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Its essential to understand Bitcoin to successfully invest in the asset. You don’t need to be an expert on every detail of how it works, but you do need to understand the broad strokes, and why Bitcoin is — in my view — the absolute best asset you can own, bar none.

We have 5 Reports, which were all written by yours truly to help you get started:

Bitcoin; The Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History?
This is the best place to start to get the “broad strokes” of Bitcoin and why it is so special
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Ethereum; The Future of Finance?
Explains why Ethereum is quite possibly one of the greatest cons in history. Helps you to understand what makes Bitcoin so unique amongst “other cryptos” read more

The Greatest Opportunity in Crypto?
If you want to speculate in “crypto” on something other than Bitcoin (which is highly risky but can also be highly rewarding) this is the only opportunity I would look at read more

Bitcoin Opportunity 2023
Outlines the massive opportunity for price appreciation in Bitcoin in the coming months and years read more

How any BTST Member Can Become a “Bitcoin Millionaire” in the Next 24 Months:

Some Members have made a fortune by buying Bitcoin at the points I’ve recommended doing so. However, the majority have not taken any action.

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