Tipper Truck Blocks Speed Camera Van…

An Driver used the loading bed of his tipper truck to block the view of a police camera van in West Yorkshire earlier this month…

The unnamed 67 year old Driver parked his truck just behind the speed camera van in Thornton in West Yorkshire and then raised its bed…

Predictably, the so-called police were straight on the case and interviewed the Driver under caution last week…

He – no doubt under the threat of prosecution – admitted “willfully obstructing a support officer acting in the execution of their duty”.

The so-called police said the man “risked losing his licence” if he did it again.

He was given a conditional caution, supposedly “prohibiting” him from parking within 20 meters of any mobile speed camera.

He was also threatened to never again to do anything to willingly obstruct a speed cameras view,
and to remove all social media posts relating to it.

Finally, he was issued with a Section 59 Notice under the ‘Police Reform Act’ — I love how these names, have nothing to do with what they are, don’t you? — which means a repeat “offence” may result in the seizure of his vehicle.

Most social media users praised the man’s actions, which the so-called Police did not like one bit!

As there are clearly no crimes happening in West Yorkshire — except for those perpetrated by
the so-called Police perhaps
— they took to social media to criticize those praising his actions.

This is my take on the polices’ strategy here:

1) You have interfered with our attempts to extort your fellow Motorists;

2) We will now threaten and intimidate you for doing this;

3) We can’t really do anything, but instead we’ll pretend that we are being the good guys by “letting you off” with a conditional discharge;

4) But if you even THINK about obstructing our extortion business in future, we’ll come and steal your truck!

Does this sound like a public service, or a mafia organisation to you?

I’d love to hear your views in the comments below!

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  1. Adam,
    Sadly the police service we all knew has gone, it been replaced by academic Chiefs who have no common sense, where the whole service is becoming WOKE. The good old english Bobby has gone, they do not Police anymore, just respond. We all pay our dues to the Police and Crime Commissioner via our council tax and in return we get more or less nothing. No wonder a lot of officers are leaving, they also want be proper police officers. Yet another factor of our society where common sense does not take place. Academics may be bright, they have no common sense.

  2. well, as they asct like the Natwest Bank the government should saclk the perpetrators of this fraud, tell tje chief constable to get his act together anf stop persecuting motorist in favour of fininh motorists

  3. Hi Adam
    Yet again a case of big brother using bully boy tactics to try and intimidate the public for stopping them fleecing motorists while the real crimes go uninvestigated and unsolved and the police using shortage of manpower as the excuse, but they have enough manpower to be able to sit on their backsides robbing motorists and using them as cash cows.

  4. when mobile speed cameras came out they had to put temporary signs up 100yards front and rear of the mobile camera to worn drivers of it, my mate got caught with one in court he argued police entrapment and quoted the rules in line with mobile cameras that signs had not been displayed and he got off. so argue entrapment and signs not displayed.

  5. We need a campaign for a law covering all fines and “nudge” taxes allegedly designed to modify behaviour (such as CO2 taxes):

    The revenues generated by fines and nudge taxes cannot go into the coffers of any government or quasi-government entity, but must be paid into a special fund for, say, charitable distribution or compensation for victims of hit-and-run crimes.

    Careful thought must be given to governance of the fund since the idea is to remove all financial incentives to pursue scam fines rather than serving the public.

    Do you think the bean counters would tolerate paying for speed cameras etc if it was all cost and no revenue for them?

    Campaign for a law of no-government-access-to-fine-revenue now!
    P.S. I mean this to apply to all fines, and not just motoring. Absolute separation of punishment revenue from policing and adjudication!

    • Spot on.

      To highlight this point, authorities are only interested in untaxed, uninsured vehicles with no MOT if there’s a profit to be made from an owner.

      Genuine example, try reporting one which has obviously been dumped (for over 6 months) with no registered owner they can chase for money, none of them (DVLA, police, council) are interested because it involves expense rather than profit for them.

  6. We all know the government is an unlawful, criminal mafia, less and less interested in disguising their actions as being for the public ‘good’, as they have the sheeple are more and more controlled and dumbed down and unable to resist….

    Peaceful non-compliance, just say no, is the way out of the dystopian state.

    • Couldn’t agree more Dickon. However sadly I don’t personally know a single person who really sees this (like you, I do myself).

  7. All credit to the lad. Now it’s a crime to park in a layby! What if he’d genuinely broken down? Has anyone noticed the recent upsurge in things they can prosecute you for when driving. Adam mentioned one I think, “not wearing suitable footware when driving”.Now they’ve come up with, (while driving), stripping to the waist and/or wearing sunglasses! They say both can impair your safe driving! The more we obey the law on the road, the more things they will come up with to get funds for their coffers!

