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  1. Has to be autoflare as this will include all types of vehicles, which the other names do not. Motorcycles, vans, trikes, quadricycles, historic, etc.

  2. None, I’m afraid. As per my original comment, I still think that a site which has no checks on sellers is a charter for car thieves. It will be interesting to see whether this comment is posted.

    • Hi Richard. It seems that deposit scams are much more popular than stolen cars online. “Sellers” list cars that are too cheap with the aim of getting a deposit from buyers, however the cars do not exist, or are at least not owner by the seller. Facebook market place is RIFE with this, and they appear to do nothing to ban such scammers. We, however, will. And we will also respond quickly to reports of attempted fraud. Fraudsters are very capable of forging passports and doctoring selfies to pass so-called KYC (see so I don’t believe that invasion of privacy really deters them. What it does, however, is cause inconvenience and data insecurity for the vast majority of honest sellers. Cheers, Adam

  3. Autoflare is good, how about trying to get a .com domain? rolls off the tongue easier than

  4. If these were the best 3 it doesn’t say much for the non runners, how about keeping it
    simple with something like “Auto Ads” ?

  5. Like others have suggested Adam I think Autofair sounds better as I’m not sure what flair refers to. Not sure if it should be Fair – large meetings, collections, gatherings or Fare – price paid. Someone mentioned AotuAds which is short and to the point.

  6. For the same reasons as STAL, AUTOFAIR is a much better suggestion.
    Since FLAIR means “aptitude or special ability” or “originality”
    and FLARE means “to burn brightly” as in FLARE for sailing emergencies or “to get worse” as in FLARE-UP.
    I don’t think any of the three suggestions are really thought through.
    Ask a professional BRANDING or Graphic Design company.

    • Hi Kenny. We need to consider which domains are available. We have consulted a graphic design company as part of the shortlist creation.

  7. Your system claims I’ve already voted – which I’ve not (?)
    Don’t follow ‘autoflare’, but it’s the best of the three
    ‘Autoflair’ better still. No?

  8. Not really taken by any of the three – but auto/car flare both sound like a a Tesla with a self-igniting battery!
    What does ‘flare’ have to do with anything anyway?

    Carsphere at least gives the impression that it might be a centre of something.

    I suppose ‘Wheels-away!’ or ‘Wheely-Dealy’ are not available?


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