Police Stop Drivers on Motorway for WHAT???

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A BTST and DriveProtect Member, James, sent in a video from the M4 last week.

He explained that Drivers on the motorway were unexpectedly stopped by police, and ordered to make a line on either side of the motorway…

After several minutes of waiting and wondering what on earth was going on, five vehicles with blacked out windows, along with two police motorcycles sped past them:

Its not clear who this incredibly important person was, but clearly their journey was far more important than the thousands of commuters whose journeys were inconvenienced.

Is it just me who finds this kind of behaviour from these so-called “elites” beyond arrogant?

Their self entitlement seems to suggest that they believe they’re in a different class of people to the rest of us, don’t you think?

And the incredible irony is that WE are paying for the very road these poor drivers were forced delay their journeys on!

The reason this is so important in my opinion is that it signifies a worrying trend towards a society which has 2 classes of people: a tiny ruling class, and then everyone else

I don’t know about you, but that really doesn’t sit well with me.

But what can we do?

In my view its really simple: ignore their silly rules, and ignore them!

What do you think? Please let me know in the comments below :-)

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47 comments on “Police Stop Drivers on Motorway for WHAT???”

  1. sick if the sense of self entitlement our elites seem to have. take the COP26 meetings in Scotland to discuss climate change, most of the attendees arrived by private jet and travelled to the hotel by EV range rovers which were being recharged by diesel generators at the hotel.
    all we ever seem to get is more and more virtue signalling scams by our peers.

    • I couldn’t find a date mentioned for this police action; was it connected to the Queen’s funeral?
      Otherwise I agree that the elite take advantage of us lesser mortals.

    • Exactly, I dont care who it was, if it was “royalty” or whoever, we are all equal in the eyes of God and this type of elitism is unacceptable. Its time politicians, leaders, royalty all learned to live the way the majority are forced to live, then they may become better more representative leaders!

    • So sad to see these replies, we have the best security around, don’t forget that! If you had to protect a Top man in your job, bet you would do the same!

      • I totally agree with your point of view. People need the facts before condemning something out of hand. There are just too many people ready to rush to judgement – and in my view it doesn’t help anything by stirring things up and posting this kind of inconsequential rubbish. And now I’ll sit back and wait for the hate-storm!

        • OK lets take this to the movies! They could have been moving a Drug Baron or a Terrorist, Royalty or a Statesmen from a Foreign Country.
          If God forbid anything had happened to a person of this caliber and this convoy had not been provided, what would we be saying then.
          This type of movement would not have been taken lightly for one thing the Cost!
          The security was Paramount! If we knew who it was, probably the people involved in waiting would accept delay and respect what was done.
          The UK is reknowned for its security and I for one am quite happy with what is acheived.

      • Well said, what if it was a very dangerous criminal needing moving, why do puerile jump to assumptions without knowing the facts?

  2. You have only got to look at the last mini budget statement in Parliament to see that them and us already exists, not coming. The rich get richer and sod the little peasants the can have the trickle down scraps of our plates.
    P.S. I voted conservative, but I will vote for a monkey on a stick before I vote for them again.

  3. I think it depends on various things.
    1 who was or who were these people
    2 was their a security risk which may have or may not affected others on the road if an incident had occurred.
    3 we should be aware of the full facts before making a decision as to wether it was good or bad.
    4 the elite as they have been called are not always the decision makers but perhaps security personnel who have a job to do and protect against possible extremists who exist and can do harm.

  4. Same experience twenty years ago when I was directed to park and wait in an empty moorland layby above Halifax by a police motorcyclist. After around ten minutes Princess Di gave me a cheerful wave and a smile as she passed in her limo.
    This practice goes back a long time – the Hollywood films of the ’50s portray the Praetorian guards racing through the suburbs of Rome overturning market stalls and squashing errant children and animals to speed some other megalomaniac’s progress…

  5. If we don’t know who this person(s) was, then how can we comment? By virtue of the fact it had a police escort (paid for by the tax payer) then it will be publicly recorded. Sometimes people have to have this level of protection for the greater good. We’d live in anarchy if it didn’t happen? I suspect most people here have a level of intelligence to understand that this has to happen – the ones that don’t are playing in forums about how they can attack people and get rid of them and make the world happier – they are deluded.
    Whatever your party politics, if the prime minister were to take the tube or bus on a daily basis, they would be attacked (physically or verbally) we don’t all have the same opinions, but we do live in a democracy.

    I would agree with you if that were a footballer or popstar – but even then, they have to pay for that level of protection.

    I’m not sure what you are trying to get accross, but it comes accross to me in a narrow-minded fashion.
    …. and I suspect you will dis-agree ;-)

  6. This seems ridiculous. If VIPs were being transported, then set off earlier to ensure they don’t get delayed by traffic problems, whether the car has a normal or diplomatic plate. Plenty good enough.

