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A few months ago I went to sell a car on Autotrader.

I uploaded the photos, wrote the description, and selected all the options…

Then, to my extreme irritation, I got this message:

That’s right, unless you are prepared to send Autotrader (as well as whoever they share data
your passport and a picture of yourself, you cannot place an ad!

I can only assume that Autotrader have been infiltrated by the surveillance state, because this seems to make no sense at all from a business point of view.

Anyhow, I personally REFUSE to participate in this kind of surveillance.

I was so irritated that I sent a message to our Web Developer, Adrian, with my intention to start a competitor to Autotrader that would:

1 – Be easier to use;

2 – Much cheaper (initially free);

3 – Would *never* ask for, or store customers personal information.

Anyway, several months on and we have a working prototype!

I’m not sure whether this car buying/selling site will be just for BTST Members, or whether it might “take off” as a true competitor to Autotrader.

Either way, we need a name for it!

Of course, it needs to be a name where the domain is available.

I’m thinking we need something catchy and memorable, but honestly, I’m drawing a blank.

BTST Member Competition:

I’d like to invite Members to suggest a name for the new website.

If we like one of the suggestions enough to use it, the winner will get a free TALEX Talk — the new “hands free” product we’ve been working on to protect Members from the harsh new laws on using your phone while driving.

> To enter, simply leave your suggestion(s) for a name in the comments below:

Winner/s will be notified directly by email!

All the best,


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  1. Totally agree with the sheer bloody cheek of random websites expecting to have access to irrelevant private data – trust us with a copy of your passport so that you will be “safer” from identity theft! – but wouldn’t it be wiser to collect suggestions in a non-public manner? Doing it as blog comments makes it easy for domain squatters or any ar5eh0le looking for a laugh to blag the domain names as they’re suggested.

  2. BritWheels
    SecondSpin Motors
    CarRevival UK
    RoadReady Motors
    NextDrive UK
    RetroRides UK
    AutoBargain UK
    TrustedMotors UK
    DriveThrift UK

    • I like “flipyourwhip” although not sure how many people would get the “whip” slang… AutoTalex is interesting!

  3. Hi I had similar idea when EBay got silly and barred me for private sales.

    I would suggest you cal the site
    Private Sales
    Privacy Sales

    every day is a car day.
    £430 per year on Porkbun possibly cheaper on cloudflare is great but £1600 per year..

    Or just some uk domains

  5. Sorry don’t have time to read all the above ideas, so may be repeating…


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