Traffic Police Cash Grab…

Police announced last week that they conducted a 14 day cash grab…sorry, I mean “clamp down” on Motorists in Warwickshire during October.

A total of 4680 Drivers were caught speeding during the 2 week sting.

Unsurprisingly, 2928 — or 62.5% — of these Drivers were caught exceeding “temporary” 50 mph speed limits…

Our friends at Warwickshire Police – who I remind you we pay to protect us – were out in force with their speed camera vans, mobile speed guns, and with officers driving around ‘sniping’ Drivers on the roads.

I don’t know about you, but I’m just relieved there’s no actual crime happening in Warwickshire, nor any backlog of unsolved crimes for these mercenaries to solve…

During the sting, an average of 334 Drivers were caught speeding each day.

Given that Police forces earn £35 from every Driver who takes a “speed awareness course” (did you know that?…), it seems that Warwickshire Police are doing a fine job of financing themselves in these times of financial struggle for Millions.

Its December now, so I hope its not too early to wish these predators …my apologies, I mean protectors of our freedoms a very merry Christmas, and thank them for their tireless self service.

All the best,

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1 thought on “Traffic Police Cash Grab…”

  1. Just disgusting. Many of the UK forces are not fit for purpose, their motto was to protect and serve, you could not beat the local bobby. Its not all their fault, their are some very good apples, but sadly their is a lot of bad one’s.
    The main cause is very bad management at the top, over paid graduates who don’t have a clue and totally lacking in common sense.


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