The Coming AI Camera Police State…

A lot has been made in the media recently about artificial intelligence (AI).

Some predict its the beginning of the end for humanity, while others believe it will lead to incredible advances in fields such as medicine and bring knowledge to the whole planet.

Personally, I’m more on the positive side in general, but one thing is for sure:

We need to prepare for the coming scourge of AI powered cameras monitoring our every move on the road, and in every other area of life.

Last month in Cornwall, the so-called police conducted a 3 day test with a new mobile AI camera.

They “caught” 297 Motorists over the 3 days for “offences” such as not wearing a seat belt.

Personally, I always wear a seat belt…

…because I *choose* to do so, and certainly not because the state says that I “must”!

Is this yet another example of the government believing that they have some kind of God given right to monitor and control almost every aspect of our lives?

Is it okay for them to dictate what we can and can’t do “for our own safety”, as though we had the minds of toddlers…?

Anyway, the big question is:

Will they use their soon to be best friend AI to capitalise on their belief that they have a right to control people?

You can bet your life they will!

This AI Camera story reminded me of the movie Demolition Man from the mid 1990s.

In the film, a Policeman and a criminal are cryogenically frozen and wake up in an awful dystopian future…

If anyone dares to utter certain “illegal” words, or do an “illegal” act they are instantly hit with a fine, which is automatically deducted from their ‘credits’ by the all seeing and hearing…AI.

(in a scene from the movie…)

“Smoking is not good for you.

And it’s been deemed that anything not good for you is bad.

Hence illegal.

Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat…”

…”Are you s***ing me?”

(everyone aghast)

“John Sparton, you are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality statute”…

You may be thinking that I’ve gone a little mad comparing these two scenarios (one real, one fictional).

But are they really that different?

To me, it seems the trajectory we are on is pretty clear.

The government want almost total control over our lives, and they want to finance their existence by doing so.

In my view, they are not going to get it, however, in large part due to the power of Bitcoin.

But what I’m really interested in is what you think about this idea and the coming AI police state?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!:

All the best,


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  1. I fear it is too late to stop, AI has existed too long with too much invested in it and too many seeking a fast buck from it. A sobering thought; will our children suffer from pollution or conditions created by the state?

  2. Hi Adam, I am generally with you but for one comment. Seat belts are a proven safety feature that saves lives and (more) serious injuries. The government and the police are right to enforce the wearing of seat belts. Yes, we are adults and can make decisions but if you chose not to wear a seat belt, and had a serious accident then I guess you would be looking to the NHS and the taxpayer to look after you. That’s wrong.

    • Before seat belts people drove slower and were more careful! No one I know ever came amiss those days and were all still standing kids and all!

    • I think what Adam is saying is a perfect example of the old saying “Give someone an inch and they will take a mile”, said about someone who has been given a small amount of power or freedom to do something, and then has tried to get a lot more

      • Look at human nature Nigel, take for instance a policeman or say a traffic warden or security guard who feels he is important and develops a different walk whilst on duty, strutting about, intoxicated with power. The type who thinks the world will not revolve without him. Now imagine if everyone was baked and you could guess people’s jobs by the way they walked, wouldn’t they look seriously stupid then? I’m always amazed at how people change for the sake of a bit of one upmanship, it’s the reason we so much crap thrown at us.

    • The same with crash helmets there was an out cry when that law came in but they have saved countless lives unless of course you were of a religious type so you were exempted

      • Seat belts definitely do not save lives. I looked at the data from the House of Commons Library, Reported Road Accident Statistics report of 2013. It covers road traffic accident deaths ten years before, and ten years after the 1983 seatbelt law. After 1983, the decline in deaths is greatly reduced, compared to before the 1983 law. It’s all Risk Compensation Theory.

  3. One way or another this has been happening for years its just been done covertly but now it’s in the open and as for certain words that is already happening just mention the black word or the racist word and for goodness sake don’t mention the white word the dibbles spend countless hours and resources just checking if someone something that affects a delicate woke moron

  4. AI will never become sentient, but it will almost certainly be increasingly used as a tool of oppression and totalitarian control.

  5. There is only one end to this control momentum, which has been progressing for more years than I would like to say. The end point is total control, might take a few more generations but thats the plan by those in power. There are many minions, who crave power or money, but total control is at the tip of the pyramid. A lot of people need to wake up to prevent the planet becoming more of a prison planet, than it already is.

