Why You Should Own Some Bitcoin

I came across this video by the comedian and financial journalist Dominic Frisby yesterday…

In it he explains in very simple terms, for the absolute beginner, why you should own at least some Bitcoin.

At the end he talks about how to get “exposure” to Bitcoin via traditional financial products.

Personally I would advise against this, because of the exorbitant fees which diminish the value of your holdings over time. Also it doesn’t give you the security assurances that holding actual Bitcoin does.

That said, if its a question of no exposure or exposure via a traditional financial product then of course I’d still recommend it!

However, I’d point you towards the BTST Member Bitcoin Buying Service as a much better option, which you can learn about here.

Or if you’d like to start by reading my prediction on what the Bitcoin price will do over the next 24 months, backed by research, I’d suggest getting a copy of the latest Report, which you can get here:

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