  8. This situation exists because they are private corporations working for profit. Therefor no accountability to the Living man/woman.

  9. Yes police are a revenue-gathering mafia, but I don’t lay the blame with them, their directives come from above. Police force was created to protect the interests of the wealthy from the poor whom they exploit. (I mean legally, a starving homeless person can be prosecuted for taking a rotten apple from the orchard of a wealthy landowner. That says something about priorities).

    Many of the most serious crimes you can commit in this country are related to not paying the government money.

    Meanwhile corrupt politicians carefully craft laws and loopholes which their particular wealth accumulation schemes can take advantage of and call it “just business”.

    I do despair sometimes, but the system is so well developed now, and backed by technology and automation that I don’t see a way to change it. Whoever gets into power, despite what noble things they may say, I suspect primarily just want their own turn to exploit the opportunities for amassing wealth that being in power brings.

  10. That about sums it up Adam,
    This is along the same thinking of The Tansport for londondon and Sadik Khan with charging the puplic to use PUBLIC roads. Even the people that actually live in the ULEZ.
    If the politicians could measure our lungs they would tax the air that we breathe

    • Kahn needs the money to pay for his 100 plus mates all earning over a 100 k a year sitting at desks , or more likely at home, doing very little except for thinking up ways to extract cash from genuine workers.

  11. What if it was a luton type box van. As it was a public lay-by or a stretch of road without any parking restrictions. That would really put the kibosh on the claimed offences.

  12. It sounds like you’ve never known someone who was killed or injured by a speeding driver. One person is one two many. Good on the police for looking after the travelling public.

  13. As usual the only “crime” they can respond to is against the motorists! Forget the actual criminal activity that is taking over the country as we have “no officers to deal with it”. Maybe if the stop sitting on the roads looking for easy money they could actually help the country’s extortionate crime rates instead, and punish the right people

  14. Did you see the speeding ticket fiasco suffered by Frederick Forsyth? He paid the fine but it was sent back to him and he was then taken to court by the supposedly overworked police and courts because the police said he had not filled in his drivers license number correctly.
    The thing is that he did fill it in correctly and took a photo of the paperwork. He showed it to the magistrates who imposed the original £60 reduced penalty. It’s still a bummer tho because the magistrates have no alternative but to then charge a minimum for costs – £16 I think it was, and a ridiculously named ‘victim surcharge’ of £20 odd. I wonder they don’t add Value Added Tax as yet another example of 1982 mis naming of unhelpful nanny state rubbish as if it was a good thing.

  15. If he is parked legally there should be nothing the police can do. If they don’t like it they can find another spot for their speed camera.

    If the police think they own the road, then they can fill in the potholes. That would be something useful for a change.

  16. The police service may have deteriorated as suggested here but they have always behaved badly. Just look at this weeks’s astonishing news about how Greater Manchester Police stitched up an innocent man for rape resulting in him spending 17 years in jail. Watch his interviews with TV people. Arguably the police are less badly behaved nowadays because when they do awful things someone is likely to be there with a camera and it is so easy to broadcast any film or photos obtained. The publicity here should help to make them behave better but until they have a stringent minimum intelligence test for potential recruits there will always be problems.

  17. Usual pathetic whining. The bloke’s clearly one of those t0ssp0ts who think they’re above the law. Lock him up and take the truck away is the best answer. If the police/council/whoever REALLY wanted to coin it from motorists, they’d have a field day what with all the willfully appalling driving behaviour on our roads today.
    Just answer me this – who gave this guy the right to judge what’s right and what’s wrong? He should be made to stand in front of the family of every innocent person killed by a speeding driver and take all the vitriol and hatred they can throw at him.
    “so-called police” … that’s plain stupid

    • He obviously knew what would happen if he did that. It was a provocation. The anti-camera brigade try to play down speeding, but the reality is that around 40% of car occupant fatalities occur in single vehicle collisions/crashes, and whilst in some cases the driver fell asleep, in the vast majority of cases it was because they were driving much too fast, and that is precisely why they lost control of course.

      Hundreds of thousands have been killed or very seriously injured over the years on account of testosterone and adrenaline.

  18. Just for info, there is a Tictok clip of a couple of people taking ULEZ cameras.
    Although I agree with reducing polution, living near Heathrow, I see no point in ULEZ in this area except for the purpose of more tax. And those with least money will suffer the most loss.


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