  6. not quite on your point Adam, but myself and my wife spoke around the this AI camera when we saw it in the press.
    The authorities will persecute people they can track and sap money from them
    But will not stop the sh** bags that drive around our village on a daily basis, wearing balaclavas, no MOT, no insurance etc. on motorbikes and quad bikes, in excess of 50mph in a 30 limit. Because its unsafe?? no mention that they could kill someone at these speeds (it’s every day and most evenings – so the risk is very high!).
    They are targeting for the most part people who obey the law, insurance etc. and can track (easy target) in favour of people who clearly don’t obey the law and drive dangerously in built up areas, in case they injure them in a chase!!!
    somehow seems like the scales of justice are somewhat wonkey…
    sorry to go on

  7. In Cardiff now a blanket 20 mph limit will be enforced from September 2023 unless a sign indicates a higher speed limit. Firstly, it is virtually impossible to maintain 20 unless you look at the speedometer every few seconds causing a lack of general concentration on the road ahead.
    Secondly the objective to lower vehicle emissions is negated by the need to drive in lower gears, using more fuel and increased pollution.
    Those who insist on travelling at the old 30 mph limit will become frustrated and I suspect more accidents will be caused by reckless overtaking
    Some of the roads are wide and straight with little or no pedestrian use so why 20 ?
    A petition against this has reached over 22,000 but of course the powers that be have taken no notice, the thrust being to rake in yet more money from the heavily taxed motorist. What do others think ?

  8. I am generally sick of being watched by cameras wherever you go. They even have people thinking you need to watch everybody that goes near your front door with these doorbell cameras!
    We fitted one which I took down after 3 days, you end up watching your own family going into your house.
    Big brother is watching you

  9. I think we are already in a police state for indigenous’s only the illegals that seem to be immune from any form of punishment

  10. “Is it okay for them to dictate what we can and can’t do “for our own safety”, as though we had the minds of toddlers…?”

    This is exactly how they see us Adam. Unless we declare that we have reached the age of majority, we are ALL, regardless of our age, regarded as minors.

    “If anyone dares to utter certain “illegal” words, or do an “illegal” act they are instantly hit with a fine, which is automatically deducted from their ‘credits’ by the all seeing and hearing”

    This is EXACTLY where we are heading, and as others have said, it has been planned for a long time. The covid hoax was part of it, as was the jabbery…trying to force people to take an experimental jab for a non-existent ‘virus’. And let’s not forget about the climax change / global warming hoax. As if we could.

    This plan goes back thousands of years, and is coming to fruition now.

    By the way folks. Don’t pay any attention to speeding fines. They are unlawful. Acts and statues are not laws and do not apply to living men and women. The police forces are all private companies, as are the local councils, the courts and even the so called government. We have fraud committed against us every day by the parasite that use us as a way to gain money.

    We all need to fight back, and that means non compliance. I never wore a mask ever and I refused to take any jabs or follow their ‘rules’. They have no right to treat us like this, but we have been led to believe that they have authority over us and when we think that way, we give them the consent they need to do what they do to us.

    If I get a speeding fine or, as happened a couple of years back, when I was stopped by the traitors acting as police officers, and was given a ‘conditional offer of acceptance’, I cover the name and address, and write on the envelope “Return to sender. No such addressee” at a 45 degree angle in blue ink, and pop it in the post. I never hear anything back.

    There’s more….MUCH more, but that will do for now!

  11. I think you’re spot on Adam. This has nothing to do with any particular political party. Its a general trend over the years since computers have have been used and “improved”!

  12. If there was a level playing field it would help.
    I was on a stretch of road in Lincolnshire which has two fixed speed cameras and a national speed limit, single carriageway.
    As a commercial van driver I know I can get away with keeping up to car speeds as they do not work until you are in excess of 60mph. However on the same road, between these cameras I was clocked at 57 in my van by a mobile unit and got a bloody ticket. Why aren’t all cameras equal?

  13. I think it is just a matter of time before somebody comes up with an AI solution to the authoritarian AI. Something that sends the AI cameras images of what they want to see, rather than what is actually happening, for example, shows you wearing a seat belt whether you are or not. Mind you, the easiest technology to fool would be the number plate recognition. No. I am not advocating these, just letting my imagination run over what could be possible.

  14. Mayor of London putting cameras up everywhere (ulez)
    Do we know the capability of these absolute disgrace how this is being allowed

  15. People have to wear seatbelts because if some moron is driving badly, bashes into my car and kills themselves, I will be up in a manslaughter charge.


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