Why You Need Bitcoin…

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I get asked this quite a lot…

There are many reasons, but these are the big two:

It gives you complete Financial Sovereignty:

Bitcoin gives you and every other person on the planet complete control and ownership of your own money.

You can do with it as you wish. There is no permission necessary, or predatory middle men involved.

Financial censorship is impossible and your money can never be frozen or stolen, so long as you take self custody of your Bitcoin.

It protects you against Monetary Inflation:

Bitcoin gives you a way to save the fruits of your labour in a currency that cannot be inflated by governments and central banks.

This is the aspect of Bitcoin I will elaborate on here.

Not many people understand just how bad the insidious hidden tax that is monetary inflation is.

Essentially your savings go to zero over time if you keep them in a fiat currency (like pounds).

Don’t believe me?

Taking an inflation of rate of 15%, which is approximately the real monetary inflation rate, rather than the highly manipulated government “CPI” figure…

If you have £10,000 of savings today, and you put it in a bank (or under your bed), this is how much it will be worth in today’s purchasing power in the future:

In 1 year: £8500 (15% loss)

In 5 years: £4437.05 (56% loss)

In 10 years: £1968.74 (80% loss)

In 15 years: £873.54 (91% loss)

In 20 years: £387.60 (96% loss)

In 58 years (approximately someones working lifetime), your £10,000 has gone to just 95p (a 99.99% loss) worth of purchasing power.

So if you were wealthy and had a million pounds in savings, after 58 years it would be worth just £950.

This is why rich people keep their money in assets rather than government currencies.

Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, because these numbers seem so unbelievable.

However perhaps you would believe the bank of England’s own statistics?:

This is a chart from the bank of England’s own data (who, like every central bank, massively understate the real rate of inflation)

Even with their massive under reporting of the true rate of inflation, you can see that by their own statistics, the pound is worth around 2000 times less today in terms of its purchasing power compared to 100 years ago!

This is why a house cost around £2000 in the 1960’s but today is around £300,000 (150 times as much) just 60 years later.

This is how governments finance themselves – they steal from you and me when their central banks print money.

They *have* to steal in order to exist, because they do not produce anything.

I feel like a bit of a martyr sometimes when I try help Members “get” Bitcoin while its still ridiculously cheap.

Why do I do it then?

Good question! I’m certainly not getting rich from doing so…

To give you an idea, about one in every thousand BTST Members has ordered my new Bitcoin report so far.

From a selfish point of view, this is really not a good use of time! However, I do feel a loyalty to the community we started creating way back in 2004.

I appreciate that some people find it annoying (although I don’t really understand why to be honest) and would prefer that I stuck to other areas alone, like the menace of speed cameras in this country.

However — call me deluded — but I want to help those Members who are open to new ideas to protect themselves and their families from both monetary debasement and financial censorship (which, whether you’ve personally experienced it yet or not, is getting REALLY bad in the UK now).

Anyway, that’s the answer to the question of why I “go on” about Bitcoin so much :-)

Now, I’d like to ask you a question:

If you knew something that would benefit everyone on the planet, but hardly anyone else knew about it, what would you do?

Would you shout from the rooftops, or (possibly the smartest option!) would you keep quiet?

And more importantly, would you take action in the best interests of yourself, your family, and friends?

I’d like to ask you to look at the numbers above again.

If you are still not interested in Bitcoin after seeing how shocking they are, I think we can only conclude that you either think I’m making them up, or that you just don’t care about the criminal theft of peoples savings.

Seriously, look at them again!

I put it to you that Bitcoin (and Bitcoin only) is the answer to this problem for you, for me, and for the whole of humanity.

Whether you order the Member Reports or not, I implore you to learn about Bitcoin and the lifeboat it offers humanity against currency debasement and financial censorship.

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All the best,

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