MP Banned From Driving

Dear All,

As you might have heard if you watch or read the mainstream news, MP Robert Jenrick has been banned from driving for 6 months, for driving at 68mph…

…on a motorway.

…at night.

The “offence” took place between J18 and J17 on the M1 in August last year, at 11:30pm.

He was fined £1,107 and ordered to pay a £442 “victim surcharge”, plus an additional £90 in “costs”.

My view on this may surprise you…

I say its a good thing he was banned!

Before you think I’ve lost my mind, here’s why:

Clearly, any reasonable person who isn’t under heavy indoctrination from the state will realise that driving on a Motorway at 68mph is notan actual crime.

However, as a government Minister, I say its a good thing that Robert is suffering the consequences of the governments totalitarian policies.

I’d like to think that as a Man he would stand up and speak out about it. However — being a political person — I wouldn’t put money on him doing so!

I don’t know anything about the man personally. He may be a really nice chap who has the interests of his constituents as top priority for all I know…

But the more government people who are personally affected by the punitive and draconian surveillance state, the better in my view.

Perhaps they’ll start to collectively realise the evils of their ways, and begin to work towards reverting back towards a free society, where Citizens are respected by their representatives rather than used as piggy banks and treated like naughty children.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this below?

Have a great weekend, whatever you’re up to!

All the best,

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25 comments on “MP Banned From Driving”

  1. £442 victim surcharge, who is the victim? As for the fine, well it will probably come out of expenses and a ban won’t affect him as he will hire a driver and claim that back as well.

  2. Agree with you. And with the No 10 lockdown fines, and with the SNP mugs getting arrested.
    But note how they think they are not included in their own laws!

  3. Apparently, he didn’t see the reduced “40mph” speed limit signs, which if they were on the huge overhead gantries, then he wasn’t paying attention to his driving.

  4. Here is my take on it.
    I was not born in this universe to pay fines because some group of people decide that I should. For those of you that think this is OK, good luck to you all. The more you keep throwing the ball back the more the game will continue. Driving sensibly does not necessarily mean driving slowly.
    I am past throwing the ball back. I expect the MP will be a righteous toss pot who will agree with every law that is created.
    I have always thought this way even as a school kid. The dumb like to be trodden on. It really doesn’t matter what your education level has been. If you put up with shit that is your choice, fines are theft. No punishment has ever stopped others committing the same so called crime.

  5. He deserves all he got. Not seeing the signs is dreadfully dangerous apart from nearly impossible after all they are big enough and lit up. It’s just a shame it’s unlikely to hit his own pocket.

  6. Much as it amuses me to see Jenrick hoist by his own petard, my problem with this is the total rip-off that is the so-called ‘Victim Surcharge’. There is no victim unless there was a collision, which there clearly wasn’t. Now that really is highway robbery.

  7. I agree with you Adam wholeheartedly. And I totally agree with Allen Kimber tosspots the lot of them and glad a dose of their own medicine. And we haven’t worked this hard to pay the pilfering puppets of schwab ond other tosspots. VICTIMS LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  8. So many times I’ve driven on a. Motor way with speed restrictions and for no reason. Noone working, no incident just a restriction…

    If the circumstances indicate that it was dangerous to him and to others to’ speed’ then it’s deserved. If not then it should be challenged.

  9. Adam, you really are being disingenuous. He was speeding through a 40mph variable speed limit which was in force at 68mph! his excuse was that there was little by way of signs to say there was a variable limit which may or may not be the truth but please don’t mislead us by giving only half the story to justify your rant.

    The more important point might perhaps be why are there so many limits on motorways (at least) where this is nothing going on no cones just a random limit applied for 3/4 junctions and then nothing not even a white circle with a line through to signify back to national speed limit….just a cash cow yet again?

