clearly just the latest excuse to extract money from us in many — I would guess most — cases…

Many don’t understand the new legislation around what you “can” and “can’t” do with your phone in a car.

So I’m going to clarify the “law” for you in a newsletter in the next few days after I’ve spoken to DriveProtects’ Lawyer, Matthew to ensure what I tell you is 100% correct.

All the best,

P.S. We’re working on a brand new TALEX device that will mean Members will never get a ticket for using their phone. I’m quite excited about this one and — all going well — hope to launch it in the next few months…

More on that soon!

1 thought on “Mobile Phone Tickets *DOUBLE*”

  1. This will be really useful to know. There are now so many examples and unrestricted abuse by authorities of ‘easy-pickings’ to extract money.

    Regarding the mobile phone issues, it’s not just the fine and points, it’s the impact on insurance rates and the (permanently?) recorded blot on their shared systems.

    I was speaking with a London black-cab driver just after your email about this and he thought if the phone was in the cradle then that was acceptable. It would be useful to get clarity on that too.

    Incidentally, just to add to the rapidly increasing frustrations with the hostile attitudes so prevalent now, he was saying how recently he’d been nicked by a policeman for incorrect use of hazard lights; he had pulled over to drop off a passenger — at a legal area — and was booked as the copper said that there was no hazard ahead so he shouldn’t have used them. He tried to make the point that HE was the hazard but to no avail. Anyhow, he took it through the appeals process and he won; what a waste of public time and money issuing that ticket.

    How about the anarchy and real legal abuse on the roads (and pavements) by the delivery cyclists and motor-cyclists which goes unchecked?


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