  7. This happens on a daily basis and has for years…if people don’t realise that there is an extremely privileged class of elites for whom anything can happen then I’m shocked…if you live in LOndon this happens on a daily basis. If you think you can do anything about it, they will just laugh at you. If you try to resist then you be at the end of a fine or worse…suck it up folks.

  8. The worrying aspect of this is that people actually accept that their own lives are less important than these elites. Slavery by consent.

  9. Of course there are ‘important’ people in life! This is probably the PM or other high politician.
    The threat of a terrorist attack is real which is why they have to keep moving.
    I don’t think to wait for less than 30secs or less can be classed as an inconvenience either!

  10. An explanation giving date, time, direction of travel, etc. to put this video into context would stop all these ridiculous comments!

  11. Its quite hard to comment on, but take the late Queen Elizabeth’s cortege both in Scotland & England this was done, both as a mark of respect and for efficiency in travelling schedules and quite rightly so, In this other case it could be for the safety of a head of state to avoid any planned attack then only the police can decide how they will minimise these risks, unfortunately this is how the world is today, then you have other people who think their more important than what they really are and don’t want to be held up by us mere mortals while attending to their busy schedules

  12. Don’t care who they were but they should have no more priority than an ambulance that just uses the siren and blue lights even when carrying someone in very serious condition. Life and death of every citizen comes before existing elites – including royalty Date place and time would be useful for maybe FOIA on cops

  13. The closed vans suggest maybe not VIP related? Highly unlikely the police would provide such an escort for private individuals, especially such a large convoy, so I’d suggest either political/diplomatic of terror/serious crime related. Anyway, if they were that important they’d go by helicopter – like the rest of us ; )

  14. Happens every day all over the world, you can start a revolution if you like but all you’ll get is a different set of people with privilege. Having spent many years oversea there’s far less of this stuff in the UK than there is in most other countries, especially the less developed ones.

  15. theres always been one law for us and one for them,if you want to remain anonymous blend in,dont use money as youre power and drive around at crazy speed drawing attention to yourself at the tax payers expense.we all know the higher up the more corrupt, along with all this diplomatic immunity rubbish.

  16. Mountains out of molehills! This is how it is and always has and will be. We have no idea who and for what reason this was for. It could be for any number of strategically nationally important reasons. Yet people who think there boring mundane life’s are more important. If it didn’t justify it for good reasons . I’m sure the authorities would not condone it. Its not like they were in a hurry to get back for lunch break. Come on people think about it !!!

    • Richard Atkinson.
      O you terrible person how’s that.
      Actually I never give a comment to this type of display from the police waste of good breath and my time don’t think they are worth it bigger crooks than those they arrest and the biggest liars ever lets be honest if you wear a police uniform and lie for your self or an other officer to keep out of trouble then you are bent and I have seen and herd this many times from the police patrols their truth is all ways in short supply.

  17. Hi, as a lot people have said we do not have enough information as to who was in the vehicle. As to the comments about the elite, who are the talking about. Making generalised swipes about people is dangerous and can cause untold harm. As people were moved to the side of the road and police were present I would suggest we wait
    before starting a revolution, there is always a reason for this kind of action

  18. Don’t have a problem with it. We don’t have the big picture, the police do. They don’t just pull people over like that without good reason. If you think their actions contribute to you feeling like you’re part of some kind of underclass, then you’re probably just highlighting your own insecurities.

  19. You can try ignoring them but disobeying police instructions will result in a lot more inconvenience than pulling over for a minute.
    I actually admire the way the police motorbike riders orchestrate the whole thing to keep the convoy moving with usually little disruption to the rest of the traffic.

  20. Couldn’t see date, but suspect, like others, may be something to do with Royals. Also, there was a pursuit of a motor cycle travelling at 100MPH, and a car on fire.
    Usually there is a good reason to pull over, but would be nice to just say why

  21. Oh deary, deary me – have Adam & his followers nothing better to do (like me commenting on this silly thread) !
    If the police were not engaged in this action they could have found far important issues to deal with – such as the air freshener in the clip obstructing the drivers vision…………..

  22. I’ve not read any other comments as they’re probably all about the same. However the thing with these convoys of blacked out cars is either a fucking dangerous criminal being transported somewhere or super sensitive documents of maybe national security being transported.
    Yes maybe how these officers go about ‘ordering’ the motorists but put yourselves in their shoes. How would you ‘ask’ the motorists to move over? Politeness isn’t the way nor is a bolshy way but somewhere between.
    Get off you fucking high horse about subjects like this.


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