  10. Yes he should face the same punishment as the rest of us would. It’s about time there was a root and branch upheaval of all these speed restrictions and fines, smart motorways, city clean air taxes and speed limits imposed upon us for environmental reasons. We never voted for any of this ! Big fines should be imposed upon the goons who leave on matrix signs displaying animals or people in the road or report of debris in the road when there more than often is non of this. Highways agency patrols should be ended. Driving around in huge 4×4’s and literally ignoring everything that needs their help but then shutting lanes for the slightest issue they can blame on health and safety. they levy fines upon the hard working public everyday of the week. Criminalising people For going about their daily businesses when on the other hand these so called law makers seem to be breaking the very laws they make and staying in power whilst the country goes to pot. Roads that aren’t repaired properly borders not patrolled, lawless areas of every town and city, little respect for their own people who put them in power but having a limitless duty of care to foreigners. Let him suffer but Libby him to make him bring this to the forefront

  11. I checked on this, & he was banned for 6 months, for driving in a TEMPORARY 40mph section of the M1 between J17 & J18, obviously there must have been roadworks, hence the temporary “reduced speed” notification, whether they were manned or unmanned is irrelevent, the fact is, it serves him right, had it been an ordinary “Joe Boggins” motorist, then they have most likely incurred a 2 year ban & twice the amount of fine, for “reckless endangerment” & “driving without due care & attention” granted there’s been no mention (at least what I can find) of inadequate signage to verify this, but none the less, he should have his wits about him as this isn’t his first speeding offence, he was fined £307 & awarded 3 points for doing over 40mph on the A40 in west London in Augast 2021, this seems to be the case with politicians who are under the extreme delusion that, like most of our police force, they are above the law.!! In my book, he got what he deserves, lets see if he learns his lesson, but I’m not gonna hold my breath.!!

  12. We are all a soft touch
    Easy money all over the place
    New cameras on OLD yellow box junctions ; new cameras on average speed camera routes an goodness knows what else tfl have got to get the money from somewhere; KHANs busted the bank buying votes

  13. Yes I agree with him being banned he was doing 68mph in a restricted 40mpg zone.
    But if it was like the highways or police seem to like doing these days is just putting in speed restrictions for no reason what soever, then yes hope does stir things up.

  14. I’d like to know why the fine wasn’t means tested???!!!!
    Joe Blogs would have paid more than he could have afforded, but yet again, another politician gets away with it, as was already suggested, he’ll probably stick it all on expenses.
    Just adds to my daily rants about all politicians being lying cheating scumbags. They’re all in it for themselves and not for the very people they are supposed to represent. Sack the lot of them and vote in people who actually want to do right for this country, I say.
    Chuck this politician in nick for a few days – that’ll make him see things a bit differently.

  15. Tony
    Thanks for reporting this, yes I agree it’s very fitting that this M.P received the heavy fines, and banned, especially as he doesn’t do his job in immigration.
    Pulling back from that your average Joe & Josephine shouldn’t receive the same treatment. The M.P didn’t stand up and say the right thing, in typical political fashion. What he should have said is this . ” Reduced motorway speed limits whilst road works are underway, with workers facing possible death, or injury is totally justified, in this particular senerio it’s nothing more than entrapment for financial reasons ”
    However we all know that ‘ our’? government is totally currupt, and hold us in low regard.

  16. should the courts act, yes they should be for tougher on political arseholes, should of given 6 months inside that would teach them. A good shaggin would be benificial as they seem to like f-c-in the country up dont they.

  17. It’s not the first speeding offence !

    In March last year Jenrick was fined £307 and handed three penalty points for breaking a 40mph speed limit on the A40 in west London in August 2021.

    And just for the record:-
    Earlier this year the prime minister, Rishi Sunak, was fined by police for not wearing his seatbelt while travelling in the back of a car
    Security minister, Tom Tugendhat, was banned from driving for six months in November after being caught driving while using his mobile phone.

  18. Arrogant Robert Jenrick was the first MP to break the Covid lockdown restrictions. If Boris had made an example of him – at whatever cost – they would all have been aware what would happen to them if they did the same thing. In which case Partygate would never have happened and all that money saved. I’m pleased he’s been caught for something except, for him, the fine is a pittance and the ban not long enough.

  19. My thanks to Chris Wainwright and all who put this in perspective. Am I the first to suggest that Jenrick and his political chums should have joined DriveProtect? It’s never too late. As always, my thanks to Adam for leading the Charge: may The Force be with you.


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