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Its extremely important to understand the difference between holding your own Bitcoin and investing in “paper bitcoin”.

“Paper” Bitcoin (which you could also call “fake bitcoin”) is when you buy Bitcoin on an app or investment platform like eToro or Revolut, for example, where you don’t actually hold the private keys to the Bitcoin. Rather the owners of the app or service do!

If they go bust, mismanage their business, get shut down by the government, or rehypothecate customer funds, for example, then “your” Bitcoin is gone.

The “gold standard” way of holding your Bitcoin, which does NOT require trust, and where it can not be stolen is to hold the private keys yourself.

The issue is that this is fairly complicated for a first timer, and the learning curve does put a lot of would be Bitcoin Investors off.

You also need a “crypto friendly” bank account, which most people in the UK do not have.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with two ways of helping you to get exposure to Bitcoin without having to open up new bank accounts and exchange accounts, then learn how to use them:

1- Our Managed Bitcoin Fund:

Who is it for? If you don’t want: 1) the hassle of setting everything up (new bank account, exchange account etc); 2) the learning curve of buying Bitcoin on an exchange; 3) the responsibility of handling your own security and safely storing your private keys, then this is for you.

This is the easiest way to gain exposure to Bitcoin.

We run a managed Bitcoin fund for Members who qualify as “high net worth”, a “sophisticated investor” or are a personal associate of myself where we hold the private keys.

Its important to understand that if we were a bad actor, or mismanaged our security protocol for example, you could lose your Bitcoin, in just the same way as described above.

Of course there would be legal recourse, but it is not a trustless solution like holding your own Bitcoin.

That said, it does suit some people who do not want the responsibility of holding and securing their own private keys. You really need to consider for yourself if its right for you.

Interested in joining the managed Bitcoin Fund?

  • Read the Prospectus here
  • Self Certify as a “High Net Worth” or “Sophisticated” Investor, or as a Personal Contact of Adam here

2- Bitcoin Buying Service:

Who is it for? If you want to hold your own Bitcoin private keys (so that only you can control it) but you don’t want: 1) the aggravation of learning how to buy Bitcoin; 2) to have to set up a “crypto friendly” bank account and exchange account; 3) the risk of falling for one of the many scams in the space, then this is for you. We do all the hard work for you and guarantee delivery of your Bitcoin, but you still get sole control of your Bitcoin private keys.

We’ve offered this service informally for friends and family in the past and are now happy to make it available to all Members!

Its essentially a concierge service to buy Bitcoin for Members and then advise you how to store it securely.

This way there is no need to open any “crypto friendly” bank accounts, or to set up exchange accounts and learn how to use them. We handle buying the Bitcoin and send it to a wallet of your choosing (we can advise on which wallets to use) immediately.

There is no risk of mistakes and you won’t have the stress of the learning curve described above.

We assume all risk and guarantee the delivery of your Bitcoin to your nominated wallet.

If you are looking to invest a significant amount in Bitcoin, I would suggest seriously considering this service over the managed fund, unless you do not feel confident securing your private keys.

Once you have the Bitcoin, only you can control it as you will control your own private keys.

We charge 5% for the service. We tell you which wallets we recommend and if you ever have questions, just drop us an email.

Interested in using the Bitcoin Buying Service?

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